Minutes of the December 2, 2004 Meeting of the Academic Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate

Present: Esther Elstun (chair), Jean Moore (member), Clifton Sutton (member), Susan Jones (guest)
Absent: Carol Kaffenberger (member), Susan Trencher (member, on leave)

After some preliminary conversation, discussion of the agenda items began at 3:09 PM.

  1. The minutes of the October 7, 2004 and November 11, 2004 meetings were approved.
  2. Cliff gave a progress report on his work involving the possible establishment of an "open withdrawal period" for graduate students (during which graduate students can drop a limited number of classes, for any reason and without needing permission from a dean, after the drop deadline (which is about a month into the semester)). Such an open withdrawal period for graduate students would be similar to the one established last spring, and to be put into effect in Fall 2005, for undergraduate students.
  3. Since Carol was unable to attend, Esther gave a progress report on Carol's work involving an investigation of whether faculty have sufficient input regarding the approval of undergraduate interdisciplinary programs involving more than one academic unit.
  4. Since Carol was unable to attend, Esther and Susan gave a progress report on the revision of the parts of the GMU catalog pertaining to academic policies. Some of the parts that will be changed are indicated below.
  5. Jean reported on her investigation of the issue regarding the "13 hour rule" (with the issue being whether or not to get rid of the rule which restricts the number of credit hours for which undergraduate students in academic jeopardy may register for in a semester).
  6. Esther introduced a new item of business that was sent to the AP Committee; a proposal for a 3+3 program from the School of Law.
  7. Cliff reported on the issue involving double majors (which deals with the amount of overlap that should be allowed).
The meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

minutes submitted by Clifton Sutton