Motion from the AP Committee

May 3, 2006


That a three year calendar covering the 2007-2008 through 2009-2010 academic years, prepared by the Registrar following existing academic calendar policies, be approved.


Because approved academic calendars are needed in advance for planning purposes, and there is only one year left on the three year calendar approved previously, we should approve academic calendars to cover three additional academic years.

After a large amount of discussion and consideration of possible changes to academic calendar policy, it was determined that despite a desire by some to increase the length of the reading day periods, no changes in policy should be recommended at this time. There were strong objections to each of the three proposed changes that we had been considering and it was determined that there was sufficient merit to enough of the objections that it was unwise to recommend any changes. (That is, it was concluded that for now it is better to stick with the current calendar policies than to recommend changes that there are strong objections to and may also produce unexpected undesirable consequences.)

(Note: A longer rationale of why no changes are being recommended will be presented and become part of the minutes.)