Projects for CSI 709 / STAT 789

Spring, 2009

The term project can be any meaningful Monte Carlo study. You can choose something from your field of study, possibly something that you intend to do further research on for a thesis.

You may also choose to replicate some Monte Carlo study that has appeared in the scientific literature. In this case, you would not need to consider all of the scenarios in the published study, but you should replicate some part of the study, and you should extend the study by considering some scenarios nor in the original study. (This is always easy to do!)

Schedule of Milestones

  1. Feb 11
    Describe your current plan. This should at least identify the topic and nature of questions to be addressed.

  2. Feb 18
    Design a plan for your Monte Carlo study

    Conduct study, write report.

  3. Apr 1
    Preliminary report.

  4. Apr 22
    Final report; class presentations

Project will be graded on

  • design and conduct of the study
  • written report
  • presentation