David Kaufmann

English Department

George Mason University

Fairfax VA 22030-4444




1976-80 Princeton University, Comparative LiteratureA.B., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.

1983-89 Yale University, Comparative Literature, M.Phil., 1986; Ph.D. 1989.


Professional Experience

1989-  English Department, George Mason University; Associate Professor, 1995.

1999-2006 Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies Department, George Mason University. 




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Work Accepted or In Press

“’Angels Visit the Scene of Disgrace’:  Melancholy and Trauma from Sebald to Benjamin and Back”  forthcoming in Cultural Critique.


Work under Consideration

Telling Stories: Philip Guston and the New York Artworld at Modernism’s End  (book-length manuscript).



“Thinking Past the Nazis,” review of Berlin Childhood Around 1900 by Walter Benjamin, Forward, August 4, 2006.


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“Whither Utopia,” review of Picture Imperfect:  Utopian Thought  For an Anti-Utopian Age by Russell Jacoby, Forward, September 23, 2005.


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Lectures and Papers


“Perversity and Sublime Materialism: Jewish Cultural Studies and Religion,” “Jewish Cultural Studies and Religion?” Panel sponsored by the Discussion Group on Jewish Cultural Studies, MLA Annual Convention, December.



“Starting Over: The Case of Philip Guston,” IAPL Annual Meeting, May.



“Can Adorno Survive Bourdieu? (Can We Survive Adorno?),"  MLA Annual Convention, December.



“Bundists without the Bund, Zionists without the Land: Some Suggestions for Jewish Cultural Studies,” Jewish Cultural Studies Discussion Group Meeting, MLA Annual Convention, December.


“Recognizing Archie Rand” IAPL Annual Meeting, May.



“Mystical Materialists with a Dialectical Bent: Kabbala vs Hegel (and Kant),”  MLA Annual Convention, December.


“Two Cheers for Abstraction: Rivers of Sound in Prometheus Unbound, ” North American Society for the  Study of Romanticism Annual Convention, November.


Moderator, “Politics after Marx,” IAPL  Annual Meeting, May.



After the Last Augustan: Cowper’s Task as Counter-Depressant,” “Post-Modernist Jacobins,” MLA Annual Convention, December.


“The Case of Cowper,” ASECS Annual Convention, April.



"Scott Poses the Jewish Question,” MLA Divisional Panel on Romanticism and Anti-Semitism, MLA Annual Convention, December.



“Burke and Paine Meet Frankenstein, ” Commonwealth Center for Literary and Cultural Change, University of Virginia, March.



“Thanks for the Memory,” MLA Special Session on Ernst Bloch, MLA Annual Convention, December.


“Good Investments/Done Deals: Response,” MLA Special Session entitled “Harrowing the Fixities: Post-Lyricism in Contemporary American Poetry,” MLA Convention, December.



“The Political Economics of Regionalism,”  MLA Annual Convention, December.


“The Sense of Sensibility,” North American Jane Austen Society Annual Convention, October.



“Marketing Alienation,” (also Chair),  “The Politics of Parataxis,” MLA Annual Convention, December.



Chair and Moderator, “Rereading Sentimentalism,” MLA Annual Convention, December.


“The Sentimental Novel Creates a Useable Past: Disraeli’s Sybil ,” Northeast MLA Convention, March.



“Subjectivity and the Historical Novel: Absalom, Absalom ! at the End,” ” New Perspectives on the Historical Novel,” MLA Annual Convention, December.