CSI 991

Seminar in Computational Statistics:

Latent Variable Models

Spring, Summer, 2011

Spring: Fridays 4:00pm -- 5:00pm, Reseadch I, Room 301
Summer: Fridays 4:00pm -- 5:00pm, Reseadch I, Room 302

Spring: CSI 991 Section 003
Summer: CSI 991 Section X01


The seminar will be conducted in the form a workshop. Participants are encouraged to put R on their own laptops, and to bring them to the seminars.
R has many different packages. Which are useful for the main (and, perhaps, non-mainstream) statistical techniques used in analysis of latent variable models or, more generally, in the social sciences?

The main reference text is Latent Variable Models, Fourth edition, by John C. Loehlin. The book is quite elementary, but we hope the book will point us to some interesting things to discuss.