Report of the AP Committee

Feb. 16, 2005

Although we have no motions to present today, I can report on one item which we have recently completed (for which no action was needed), and the one item which we currently have to deal with (which should lead to one or more motions being made at the March meeting).
  1. We spent some time at the end of the fall semester and the beginning of this semester considering a proposal from the School of Law for a 3+3 program. Such a program would seem to require more "double dipping" of credits than GMU currently allows, which is why the proposal came to us. However, earlier this month School of Law Dean Daniel Polsby communicated to me that he and Vice Provost Linda Schwartzstein have decided to no longer pursue the establishment of a 3+3 program. This decision eliminates the need for the AP Committee to consider this item any further. But since the 3+3 proposal had been previously mentioned during a meeting of the Senate, I wanted to report to you about its status.
  2. The one item of business which we have yet to complete involves double majors and undergraduate certificates. Previously, the Senate established a policy which stipluates that the requirements of minors be satisfied with at least 8 credits which are not used to satisfy a major or another minor, and it seems reasonable for us to establish similar policies which pertain to majors and certificates. We have consulted with Registrar Susan Jones, and a number of people involved in programs which may be impacted by the new policy, and I believe that we are near completion with this item and will present some motions pertaining to it at the March meeting of the Senate. If you have any opinions regarding this matter, please contact me soon and inform me of your relevant thoughts.