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Guoqing Diao
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics
The Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University

Office:     The Engineering Building, Room 1709
Phone:   (703) 993-9113
Email:    gdiao@gmu.edu

Research Interests

Statistical Genetics
Survival Analysis
Semiparametric Models
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Small-n-Large-p Problem
Rare Event Simulation Problem


  1. mDRM :: Multivariate Density Ratio Model
  2. sAUC :: A Semiparametric Method for Comparing the Discriminatory Ability of Biomarkers subject to Limit of Detection
  3. SLCMPRSK :: Competing Risks Model with Short-term and Long-term Covariate Effects
  4. RESSFPE :: Rare Event Simulation for Processes Generated via SFPE
  5. HAPFAM :: Haplotype Association Analysis of Quantitative Traits in Family Studies
  6. GHREG :: Semiparametric General Hazards Rate Model for Right-Censored Data
  7. SQTL :: Semiparametric QTL Mapping in General Pedigrees
  8. SQTDT/SPDT :: Semiparametric Family-based Tests of Association
  9. SVCC :: Semiparametric VC Models for Linkage and Association Analysis of Censored Data

Selected Publications

  1. Yuan, M., Diao, G. (2014) "Semiparametric odds rate model for modeling short-term and long-term effects with application to a breast cancer genetic study". The International Journal of Biostatistics, in press.
  2. Parhat, P., Rosenberger, W. F., Diao, G. (2014) "Conditional Monte Carlo Randomization Tests for Regression Models". Statistics in Medicine, in press.
  3. Diao, G., Zeng, D., Yang, S. (2013) "Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of Short-term and Long-term Hazard Ratios with Right-censored Data". Biometrics, 69, 840-849.
  4. Minnikanti, S., Diao, G., Pancrazio, J. J., Xie, X., Rieth, L., Solzbacher, F., Peixoto, N. (2014) "Lifetime assessment of atomic layer deposited Al2O3-Parylene C bilayer coating for neural interfaces using accelerated age testing and electrochemical characterization". Acta Biomaterialia, 10, 960-967.
  5. Collamore, J., Diao, G., Vidyashankar, A. N. (2013) "Rare Event Simulation for Processes Generated via Stochastic Fixed Point Equations". Annals of Applied Probability, in press.
  6. Diao, G., Vidyashankar, A. N. (2013) "On Assessing Genome-Wide Statistical Significance for Large p Small n Problems". Genetics, 194, 781-783.
  7. Diao, G., Ning, J., Qin, J. (2012) "Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Semiparametric Density Ratio Model". The International Journal of Biostatistics, 8(1).
  8. Diao, G., Yin, G. (2012) "A General Transformation Class of Semiparametric Cure Rate Random Effects Models". Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 64, 959-989.


STAT362: Introduction to Computer Statistical Packages, Fall 2012
STAT655: Analysis of Variance, Spring 2012
STAT668: Survival Analysis, Fall 2011
STAT554: Applied Statistics, Spring 2011

Graduated Doctoral Student

Liang Li, August 2011 (currently a statistician at Visa Inc.)
Mengdie Yuan, May 2014 (currently a statistician at FDA)

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