Authors: Boris Jukic, David A. Kravitz, Nenad Jukic, Amanuel Tekleab, Laurie Meamber & Anthony Dashnaw

Title: Multilevel Information Presentation Strategy and Customer Reaction: An Empirical Investigation in an Online Setting

Source: Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce Volume 19, Issue 3, 2009

This study investigates the use of polyinstantiated information in management of customer relationships. Polyinstantiation can be used to present different information to different customers who are segmented according to some criterion, such as prior purchase behavior. An empirical study shows that presentation of multilevel benefits information affects customer satisfaction with the offer and information quality which, in turn, affect the overall Web satisfaction. This effect is independent of and comparable in size to the effect of customer prior attitude toward the Web and the Internet. Although the present study employs a Web-based retail setting, the relationships between this information presentation approach and measures of user/consumer satisfaction need not be limited to retail scenarios or to online interactions. We discuss the applicability of this technique of information control to different types of interactions between organizations and their constituents.

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