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Honors 110.005: Course Schedule

Fall 2005

Important Dates:


Last day to drop with no tuition liability

September 13

Last day to add a class

September 13

Last day to drop a class

September 30

Midterm grade reporting

Sept. 26-Oct. 21

Fall Break

October 10

Elective Withdrawal Period

October 1-28

Last day of classes

December 10

Reading days

December 12

Exam period

December 12-20

All class activities and due-dates subject to change with advance notice.

Key to Abbreviations:  CR = The Craft of Research, WebCT = Reading material to download from our WebCT site, E-Res = Reading material to be downloaded from Electronic Reserves (additional information provided later), D-Base = Article to be downloaded from a GMU library database (additional information provided later), FA = Folder Assignment, due at the start of class but part of an upcoming XYZ Folder graded assignment.



In-class Activities


Reading(s) Due Today

Writing Assignments Due Today


Tues. 8/30


The Emperor and the Commons

Thurs. 9/1

WHEW: Becoming your own best writing teacher

Conferencing Open House

WebCT:  Lamott, "First Drafts" and Macrorie, "Fish"

SFD: Writer's Review, 2 copies

Friday. 9/2

Introduction to Research at GMU

Conferencing Open House

First Commons Post Due by 5pm


Tues. 9/6

Topics v. Problems, Research v. Critical Inquiry

Conferencing Open House

WebCT:  Freire, "Banking" and Brooke, "Underlife"

FA: EndNote Practice Citation

Thurs. 9/8

Rules v. Rhetoric

E-Res:  Columbo & Milano, "Reframing"

CR:  17-26

Writer's Review Folder

Friday, 9/9

EndNote Basics

Second Commons Post Due by 5pm




Reading Due

Writing Due


Tues. 9/13

Active Reading

WebCT: Moser & Watters, "Argument"

E-Res:  Kohl, "Rosa Parks"

CR:  142-148

FA: 3 Possible Research Problems

Thurs. 9/15

Topic/problem "Zhuzhing"


Schedule Conferences

D-Base:  Cronon, "Place for Stories"

CR:  37-52, 56-57

FA: Annotation

FA:  Museum Preview

Friday 9/16

Field Trip to NMAI (required)


Tues. 9/20

Analyzing Stories:  I Say/They Say

Schedule Conferences

E-Res:  Clark, "Case Study"

D-Base:  Thomson, "Myth & Museums"

CR 201-207

Research Log I and II

Thurs. 9/22

Writer's Workshop

Schedule Conferences

Museum Analysis Folder

Friday 9/23

How Universities Organize Knowledge


Tues. 9/27

Immodest Proposals and Research Pathways

Native American Issues Readings, TBA

Research Log III and IV

Thurs. 9/29

I Say Tomayto:  Researching in different disciplines

Proposal Folder

Friday 9/30

Student Panel on 110 Research


Tues. 10/4

World Wide Wacky: Healthy skepticism and gray-area dowsing

D-Base: Schwartz et al., "Aspirin"

WebCT:  Evaluation, TBA

FA: Website Warmup

Thurs. 10/6

Beyond notecards and outside the box:  Inquiry and information management, keywords and analyses

CR  90-105

Research Log, all parts complete

Bring Possible Research Source #1


Tues. 10/11

No Class:  Fall Break (Monday classes meet today)

Thurs. 10/13

EndNote for the Long Haul: Keywords, breadcrumbs, and snapshots

Website Analysis Folder

FA: Source Abstracts

Bring PRS #2, 3, and 4

Friday, 10/14

Optional EndNote Session

Commons Posts?


Tues. 10/18

He said/She said:  Using source material in your writing

Fish or Cut Bait Conferences

CR:  114-126


FA: Source's sources

Bring PRS #5, 6, and 7

Thurs. 10/20

Three Sides to a Story: Stakeholders, counterarguments, refutations, advanced data

Fish or Cut Bait Conferences

CR:  72-74, 151-164

Source Analysis Folder

Friday 10/21

Optional LOC Field Trip


Tues. 10/25

Bibliographies; WHEW

FA: Thesis and Sketch, 3 Copies

Thurs. 10/27

Organizational Strategies

Annotated Bibliography


Tues. 11/1

Writer's Workshop

In-class Press Conferences

SFD: Research Assignment (3 copies)


Thurs. 11/3

Writer's Workshop

In-class Press Conferences

CR:  135-137

FA: Unanswered Questions

Commons Posts?


Tues. 11/8

Ethics and Frames of Reference

In-class Press Conferences

CR 222-240, 285-288

FA: Revision Plan 1

Thurs. 11/10

Writer's Workshop: Overview

Schedule Revision Conferences

Complete Research Draft x 3

Research Draft Folder



Tues. 11/15

Writer's Workshop: Expansion & Transformation

Revision Conferences

Thurs. 11/17

Writer's Workshop: Rhetorical Polish

Revision Conferences

FA:  Comparative Sentence Survey

Friday 11/18

Presenting with PowerPoint (optional)


Tues. 11/22

Writer's Workshop: Editing and Styling

FA: Revision Plan 2

Thurs. 11/24

No class:  Thanksgiving


Tues. 11/29

Student Presentations

FA: Comparative Presentation Review (due by 12/8)

Thurs. 12/1

Student Presentations

EndNote Overview

Final Commons Posts Due by 5pm

Friday 12/2

Student Presentations (IN 133)


Tues. 12/6

Student Presentations

Thurs. 12/8

Concluding Remarks

Research Folder and Class Portfolio





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