Hello World!

This is Hitesh Dharmdasani…

About Me

I am a Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University and a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from KLS Gogte Insitute of Technology

During the course of my academics I had the great fortune of being advised by Dr. Damon McCoy My interests are broad as long as they pertain to Information Security. Closest to my heart is malware and botnets which I love to look into. I am also a part of the CESR: Center for Evidence-based Security Research

I previously interned at The International Computer Science Institute where I was working with Dr. Chris Grier, Dr. Vern Paxson and Paul Pearce on the monetization of bitcoin mining malware and web search hijacking

Currently I am a Malware Researcher at FireEye where I maninly research new threats and do reverse engineering to improve malware detection

My current projects include analyzing Botnets that perform Parasitic Click Fraud and Bitcoin mining. My previous work has mainly focussed on analyzing the underground economy with regard to pharmaceutical spam and to find effective points of intervention.

Most of my projects are open sourced and are available here

Papers, Posters, Blogs and Slides