Ioannis (Yannis) Bellos

Associate Professor
Information Systems and Operations Management
George Mason University

School of Business
4400 University Drive, MS 5F4
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone (O): +1-703-993-1788
email: ibellos(a)

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. in Operations Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, August 2012.
Diploma (M.Sc. Equivalent) in Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), 2006.

Research Interests

Sustainable Operations, Sharing and Access Economy, Service Operations, Service Design, Servicizing, Innovative Business Models.

1. Agrawal, V., and I. Bellos, 2017, "The Potential of Servicizing as a Green Business Model," Management Science, 63(5), 1545-1562.
2. Bellos, I., M. Ferguson, and L. B. Toktay, 2017, "The Car Sharing Economy: Interaction of Business Model Choice and Product Line Design," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 19(2), 185-201.
3. Bellos, I., and S. Kavadias, 2019, "When Should Customers Control Service Delivery? Implications for Service Design," Production and Operations Management, 28(4), 890-907.
4. Bellos, I., and S. Kavadias, 2020, "Service Design for a Holistic Customer Experience: A Process Framework," forthcoming in Management Science.

Book Chapters

1. Agrawal, V., and I. Bellos, 2016, "Servicizing in Supply Chains and Environmental Implications," in Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains: Opportunities and Challenges, Atasu, A. (Ed.) Springer Series in Supply Chain Management Vol. 3, pp. 109-124.
2. Bellos, I., and M. Ferguson, 2016, "Moving from a Product-Based Economy to a Service-Based Economy for a More Sustainable Future," in Sustainable Supply Chains, Bouchery, Y., T. Tan, J. Fransoo and C. Corbett (Eds.) Springer Series in Supply Chain Management Vol. 4, pp. 355-373.
Pedagogical Material Development (Case Studies)

Jacobs, B. W., S. Kavadias, and I. Bellos, "Saturn VTi: The Continuous Variable Transmission Project.
Bellos, I., and S. Kavadias, "Entomics: Closing the Loop on Food Waste. R&D and Business Model Challenges," teaching case under development.
Teaching Experience

School of Business, George Mason University
- Executive Education Sessions and Workshops
    * "Understanding the What and How of Value Creation" (online), Leading Transformation in the Print Industry, George Mason University Executive Development and Association for Print Technologies, September 2020
    * "Value Mapping via Design Thinking," Masters in Technology Management, February 2020
    * "Understanding Customer Value,"Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Retreat, October 2019
- Operations Management (EMBA 638), Core Executive MBA course
    * Spring 2016 (4.20/5.0)


- Operations Management (MBA 638), Core MBA course
Summer 2020 (asynchronous online; 4.00/5.0), Fall 2019 (4.73/5.0, 4.57/5.0, 4.69/5.0), Summer 2019 (asynchronous online; 4.50/5.0), Fall 2018 (4.85/5.0, 4.63/5.0, 4.78/5.0),
Spring 2018 (4.66/5.0, 4.68/5.0), Spring 2017 (4.87/5.0, 4.71/5.0), Spring 2016 (4.96/5.0, 4.91/5.0), Fall 2015 (4.67/5.0), Fall 2014 (4.58/5.0)
- Operations Management (OM 301/303), Core undergraduate course
Summer 2020 (asynchronous online; 4.62/5.0), Spring 2019 (4.62/5.0), Summer 2018 (4.79/5.0), 
Summer 2016 (4.86/5.0), Fall 2015 (4.62/5.0), Summer 2015 (4.90/5.0), Spring 2015 (4.72/5.0, 4.91/5.0), Fall 2014 (4.50/5.0),
Spring 2014 (4.67/5.0, 4.54/5.0), Fall 2013 (4.91/5.0, 4.83/5.0), Spring 2013 (4.87/5.0, 4.84/5.0), Fall 2012 (4.60/5.0, 4.45/5.0)
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Operations Management (MBA15), Core MBA course
    * Easter 2020 (synchronous online; 3 sections; 4.05/5.0)
Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech
- Operations Management (MGT 3501), Core undergraduate course
    * Spring 2012 (4.58/5.0), Fall 2011 (4.71/5.0), Spring 2011 (4.90/5.0), Spring 2010 (4.70/5.0)

Awards and Honors

George Mason University "Thank a Teacher" Recognition, 2020.

Faculty of the Year, MBA Classes of 2017 and 2020, School of Business, George Mason University, 2017 and 2020.
Dean's Scholar Award in recognition of outstanding contributions in research, teaching, and service, School of Business, George Mason University, 2020.

Faculty Outstanding Service Award, School of Business, George Mason University, 2020.
Nominated for the Outstanding Contributions to Teaching Award, School of Business, George Mason University, 2015 and 2017.
for the Career Connection Faculty Award, George Mason University, 2016.
INFORMS ENRE Section Young Researcher Prize, Runner Up (Second Place), 2014.
Best Student Paper Award, POMS College of Product Innovation and Technology Management, 2012.

Finalist for the Georgia Tech CETL/BP Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award, 2012.
INFORMS Service Science Best Student Paper Competition, Honorable Mention, 2011.
Georgia Institute of Technology "Thank a Teacher" Program Certificate, 2011.
Online Mentions

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"George Mason School of Business Faculty Organize Conference on Sustainable Operations," School of Business News, George Mason University, July 18, 2019.
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