If you're reading this, you are at the exact point where a lot of future webmasters do things they wish they'd done differently for months or years afterwards. So, how do you think up the most likely hidden offenders BEFORE you commit to a model that you don't still love a few months from now?

Planning is the key to a successful Web site.

To that end, here are five steps to planning a useful Web site. My goal is to help you plan how to get the most out of your Web site and avoid future heartbreak, or at least push it down the road a spell. This site is designed to be a quick read, and a useful resource, that will remind you where your focus should be during the planning and design of all of your Web site projects.

You might wonder why content and design are squeezed into a half-step apiece. No worries, dear reader, I love them just as much as the other children. But there are already plenty of great (and most likely more up-to-date) resources devoted to the mechanics, which aren't what we're concerned about just yet, and when we are, you should have already gotten the most out of this site that you can!