Authors: David A. Kravitz, Brian L. Cutler and Petra Brock

Title: Reliability and validity of the original and revised Legal Attitudes Questionnaire.

Source: Law and Human Behavior, 17, 661-677. 1993.

The Legal Attitudes Questionnaire (LAQ) predicts juror bias, but there is little evidence concerning its reliability and construct validity. Two studies provide such evidence for two versions of the LAQ. In Study 1 a questionnaire containing both versions of the LAQ, measures of related and unrelated constructs, and demographic questions was completed by 249 undergraduates. In Study 2, a shortened questionnaire was completed by 102 jury-eligible adults. In both studies, the revised version of the LAQ was superior to the original LAQ in terms of missing data, internal reliability, and construct validity. A refined version of the revised scale is presented, evaluated, and recommended for future use.

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