Report of the AP Committee

March 23, 2005

I have three related motions to present this afternoon, all of which may be viewed as following from some changes adopted by the Senate in recent years. It should be recalled that several years ago the Senate passed some motions to clarify the distinctions between minors, concentrations, and undergraduate certificates, and specifically, we created a policy that stipulates that each minor be satisfied with at least 8 credits which are not used to satisfy the requirements for a major or another minor. (Such credits are often referred to as "unique" credits.) Given that policy, it could possibly be that a student would be prevented in majoring in A and minoring in B, but it would still be okay, with the same set of coursework, to earn a double major in A and B, because currently there are no restrictions on how much overlap can occur in satisfying the requirements for two majors in a double major. This is the type of inconsistancy which today's motions from the AP Committee address. In addition to dealing with minors and double majors, the motions create a unique credit requirement for undergraduate certificates.