Authors: Kravitz, D. A., Bludau, T., & Klineberg, S. L.

Title: The impact of anticipated consequences, respondent group, and strength of affirmative action plan on affirmative action attitudes

Source: Group Organization ManagementAugust 2008 vol. 33 no. 4 361-391

Two experiments found that affirmative action attitudes varied with the respondent's racioethnic group, strength of affirmative action plan (AAP), anticipated consequences of the AAP, and interactions of racioethnic group with the other variables. AAP strength had a monotonic negative effect on attitudes for some groups, but an inverse-U effect for others. Attitudes were most strongly associated with the anticipated impact of the AAP on company performance; they were also related to the expected effects on collective self-interest, target group representation, and target group stigmatization. The positive relation between the anticipated impact on company performance and support for the AAP was stronger among Whites than U.S.-born Hispanics; the negative relation between anticipated stigmatization and AAP support was stronger among Whites than African-Americans. The effect of AAP strength on attitudes was partially mediated by the anticipated consequences among Whites and African-Americans, but not among Hispanics and Asians.
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