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Guoqing Diao
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics
The Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University

Office:     The Engineering Building, Room 1709
Phone:   (703) 993-9113
Email:    gdiao@gmu.edu

Research Interests

Statistical Genetics
Survival Analysis
Semiparametric Models
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Small-n-Large-p Problem
Rare Event Simulation Problem

Publications (Google Scholar)


  1. BTAD :: Biomarker Threshold Adaptive Designs for Survival Endpoints
  2. mDRM :: Multivariate Density Ratio Model
  3. sAUC :: A Semiparametric Method for Comparing the Discriminatory Ability of Biomarkers subject to Limit of Detection
  4. SLCMPRSK :: Competing Risks Model with Short-term and Long-term Covariate Effects
  5. RESSFPE :: Rare Event Simulation for Processes Generated via SFPE
  6. HAPFAM :: Haplotype Association Analysis of Quantitative Traits in Family Studies
  7. GHREG :: Semiparametric General Hazards Rate Model for Right-Censored Data
  8. SQTL :: Semiparametric QTL Mapping in General Pedigrees
  9. SQTDT/SPDT :: Semiparametric Family-based Tests of Association
  10. SVCC :: Semiparametric VC Models for Linkage and Association Analysis of Censored Data


STAT362: Introduction to Computer Statistical Packages, Fall 2012
STAT655: Analysis of Variance, Spring 2012
STAT668: Survival Analysis, Fall 2011
STAT554: Applied Statistics, Spring 2011

Graduated Doctoral Student

Liang Li, August 2011 (currently a statistician at Visa Inc.)
Mengdie Yuan, May 2014 (currently a statistician at FDA)
Lixuan Yin, August 2017 (currently a biostatistician at MedPace)
Scott Marchese, May 2018 (Expected) (currently a statistician at GSK)

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