Dr. Dean Taciuch
George Mason University

Fall 2007

English / NCLC 343:001
Course Schedule

Week 1 (Aug 28-30):
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HTML and webpages
Walter Benjamin "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1936)
Cory Doctorow, "PrintCrime" (http://www.craphound.com/overclocked/download/)
Vannevar Bush "As We May Think" (1945)

Week 2 (Sept 4-6):
HT3.0 chapter 1
Cory Doctorow "You Do Like Reading Off a Computer Screen"
Stuart Moulthrop "Hegirascope"

Week 3 (Sept 11-13):
HT 3.0 chapters 2 & 3
The Victorian Web

Week 4 (Sept 18-20):

Deena Larsen "Firefly" & "Stained Word Window"
Augmented Text (Hypertext Annotation)

Week 5 (Sept 25-27):
HT 3.0 chapter 4
Stephanie Strickland "Vniverse"

Week 6 (Oct 2-4):
HT 3.0 chapter 5
Critique 1

Week 7 (Oct 11): Columbus Day Recess (Monday classes meet Tuesday;
Tuesday classes do not meet).
From Cyberartsweb:

Week 8 (Oct 16-18):

HT 3.0 chapter chapter 6 (pages 215-229, 245-271)
Caitlin Fisher "These Waves of Girls"
Colossal Cave (Adventure)
Emily Short Interactive Fictions

Week 9 (Oct 23-25):
HT 3.0 chapter 7, pages 309-320)
Critique 2

Week 10 (OCT 30-Nov 1):

HT 3.0, chapter 8
Cory Doctorow, "Microsoft Research DRM Talk" (in particular part 4, "DRM systems are bad for artists")

Week 11 (Nov 6-8):

Roy Rosenzweig, "Can History be Open-Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past"
Begin Wikipedia Assignment

Week 12 (Nov 13-15):

Michael Gorman Britannica Blog articles
Scott McLemee "Mass Culture 2.0" (Inside Higher Ed. 2007)
A response to Michael Gorman's anti-web articles

Wikipedia assignment

Week 13 (Nov 20):

Begin Final Projects
Thanksgiving Break

Week 14 (Nov 27-29):
Stuart Moulthrop "After the Last Generation: Rethinking Scholarship in the Days of Serious Play" (pdf)
Workshop final projects

Week 15 (Dec 4-6):








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