mDRM implements the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation of the regression parameters and the baseline distribution function udner a multivariate density ratio model as described in Marchese and Diao (2016, submitted).


sAUC implements the estimation of AUC of a biomarker with limit of detection and the Wald test whether two biomarkers with LOD have the same AUC as described in Yin, Diao, and Liu (2016, submitted).


SLCMPRSK implements the nonparametric likelihood estimation and inference procedures for modeling short-term and long-term covariate effects in competing risks settings as described in Diao et al. (2014, submitted).


RESSFPE implements the importance sampling algorithm for estimating rare event probabilies arising from stochastic fixed point equations, as described in Collamore, Diao, and Vidyashankar ( Annals of Applied Probability, 2013).


HAPFAM implements the efficient method for the haplotype association analysis of quantitative traits in family studies, as described in Diao and Lin (2013, submitted).


GHREG is a command-line program for the semiparametric analysis of short-term and long-term effects of potentially time-dependent covariates on right-censored failure time data in cohort studies. Standard statistical analysis of failure time data using the Cox model can yield very misleading results when the proportional hazards assumption of constant relative risk is violated. GHREG implements valid and efficient likelihood-based statistical methods that allow non-constant hazard ratios over time, as described in Diao, Zeng and Yang (Biometrics, 2013). The current release performs semiparametric regression analysis of right-censored failure time data with time-independent covariates. We are working intensely to improve the capabilities of GHREG, so please check back frequently for updates.


We implement the algorithm of Diao and Lin (The American Journal of Human Genetics, 2005) for the semiparametric QTL mapping method in general pedigrees in a console application for the Linux platform.


The efficient and reliable algorithms of Diao and Lin (Genetic Epidemiology, 2006) for the semiparametric family-based tests of association are available for the Linux platform.


The semiparametric variance-component models for linkage and association analysis of censored trait data, as described in Diao and Lin (Genetic Epidemiology, 2006), are implemented in a Linux console application.