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E Shelley Reid

Director for Teaching Excellence
Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor
Department of English
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

Office: Innovation Hall 422

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Fall 2017-Spring 2018


English 821: Writing Program Administration

Spring 2018: Tues. 4:30-7:10

  Office Hours


W 3-4, R 4-5

About Me

I joined the faculty of George Mason University in 2004. Prior to that, I taught at Oklahoma State University, Austin College (in Sherman, Texas) and the University of Wyoming. I earned my PhD in American literature in 1994 from SUNY-Buffalo, focusing my work on contemporary women novelists. My recent work in composition studies addresses the issues of teacher preparation, program administration, and curriculum development. I joined the Stearns Center (formerly CTFE) in 2016.

What I Teach

At Mason, I teach the first-year composition course, English 101, as well as the advanced composition course, English 302 (I teach the Humanities version and the Multidisciplinary version, regular and honors sections). I have taught Introduction to Research for the Honors program at Mason. I also teach English 382, Writing Nonfiction Genres; English 386, Editing for Audience, Style, and Voice; English 503, Theory and Practice of Editing; and English 615, the graduate course in composition pedagogy. I now also teach and advise in the new PhD program in Writing and Rhetoric, including courses in writing program administration and student assessment.

In my previous lives, I have taught contemporary American literature, American autobiography, science fiction, introduction to literature, ESL writing, poetry workshops, technical writing, and literary criticism. (In my anxiety dreams, I sometimes find myself teaching courses such as "Philosophy of Dance" or "Pilates and Literature," but I hope not to encounter those courses in the real world any time soon!)


What I Write

Among my recent publications are the following (click here for a full cv):

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