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English 302H27
Advanced Composition

Spring 2006  --  MW 3:00-4:15  --  IN 318
Professor E. Shelley Reid

Syllabus / Schedule

Primary Text Syllabus

Secondary Text Syllabus

Research Syllabus



In-class goals

Reading due for class/workshop

Writing due for class/workshop

Mon. 1/25

Interviewing writers;

Primary Text Folder overview: "text" choice

In-class:  Lamott, "First Drafts"

Peer Interview report: Begin in class





Reading actively,
writing rhetorically

Course overview; common-topic choice

WebCT:  Hurston, "Sweat"; Poetry Cluster 1, Macrorie, "Poison Fish"; log in; go to "Readings" in menu

Peer Interview write-up: bring disk or email electronic copy

Summary 1: "Sweat" (3 paper copies)



Mon. 1/30

Disciplines, genres, and styles, oh, my!

Designing/reporting interviews

WebCT:  O'Brien, "Things"; Cisneros, "Little"; Poetry Cluster 2

BR: xiii-xix + 3-7, 95-97, 118

Annotation + Summary + Response Exercise (print + electronic)



Wed. 2/1

Rhetoric v. rules

Arguments about texts

Genre/Form workshop

WebCT:  Alexie, "Flight"; Atwood, "Beginnings"; Devitt "Genre"

Genre/Form Exercise (electronic)

Quick Research Exercise (paper)



Mon. 2/6


Peer Review guides

Literary evidence: quotes

WebCT:  Discipline Articles

Prof. Interview arrangement memo




Wed. 2/8

Virtual Class

Set up Conferences: Research Topics

BR: Skim 266-273

By W@3:15:  Analysis essay draft + DB post + Research Topics Memo

By Th@3:15:  Peer Review + DB response

By Sat@noon: DB Revision Plan



English 302H27, Spring 2006—Class Schedule, Part II:  Secondary Text Folder


In-class goals

Reading due for class/workshop

Writing due for class/workshop

Mon. 2/13

Searching for Secondary Sources: Introduction

WebCT: Moser, "Rhetoric"

BR:  77-84, 113-123

Primary Text Folder: Annot+Sum +Resp, Genre, Research, Analysis (draft + comment + final), PS


Wed. 2/15

Virtual Class

WebCT:  Common Text #1, "Managing Across Gen."

By W@3:15:  Prof Interview draft + Abstr. Ex. + DB post

By Friday noon:  Peer Review + Abstr. revision + DB response


Mon. 2/20

Arguments, Evidence, Proposals

WebCT:  Common Text #2

Your Secondary Text #1

Prof Interview Report:  Print copy with Post Script




Virtual Class

Reading Academic Articles

Your Secondary Text #2

BR: 138-141

By W@3:15:  Abstr + summ ex. + DB post

By Friday noon:  2 DB responses


Mon. 2/27

Reviewing the literature:  He said, she said

Your Secondary Text #3 (bring!)

WebCT:  Devitt Part 2, "Writing Genre Analyses"

Genre Analysis Ex:  Post to WebCT

Annotation Ex.:  Print & bring to class


Wed.  3/1

Virtual Class

Lit review workshop

By W@3:15:  Lit Review Draft (attach as Word or RTF document)

By Friday noon:  Peer Reviews


Mon. 3/6

Proposal workshop, research plans

BR:  26-41, 237-240, 244-5, 276-77, 332

Proposal Draft:  Post to WebCT (attach as Word or RTF document)


Wed. 3/8

Uses and abuses of secondary sources: quote v. the "P-word"

Bring one of your Secondary Texts to class

Proposal:  in Research Prep Folder (incl. Memo, Report, drafts) with Post Script



Mon. 3/20

Advanced Library Search Strategies

Secondary Text Folder:  Lit Review, Summary Ex, Genre Ex, Annot'n Ex, source copies, Post Script


Wed. 3/22

Virtual Classroom: Library Research

BR:  85-93

By W@3:15:  Library Ex. Part 1

By Saturday noon:  Full Library Ex., DB posts (bring photocopies for 3/27)

English 302H27, Spring 2006—Class Schedule, Part III:  Research Project

Mon 3/27

Tough Room:  Argument and Counterargument strategies

Research Prep Folder: Interview Report, Proposal, Post Script



Organizational strategies; feasibility; source wrangling


      -->Chap. 10, 13, 15

Intro Parag, 5-point list, annotation: Paper copy plus electronic version

Bring 3 best sources found so far


Mon. 4/3

Virtual Classroom: SFD Workshop

By M@3:15:  SFD Research (700-1000 words) + Reader-guide

By Wednesday noon:  Three peer responses


Wed.  4/5

Building from the center, publication strategies

--> Tutorials-->Ch. 11, Map Arg. --> Writing Resources-->Avoid Plag. Tut. --> Which Source Ex & Plag. Ex. (print)


Mon. 4/10

Virtual Classroom:  Complete Draft workshop

By M@3:15: Complete Draft + Guide

By Wednesday noon: Two peer responses

Wed.  4/12

Research assessment; set up conferences

   --> Guides

      -->Eval sources, Info from Sources, & Wks. Cited

Research Reflection #1: Source Location and Evaluation: WebCT

Mon. 4/17

Virtual Classroom: Publication Wkshp.

BR:  Skim Chapter 16

By M@3:15:  Publication Draft + Aud.

By Wednesday noon:  Two peer responses + Revision Plan


Wed.  4/19

Revision strategies, audience targeting

Bring Bedford Researcher

Bring current essay draft doc. file>Exercise Central: choose 3

Mon. 4/24

Style/proofreading workshop

Bring Bedford Researcher

Advanced Draft:  Bring 2 paper copies, including works cited/references page


Wed.  4/26

Publication Exchange 1

Publications, Group A

Mon. 5/1

Publication Exchange 2; Best in show

Publications, Group B

Research Folder:  Final plus draft copies, sources, post script, exercises


Wed.  5/3

By W@3:15:  Research Reflection #2

By Sat. Noon: Two peer responses





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