Report of the AP Committee

November 30, 2005

I'll briefly update you on the AP Committee's two current items of business.
  1. Karen Hallows completed her review of the catalog copy for the Academic Policies section of the next GMU catalog. I will meet with the Registrar next week to discuss some catalog issues. So the annual catalog review is on track and being done carefully.
  2. With regard to considering possible changes to the academic calendar, I have communicated our assessment of the situation to Vice Provost Linda Schwartzstein, and she indicated that we seem to have done a careful analysis. Next week I will meet with Registrar Susan Jones, and then Peter Pober and I will meet with Student Government representatives. I expect that we will present a narrowed down list of possibly suitable options early in the Spring semester, and request that you and others provide feedback about them. This way, a final proposal for calendar changes can be considered midway through the spring semester.