Workplace Diversity Research Group

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Welcome to the Workplace Diversity Research Group!


The overarching goal of the Workplace Diversity Research Group is to provide empirical evidence guiding the equitable and effective management of diverse organizations. To do so, we have focused on the concept of stigma, which can be understood as an attribute that conveys a devalued social identity across most social contexts. It is from the perspective of stigma theory and its conceptualizations in social psychological research that this program of diversity research emerges. Because work largely defines an individual's economic, social, and psychological standing, it is a critical context in which to examine the emergence of stigmatization. Our research integrates social and organizational psychology to examine three primary themes regarding diversity:

1) Manifestations of Stigma at Work

2) Consequences of Stigmatization at Work

3) Individual and Organizational Strategies for the Reduction of Discrimination