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Dr Dave's latest and greatest book  Searching for God in the Sixties is now available.

If you have not yet read Sin Boldly!, get thee to the bookstore

For those who have read Sin Boldly but still want more writing
help, check out the links on the Sin Boldly webpage.

·For those with greater curiosity, Wilderness Lost: The Religious Origins of the American Mind is also in the bookstore.

·Dr Dave's published or presented articles include
  "The American Meaning of Charlie Manson"

-"From the Matrix to the Awakening: Why Bubba hates the French

-  "Emily Dickinson in the Wilderness of the Mind" -

- "The American Meaning of Charlie Manson"
- "Bob Dylan and Emily Dickinson: Poets of the Broken Heart";
- "Thelma and Louise in the Wilderness -or- Butch Cassidy and Jonathan Edwards in Drag";
- "John Winthrop and the Origins of American Multiculturalism."
- "Clinton, Monica, the Reformation, and Post-Modernism" Washington Post article 1999

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