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Virginia's Changing Communities

Virginia's Changing Communities (VCC) is a muliti-year study of immigrant experiences and attitudes and responses regaring immigrant settlement in several Northern Virginia communities. 

In January 2011, I began an two-year documentary project with the Columbia Pike Oral History Initiative (CPOI).  The CPOI is a collaborative effort with re local historians. I will be training students in ethnographic documentation techniques and toegether we will be completing an extensive cultural survey of the Columbia Pike's diverse neighborhoods, religious communtiies, civic associations, and business owners. 

The cultural survey will include an extensive oral history projetct.  We will be interviewing Columbia Pike residents ranging from the long-term to the very recent, and will be archiving our work at the Virginia Room of the Arlington County Public Library and the Northern Virginia Folklife Archive at GMU.

We will be presenting preliminary findings to the community on June 24, 2011 at the Arlington Campus of GMU (location and time TBA).