Shelley Reid


English 615:  Composition Instruction—Pedagogies and Principles


Spring 2006 Syllabus


The Books & Readings

  • Bean = John Bean, Engaging Ideas
  • Moore = Moore and O'Neill, Practice in Context
  • Straub = Richard Straub, A Sourcebook for Responding to Student Writing
  • SMG = Glenn, The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing
  • TCBR = Johnson & Morahan, Teaching Composition: Background Readings

First Inquiry:  Responding to Student(s) Writing



In Class

Reading Due

Writing Due


Week 1,

Jan. 24


Tech calisthenics,

Warm-up warm-up

Online (in-class): Macrorie, "The Poison Fish"; Lamott, "First Drafts"

Online (in-class):  GMU Composition Website, Faculty Resources:

SFD of Warm-up Essay:  Post (anon) to WebCT by 1/28 noon; respond at least to the one just below yours by 1/30 6pm

Access WebCT by logging in to  For articles, click on Readings.  Access JSTOR (etc.) by linking from the Databases page of; you can use the "browse" function on JSTOR to go straight to the journal/issue itself.


Week 2,

Jan. 31

Warm-up wksp.

Reader responses

Bean: Chapter 1, Chapter 14

Straub: Sommers, "Responding"; Daiker, "Praise";

Straub:  "What if Drugs" essay and comments (make your comments first!)

Draft of Warm-up Essay due for in-class workshop—bring 3 copies

3 E-posts: 1 by 2/4 noon; 2 more by 2/6 6pm

Guest teacher tonight:

Gather syllabi for Syllabus Project #1


Week 3,

Feb. 7

Assessing essays

Bean:  Chapter 15

Straub: Elbow, "Ranking"

WebCT:  Sprinkle, "Written Commentary"

Skim:  Straub, "John Cougar" essay and comments

Revision of Warm-up Essay, with Post Script & Draft copies

Syllabus Project 1: Comp. Review

Guest teacher tonight:

Schedule Syllabus Project #2 Conference for next week

Second Inquiry:  Assigning and Assessing Writing



In Class

Reading Due

Writing Due



Week 4,

Feb. 14

Rules v. Rhetoric,

Assigning thinking

JSTOR:  Mark Wiley, "Formulaic Writing"  English Journal 90.1 (2000)

TCBR:  Freire, "Banking Education"

Moore:  Chapter 30 "Criteria for AIA"

Skim:  SMGpp. 137-154, Bean Ch. 1

SP#2: Grading (conference)

Guest teacher tonight:

Think about Exploration Essay, Part 1


Week 5,

Feb. 21

Prompt wksp.,

Assigning Revision

SMG: Flower, "Writer-Based Prose"

Moore:  Chapter 22, "Radical Revision"

Bean: Chapter 5

Skim:  SMG pp. 93-106, TCBR Sommers, "Revision Strategies," Moore Ch. 25

SP#3:Assignment Prompt Draft due for workshop

Exploration Essay 1 SFD (2pp)

Guest teacher tonight:

Schedule visit for Pedagogy Response 1


Week 6,

Feb. 28

EE wksp.,

Assigning Innovation

Bean: Chapter 12

JSTOR: Lamb, "Beyond Argument," College Composition & Comm 42 (1991) 11-24

Moore:  Chapter 9 or 10 or 12 or 13

Exporation Essay 1 Draft:2 copies (anon) + Guide

Guest teacher tonight:

Schedule EE Conference

Consider Concept Map options


Week 7,

Mar. 7

Meet in IN 328 (computer classroom)

Big Picture, Part I

Goals and sequence-options

Online: WPA Outcomes for FYC:

Online:  GMU Comp Site, 101 goals

Moore:  Chapter 18 or 19

Skim (!!!): SMG Chapters 8-10


SP#3: Asgt. Prompt Revision

Guest teacher tonight:

Consider textbooks for SP#4

Mid-term check: E-posts, Pedagogy Response, Trading Card

Third Inquiry:  Teachers and Students, Roles and Goals



In Class

Reading Due

Writing Due



Week 8,

Mar. 21

Teachers and institutions

JSTOR:  Elbow, "Embracing Contraries," College English 45 (1983) 327-39

WebCT: Bartholomae, "Inventing the University"

JSTOR:  Murray, "Listening Eye," College English 41 (1979) 13-18

Revised Exploration 1 draft (+Post Script and drafts in folder)

Collab. Project Individual Concept Map

Guest teacher tonight:

Arrange visit for second PR


Week 9,

Mar. 28

Students and collaboration

TA-visitors Q&A

TCBR: Brooke, "Underlife"

Moore: Chapter 21 "Peer Response"

Online: Kirschner "Peer Review" (

WebCTSkim: Roskelly, "Risky Business"

SP#4:  Text Review

Class Activity Bank Post #1

Pedagogy Response #1

Guest teacher tonight:

Inquiry group meetings


Week 10

April 4

O Captain my Captain: Teacher roles


TA-visitors Q&A

Online: Johnson, "Millenial Teacher" (Pedogogy 6.1 2006,

WebCT:  Rose, "Average"

ProQuest:  Lisa Delpit, "The Silenced Dialogue"  Harvard Educational Review 58 (1988)


SP#5 syllabus "sketches" (3 copies)—bring your textbook(s)

Inquiry Groups:  Working notes for in-class consultations (4 copies)

Guest teacher tonight:

Find a writing handbook for next week's class

Fourth Inquiry:  Borderlands, Boundaries, and Frontiers in Composition


Week 11

April 11

The "G" word

Bean:  Chapter 4

WebCT:  Devet, "Welcoming Grammar"

Moore:  Chapter 23 "Getting Textual"

Skim:  SMG pp. 44-74 (3-day plan info)

Bring a writing handbook

SP#6:  3-Day Plan Draft for workshop (3 copies)

Guest teacher tonight:

Set up end-of-term conference


Week 12

April 18

Meet in IN328

Crossings and connections

WebCT: J. Reid, "Issues in ESL Writing"

Moore:  Chapter 2 or 3 or 5 or 13 (Course overviews to help with your "sketch")

Exploration Essay Revision & Expansion draft (2 copies + Guides)

Guest teacher tonight:

Set up end-of-term conference


Week 13

April 25

Meet in IN328

The "P" Word

Online:  WPA Plagiarism Statement, (PDF)

Online:  GMU Comp Website: Plagiarism Procedures

Expanded SP#5: Second generation draft +

Class Activity Bank #2

Collab. Inquiry Presentations


Week 14

May 2

The Big Picture II

Online:  Leslie Blair, "Teaching Composition Online"

SMG:  Herzberg, "Service Learning"

Portfolios & reflections, looking back and looking ahead

Pedagogy Response #2

Collab. Inquiry Presentations

Final Portfolio:  Turn in Tuesday May 9, time TBA.




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