Authors: David A. Kravitz and Stephen L. Klineberg

Title: Predicting affirmative action attitudes: Interactions of the effects of individual differences with the strength of the affirmative action plan

Source: In N. DiTomaso & C. Post (Eds.), Research in the sociology of work, Volume 14: Workforce diversity. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science. 2004.

Affirmative action and diversity management are complementary efforts to achieve an inclusive workforce, so research on attitudes toward affirmative action can contribute to an understanding of reactions to diversity programs. Using data from two studies, we assess the extent to which the strength of the affirmative action plan (AAP) influences the relationship between attitudes and individual difference predictors. The relation of attitudes with the respondentsí race and perceived self-interest increased monotonically with AAP strength, whereas measures of racial prejudice and political orientation best predicted attitudes toward AAPs of intermediate strength. We explore the implications of these findings for the theory and practice of diversity management.

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