Dr. Dean Taciuch
George Mason University

Summer 2009 (Session B)


English 410:B01
Course Syllabus

Course Description

Intensive study and practice in various forms of technical writing, including formal and informal reports, proposals, and technical correspondence. Emphasis on writing for a variety of audiences, both lay and informed, and on writing within various professional and organizational contexts.


Gurak and Lannon. Concise Guide to Technical Communication, 3rd Edition.
ISBN-10: 0321391683
ISBN-13: 9780321391681


Wikipedia Assignment (15%)
Résumé (10%)
Short Report: Instruction or Procedure (15%)
Proposal (10%)
Progress Report (5%)
Analytical Report (25%)
Presentation (10%)
Exercises (10%)

Course Policies

Grading: Grades on the essays will be based primarily on the quality of the writing. I value clear, focused writing with plenty of examples. The audience for the essays will vary, but I expect all assignments to be written for a specific audience.

Late Assignments: Late papers will lose one-half letter grade per day unless you make prior arrangements with me.

Revision Policy: The Wikpedia Assignment, Résumé, Short Report, and Proposal may be revised for a higher grade, but they must be substantially revised. You cannot lose a grade by revising, but a higher grade is not guaranteed. I have found that "B" papers (or higher) are often more difficult to revise, since serious revision requires thoroughly changing the essay's structure, and "B" papers usually have a fairly good structure. "C" papers (or lower) often respond more dramatically to revision, since the major changes they require are often more straightforward. I recommend revising "C" papers or lower only. If you plan to revise a "B" paper, please see me beforehand so we can discuss a revision strategy.

All revisions must be turned in by July 10th.

Plagiarism: The GMU Honor code is available online. I will report suspected cases of plagiarism to the Honor Committee.



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