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Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps
Daniel B. Carr, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia,

USA; Linda Williams Pickle, StatNet Consulting, LLC., Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Interdisciplinary Statistics


This web site provides a common starting point for accessing Micromaps Resources and News. 


The links below provide access to separate pages for Linked, Conditioned and Comparative Micromaps.

The resources include the software, boundary files, and data files to produce most of the micromap

examples in the book. 


Most of the new Linked Micromap examples are currently available.  

All of the Conditioned and Comparative Micromap are available.


The Conditioned Micromaps resources include a growing list of

Contributed CCmaps examples not in the book.

Contributions are welcome.  Contact dcarr@gmu.edu


Linked Micromaps R functions and scripts.

Conditioned Micromaps CCmaps (Java) is included.

Comparative Micromaps  R functions and scripts.


 The National Cancer Institute provides Linked Micromap software via

 http://gis.cancer.gov/tools/micromaps/.   This Java software is pretty

easy to use for creating new examples.  It will import shape files for

boundaries and comma delimited files for data.   In contrast, the R functions

and scripts above require some knowledge of R and additional work when

new boundary files are involved.   A package is planned that will simplify

production using R. 


Over time this web site will contain pointers from more tools for

producing micromaps.  Ideally this will include commercial software

as well as free software.