Dr. Dean Taciuch

George Mason University

Summer 2016

English 302 : BN1 & BN2
Course Schedule

Week 1 (June 6 – 12): Consensus and Controversy
Writing Commons "Identifying a Conversation"
Perdue OWL "Using Rhetorical Strategies"
UNC Handout "Writing in the Sciences"
Discussion Post 1: Scholarly Controversies and Arguments
Discipline Awareness I assignment due June 10

Week 2 (June 13 – 19): Finding a Topic
Writing Center Quick Guide "How to Write a Research Question"
Discussion Post 2: Research Questions
Research Proposal due June 17

Week 3 (June 20 – 26): Summary, Paraphrase, Quotation, and Synthesis
Plagiarism and Use of Sources
Writing Commons "Avoiding Plagiarism"
UNC Writing Center Handout "Plagiarism"
GMU Honor Code
Discussion Post 3: Plagiarism Policies
Plagiarism Policy Essay due June 24

Week 4 (June 27 – July 3): Research Methods
Using the Library and Databases
Writing Commons "Understanding Library Resources"
GMU Library Tutorials (Scholarly and other sources)
GMU Library tutorial on UlrichsWeb database
Discussion Post 4: Source Evaluations
Library Research Assignment
due July 1

Week 5 (July 6 – 10): Evaluation and Documentation
UNC Lit Review Handout
Writing Commons "Evaluating Sources"
Discussion Post 5: Source Evaluations
Annotated Bibliography due July 8

Week 6 (July 11 –17): Synthesis and Analysis
Writing Commons "Synthesizing Your Research Findings"
Perdue OWL Research and Citation guides
Discussion Post 6: Lit Review Thesis
Literature Review drafts posted to BlackBoard groups by July 13
Peer Review Assignment due July 15

Week 7 (July 18 – 24): Revising, Editing, Proofreading
UNC Handout: "Revising Drafts"
GMY Writing Center handout "Revising"
Discussion Post 7: Revision Practices
Literature Review Assignment due July 22

Week 8 (July 25 –30): Next Steps
Discussion Post 8: Next Steps
Discipline Awareness II assignment due July 29
SaS Reflection
due July 30


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