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You Can't Say That!  The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Antidiscrimination Laws by David E. Bernstein

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Washington Times:

Law and Politics Book Review:

Engage (PDF p. 154):



Economic Affairs

Freeman: Ideas on Liberty (NEW!)



Tufts University The Primary Source:
National Review Online: (scroll down)
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Opinion Editorials by the Author

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"Ask Our Scholars" interview:
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The 'Human Stain' on America's Campuses:

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1964 Civil Rights Act is Under Attack Today -- from Within:

Solomon Fight Reveals Free-Association Duplicity: Harvard Law Record

Codes Out--The Department of Education cuts the tape on speech restrictions

Canadian Thought Police on the March:

UnFriendly Environment:

Free Reign: California's Top Court Tells Catholic Group in Must Provide

   Contraceptive Coverage

Hostile Work Environment at "Friends?"


Excerpts from You Can't Say That!

Introduction and Chapter 1 in PDF:

Laws of Diminishing Civil Liberties, Insight Magazine,

Isn't that Fascism? No, Because We Don't Call it Fascism! Tech Central   


The ACLU, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, Front Page Magazine:
Can Antidiscrimination Laws Corrupt Religious Schools?

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