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Ioulia Rytikova

Ioulia Rytikova is a professor and an Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology. She received a B.S./M.S. degree in Automated Control Systems Engineering and Information Processing and her Ph.D. in Automated Control Systems from National University of Science and Technology.

In over 15 years of her career in higher education both in the US and Europe, Dr. Rytikova acquired significant work experience in providing leadership in the areas of innovative teaching and learning, instructional design, and distance education in a variety of STEM disciplines, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Rytikova designed and developed multiple interdisciplinary programs, concentrations, and courses in the emerging areas of data sciences and big data analytics, computer and information technologies, health information technologies, and statistical analysis.

Dr. Rytikova founded a Personalized Learning in AIT lab (PLAIT) and organized various workshops, as well as published and presented on the topics of data sciences and big data analytics, cognitive and learning sciences, innovative teaching and learning, educational data mining, optimization, mathematical modeling, and decision-support and expert systems for large industrial complexes.

For her exceptional efforts in the classroom and her contributions to the educational process, Dr. Rytikova received recognition from her outstanding students, colleagues, other universities, and industry partners. Dr. Rytikova is the recipient of several prestigious teaching awards, including the 2021 Online Teaching Excellence Award, the 2020 Mason Teachers of Distinction Award, and the School of Engineering Outstanding Teaching award.

Research Interests

Data Science and Big Data Analytics
Cognitive and Learning Sciences
Educational Data Mining
Personalized Learning
STEM Education
Health Information Technologies
Operations Research and Engineering


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Office: Engineering Building 5357