Shelley Reid .

Curriculum Vita

E Shelley Reid
George Mason University

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of English and Director of Composition
George Mason University, 2009-present

Assistant Professor of English and Director of Composition
George Mason University, 2004-2009

Assistant Professor of English and Associate Director of Composition
Oklahoma State University, 2000-2004

Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Associate Director of Composition
Oklahoma State University, 1999-2000

Assistant Professor of English, Austin College, 1995-1999

Associate Professional Lecturer, English Department
University of Wyoming, 1994-1995


Ph.D. in English, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1994
Dissertation: "The Compound I: Narrative and Identity
in the Novels of Toni Morrison, Louise Erdrich, and Amy Tan"

M.A. in English, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1991

B.A. with Honors in English, Grinnell College, 1988



Articles and Book Chapters


“Peer Review for Peer Review’s Sake: Resituating Peer Review Pedagogy.” Forthcoming in Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Collaborative Peer Review and Response in the Writing Classroom. Ed. Steven J. Corbett, Michelle LaFrance, and Teagan Decker. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2013.

“What New Writing Teachers Talk About When They Talk About Teaching.” Second author with Heidi Estrem. Forthcoming in Pedagogy 12.3 (Fall 2012): 447-478.

“Writing Pedagogy Education: Instructor Development in Composition Studies.” Co-authored with Heidi Estrem. Exploring Composition Studies: Sites, Issues, and Perspectives. Ed. Kelly Ritter and Paul Matsuda. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2012. 223-240.

“Preparing Writing Teachers: A Case Study in Constructing a More Connected Future for CCCC and NCTE.” College Composition and Communication 62.4 (June 2011): 687-703.

“Ten Ways To Think About Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students.” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2010. <>

 “Voices at the Table: Balancing the Needs and Wants of Program Stakeholders to Design a Value-added Writing Assessment Plan.” With Terry Zawacki, Sarah Baker, and Ying Zhou. Across the Disciplines 6 (2010): n. p. <>

"Managed Care: All-Terrain Mentoring and the 'Good Enough' Feminist WPA." Performing Feminist Administration in Rhetoric and Composition Studies.  Ed. Rebecca Rickly and Krista Radcliffe. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2010. 128-141.

"Teaching Writing Teachers Writing:  Difficulty, Exploration, and Reflection." College Composition and Communication 61.2 (December 2009): 376 [W197-W221].
Note: Since CCC's Web-Only articles are sometimes more difficult to obtain than articles in its print journal, this article is linked here.

"Mentoring Peer Mentors: Program Design and Mentor Education in the Composition Program." Composition Studies 36.2 (Fall 2008): 51-80.

"Will Administrate for Tenure."  The Promise and Perils of Writing Program Administration.  Ed. Theresa Enos and Shane Borrowman. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2008.  203-211.

"The Progress of Generations."  With Anthony Baker, Karen Bishop, Suellynn Duffey, Jeanne Gunner, and Rich Miller.  WPA: Writing Program Administration 29.1/2 (Fall 2005): 31-58. .

"Uncoverage in Composition Pedagogy." Composition Studies 32.1 (2004): 15-34.

"Starting Somewhere Better:  Revisiting Multiculturalism in First-Year Composition." Pedagogy 4.1 (2004): 65-92.

"A Changing for the Better: Curriculum Revision as a Means to Reflective Practice in Teaching and Administration."  Writing Program Administration 26.3 (2003): 10-27.

"Beyond Morrison and Walker:  Looking Good and Looking Forward in Contemporary Black Women's Stories."  African American Review 34.2 (2000):  313-328.

"The Stories We Tell:  Louise Erdrich's Identity Narratives." MELUS.  25.3 (Fall 2000): 65-86.

"Shuffling the Race Cards:  Toni Morrison's 'Recitatif.'"  In Short Stories in the Classroom.  Ed. Carole Hamilton and Pete Kratzke.  Urbana, IL: NCTE Press, 1999.  139-144.

"'Our Two Faces':  Balancing Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God's Wife."  Paintbrush:  A Journal of Multicultural Literature 22 (1995): 20-38.


Other Publications

"Teaching Risk-Taking in College Classrooms: The Teaching Professor 23.8 (October 2009): 4.

"20 Questions for Writers." The Teaching Professor 22.7 (August/September 2008), 4.

"Student Engagement: Tradeoffs and Payoffs."  The Teaching Professor 22.2 (February 2008), 3.

"Anxieties of Influencers: Composition Pedagogy in the 21st Century."  Review Essay: Changing the Way We Teach: Writing and Resistance in the Training of Teaching Assistants by Sally Barr Ebest, Don't Call It That: The Composition Practicum edited by Sidney I. Dobrin, and Relations, Locations, Positions:Composition Theory for Writing Teachers edited by Peter Vandenberg, Sue Hum, and Jennifer Clary-Lemon. WPA: Writing Program Administration 31.1/2 (Fall/Winter 2007), 246-254.

"A Tree Falling in the Forest: Helping Students 'Hear' and Use Your Comments." The Teaching Professor 21.5 (May 2007), 1.

"Peer Review:  Successful from the Start."The Teaching Professor 20.7 (October 2006), 2.


Grants Awarded

Research Grant, March 2007:  "Theories and Practices:  Problem-solving Strategies of New and Continuing Composition Teaching Assistants."  From Council of Writing Program Administrators.

Mason Composition Program, 2007-08:  Workshop on "Integrating Technology into English Composition: Enhancing Student Writing Production." Funded by GMU Technology Across the Curriculum program.

Mason Composition Program, 2006-07:  Workshop on "Integrating Technology into Advanced Composition" Workshop (with David Beach). Funded by GMU Technology Across the Curriculum program.


Teaching Experience

George Mason University, 2004-present

  • English 101: Composition
  • English 302: Advanced Composition (Humanities-focused section)
  • English 392: Editing for Audience, Style, and Voice
  • English 309: Introduction to Nonfiction
  • English 503: Theory and Practice of Editing
  • English 614: Internship in the Teaching of Writing
  • English 615: Composition Pedagogy
  • Honors 110: Introduction to Research

Oklahoma State University, 1999-2004

  • English 1010:  Writing, independent study (variable credit, for transfer students)
  • English 1113:  First-semester composition (academic argument, rhetorical analysis)
  • English 1213:  Second-semester composition (research-based argumentative writing)
  • English 3203:  Advanced Composition and Rhetoric (required for secondary education certification)
  • English 4453:  Contemporary Literature
  • English 5213:  Composition Pedagogy and Theory

Austin College (Sherman, TX), 1995-99

  • English 14:  Writing
  • English 15:  Experiences in Literature (Introduction to literature)
  • English 38:  Interpreting Literature (Literature and critical theories)
  • English 40:  Topics in Literature
    "Contemporary American Literature"
    "American Autobiography"
  • English 41: Creative Writing -- Poetry Workshop
  • English 62: Studies in American Literature of the Twentieth Century
    "Modern Minority American Literatures"
    "Twentieth-Century Book-ends"
    "What Does It Matter Who's Speaking? 20th-Century Prose"
  • Communication/Inquiry 11:  Freshman Seminar, "Issues in Science Fiction"
  • Heritage of Western Culture 55: The Modern World (Team-taught lecture course with a
    discussion-section focus on Harriet Jacobs and Sandra Cisneros)
  • January Term Courses
    "Professional Writing and Document Design"
    "Issues in Science Fiction"

University of Wyoming, 1994-95

  • ENG 1210:  Freshman Composition, ESL sections
  • ENG 4010:  Scientific and Technical Writing
  • UW Writing Center Tutor (including ESL composition tutorials)

University at Buffalo:  Graduate TA, English Department, 1988-91

  • English 101:  First-Year Composition
  • English 201:  Advanced Writing & Reading: "The Forms of Science Fiction"
  • English 222:  World Masterpieces II:  "World Masterpieces, Too?"

University at Buffalo:  Intensive English Language Institute, Summers 1989, 1991, 1993

  • Advanced Writing & Grammar, Basic Reading & Writing, Advanced Writing, Basic Writing


Administrative Responsibilities: GMU Composition Program

Organize and assess Fall Orientation & Professional Development Workshop

Organize and assess ongoing Professional Development Workshop series (6 workshops in 2004-05; 11 in 2005-06; 8 in 2006-07; 10 in 2007-08; 10 in 2008-09; 7 in 2009-10)

Oversee Composition Website redesign and resource development (

Assist composition instructors with text selection and syllabus design

Provide ongoing mentoring and support for composition instructors

Review composition syllabi

Draft composition program policies and statements

Organize and assess TA “Tutors in Classrooms” mentoring program

Observe classes of first-semester 101 TAs

Meet monthly with first-semester 101 TAs' professional development groups

Review transfer credit requests

Review exemption exams and portfolios; update exam questions and protocols as needed

Assist with hiring of adjunct and term faculty members

Assist with hiring of graduate teaching assistants

Provide outreach/support to other committees, programs, and departments


Selected Conference Presentations

“‘It's Kind of Frustrating Just Not Being Perfect’: How TAs Understand The First Years of Teaching.” With Heidi Estrem. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA, April 2011.

“How Teaching Assistants Learn To Teach Writing.” With Heidi Estrem. Writing Research Across Borders Conference, Fairfax, VA, February 2011.

"Solving Writing Problems: Reframing What Writing Teachers Know and Do." Writing Program Administration Conference, Philadelphia, PA, July 2010.

"Maggie's Progress: One TA's Journey Framed by Local and National Trends in Writing Pedagogy Education." College English Association Conference, San Antonio, TX, March 2010.

Research Program Administrators: Convergences and Collisions Among Writing Programs and Libraries." With Doug Downs, Heidi Estrem, Kate Ryan, and Elizabeth Vander Lei. Writing Program Administration Conference, Minneapolis, MN, July 2009.

"Hip to be Square: The WPA's Role in Technology-Related Faculty Development." Thomas R. Watson Conference, Louisville, KY, October 2008.

"What TAs Have to Teach Us: A Research Report and Workshop." With Heidi Estrem. Writing Program Administration Conference, Denver, CO, July 2008.

"What is WPA Research? A Workshop." With Doug Downs and Rita Malenczyk. Writing Program Administration Conference, Denver, CO, July 2008.

"Beyond 'Good Job Jenny!': Designing Full-Circle Peer-Review Assignments Across the Disciplines."  Invited presentation.  The Teaching Professor Conference, Kissimmee, FL, May 2008.

"What and How TAs Learn about Teaching Composition:  Report from Year One of a Three-Year Study."  Conference on College Composition and Communication, New Orleans, LA, April 2008.

"(How) Do TAs Put Theory Into Practice?  Researching the Effectiveness of TA Education in Composition."  Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, IL, December 2007.

"Managed Care: All-Terrain Mentoring and the 'Good Enough' Feminist WPA."  Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, Little Rock, Arkansas, October 2007.

"The Role of the WPA in Creating and Sustaining Disciplinarity, or, A Polylogue on the Pursuit of Disciplinary Happiness." With Debra Dew, Doug Downs, Kate Ryan, and Elizabeth Wardle.  Writing Program Administration Conference, Tempe, AZ, July 2007.

“Crafting a WPA Peer Review Process:  Part 1, Reasonable Criteria.”  Workshop session co-leader, with Irvin Weiser. Writing Program Administration Conference, Tempe, AZ, July 2007.

“The Proposed CCCC Statement on the Preparation of Teachers of Writing.”  With Joe Hardin, Freddy Thomas, and Kathleen Yancey.  Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York, NY, March 2007.

"Beyond the Statement on Intellectual Work: Notes Toward a (CWPA) Peer-Review Process for Program Administration."  Workshop session. Writing Program Administration Conference, Chattanooga, TN, July 2006.

"Theoretically Prepared: From the Job Market Through the First Years as an Assistant Professor Administrator." Co-Presenter, Pre-Conference Workshop.  Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL, March 2006.

"The Road Less Taken:  New Pathways to Tenure."  With Laurie Fathe and Guiseppina Kysar.  Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Washington, DC, January 2006.

"Writing an Administrative Philosophy Statement: A Workshop."  With Michael Day, Joe Janangelo, and David Schwalm.  Writing Program Administration Conference, Anchorage, AK, July 2005.

"(How) Did We Help?  Challenges in Assessing TA Peer Mentoring Programs." Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, CA, March 2005.

"Difficult Explorations:  Assigning Writing in the Composition Pedagogy Class." Writing Program Administration Conference, Newark, Deleware, July 2004.

"The Madwoman in the Attic, the Sad Woman in the Basement, and the TAs in the Middle: Writing Centers, Writing Programs, and Teacher Preparation."  Co-presenter with Melissa Ianetta.  Modern Language Association Conference, San Diego, CA, December 2003.

"Mentoring Mentors:  Challenges and Opportunities in Preparing Graduate TA Mentors."  Writing Program Administration Conference, Grand Rapids, MI, July 2003.

"Un-coverage, or, The Pedagogy Class as Discovery Draft."  Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York, NY, March 2003.

"If We Build It, Will We Come?  The Challenges of Increasing Teacher Participation in Mentoring and Professional Development."  Writing Program Administration Conference, Park City, UT, July 2002.

"Starting Somewhere Better:  Revisiting Multiculturalism in First-Year Composition."  Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL, March 2002.

"Teaching Teaching:  Three Models from the OSU Composition Program."  South Central Modern Language Association Conference, Tulsa, OK, November 2001.

"Of Salad Bowls and Melting Pots:  Rhetorical Complications of Mass-market Multicultural Readers."  Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the U.S. (MELUS) Conference, Knoxville, TN, March 2001.

"Contemporary Liminalities:  Race, Gender, and Adolescence in Recent African American Novels."  South Central Modern Language Association Conference, San Antonio, TX, November 2000.

"Politics, Myths, Recipes:  Teaching Ana Castillo's So Far From God."  Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the U.S. Conference, New Orleans, LA, March 2000.

"Teaching Cisneros and Castillo:  Can Students -- and Should They -- 'Relate'?"  National Women's Studies Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM, June 1999.

"The Strong/Silent/Type in Ana Castillo's So Far From God."  Emerging Rhetorics Conference, Denton, TX (with an electronic symposium component), April 1999.  Electronic presentation.

"Seven Syllabi:  Strategies for and Pitfalls of Designing Multi-Ethnic American Literature Surveys."  Co-presenter with Eric Anderson.  Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the U.S. Conference, Nashville, TN, March 1999.

"In the Margins on the Brink:  Adolescent Girl Narrators in Recent Multicultural Fiction."  South Central Women's Studies Association Conference, Houston, TX, March 1998.

"Still Haunting After All These Years:  The Returns of June Morrissey Kashpaw Mauser [in Louise Erdrich's fiction]."  Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association Conference, San Antonio, TX, March 1997.

"'I am Beloved and She is Mine':  Toni Morrison's Re-vision of the Autobiographical Mode."  Other Voices:  American Women Writers of Color Conference, Ocean City, MD, June 1993.

"Childhood's End and Freshman Composition."  Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference, Burlington, VT, October 1991.


Selected Local Workshops and Presentations


Faculty Development Workshops led, 2009-2010: "Assessing English 101 Researched Writing," "Preparing a Teaching Portfolio," Fall 2009; "What's Your Policy?" (online workshop), "101/302 Assignment Prompt Review" (online workshop), "Preparing to Teach English 302," "More Strategies for Managing the Paper Load," "Teaching English 302 as Distance-Learning."

Faculty Development Workshops led, 2008-2009: "Preparing a Teaching Portfolio," "Beginning and Advanced Research Pedagogies" (co-created with Scott Watkins), "Designing an English 101 Assessment Rubric," and "New Strategies for Teaching English 302," Fall 2008; "Comp Post Secret" (online workshop), "Managing the Paper Load," and "Teaching English 302 as Distance-Learning" (extended online workshop and face-to-face workshop), Spring 2009.

Faculty Development Workshops led, 2007-2008: "Introduction to Teaching Research," "Advanced Strategies for Teaching Research" (both co-created with Craig Gibson, University Libraries), and "Preparing a Teaching Portfolio," Fall 2007; "Teaching English 302 as Distance-Learning," "Designing New Essay Assignments," and "Teaching with Online Class Meetings," Spring 2008.

Faculty Development Workshops led, 2006-2007:  "Using Timed and Short-time Writing in Composition Classes," "What's New in English 101?," and "Preparing to Teach English 302," Spring 2007 (on leave Fall 2006).

Faculty Development Workshops led, 2005-2006:  "Preparing a Teaching Portfolio," Fall 2005 and Spring 2006;  "Preparing to Teach English 302 H and 302 N/T," "Critical Reading Strategies," and "Teaching in the Computer Classroom," Spring 2006.

Faculty Development Workshops led, 2004-05:  "Plagiarism," with Zofia Burr, Fall 2004; "Library Instruction Module Development," "Teaching ESL Students," "Beyond the Research Paper," "Effective Group Work," and "Peer Review Strategies," Spring 2005.

"Beyond Content:  Teaching Strategies Across the Curriculum."  Workshop for OSU Writing Project New Teacher Initiative, Tulsa Public Schools, July 2003.

"Complicating Multiculturalism in the Classroom."  Workshop for OSU Writing Project Summer Institute, July 2003, July 2002.

"Writing for Readers:  A Sampler of Class Techniques."  Workshop for Tulsa Public High School Teachers Professional Development Workshops, Tulsa, OK, August 2002.

"Using the Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE) in the Liberal Arts Classroom."  Week-long, cross-disciplinary faculty workshop, Austin College, June 1998.



“Overcoming Student Resistance to Learning-Centered Pedagogies.” With Kim Eby. Workshop for Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, George Mason University, October 2010.

"So You Think You Can Revise: Rhetoric, Genre, Revision.” Presentation to English 325 recitation, George Mason University, September 2008, March 2009, September 2009, February 2010, September 2010.

"Learning Goals for Technology Enhanced Writing Assignments." Presentation for Technology Across the Curriculum/Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty Learning Circle, October 2008.

"Managing the Paper Load and Responding to Student Writing."  Workshop for Center for Teaching Excellence, George Mason University, October 2007.

"Using Student Groups Online and in the Classroom."  With Michelle Marks, School of Management.  Presentation for Faculty Showcase Series, sponsored by the IT Instructional Resources Center and the Center for Teaching Excellence, George Mason University, February 2006, September 2007.

"Plagiarism Prevention Strategies."  Presentation for ITU Workshop on Plagiarism at George Mason.  March 2005.

"Reflective Writing in the ESL Writing Classroom."  Presentation for OSU TESL Teaching Assistants' Pedagogy Group, March 2004.

"It's Not Like Falling In Love:  Mentors and Mentoring Programs on Campus." Presentation for OSU Women's Studies "Brown Bag Lunch" series, October 2003.

"Feminism and Higher Education."  Presentation for OSU English Student Association Panel Discussion, April 2003.

"Peer Editing Across the Curriculum."  Co-presenter to Freshman Seminar faculty, Austin College, May 1996.

"Mothers and Daughters, Stories and Silences:  Making Connections in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club (novel and movie)."  Lecture for "An Hour With Literature" outreach program, University of Wyoming, October 1994.


Other Professional Activities

Co-Director, GMU Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, Fairfax, VA, October 2009, October 2010.

Elected Member, Executive Committee, Council of Writing Program Administrators, 2010-present.

Member, Editorial Board, WPA: Writing Program Administration, 2009-present.

Member, Editorial Board, Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching
Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture,

Co-chair and listserve-manager, Assistant Professor Administrators Group (APA-L), 2006-2008

Member, CCCC Committee on Preparing Teachers of Writing, 2005-2008

Co-founder and current chair, Special Interest Group on the Education
and Mentoring of TAs and Instructors in Composition, CCCC, 2002-2008

Current memberships and regular participation in the following electronic discussion groups: APA-L, WPA-L (Writing Program Administrators), WMST-L (Women’s Studies).

Current Professional Memberships:  Conference on College Composition and Communication, National Council of Teachers of English, Council of Writing Program Administrators, Modern Language Association.

Co-founder and member, Faculty Pedagogy Group, Austin College (August 1992-June 1994).

Graduate Assistant, Office of the President, University at Buffalo (August 1993-June 1994).

Graduate Assistant, Undergraduate College, University at Buffalo (January 1992-May 1993).

Leader, “Teaching Idea Exchange,” University at Buffalo English Dept. (1990, 1991, 1992).

Editor, The Grinnell Review, Grinnell College (August 1986-May 1988).




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