Minutes of the March 31, 2005 Meeting of the Academic Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate

Present: Jean Moore (member), Clifton Sutton (chair), Susan Trencher (member), Susan Jones (guest)
Absent: Esther Elstun (member, on leave), Carol Kaffenberger (member, on leave)

After some preliminary discussion involving the end of the semester lunch, discussion of the agenda items began at (approx.) 3:10 PM.

  1. Cliff announced that the previously provided initial information about the Advanced Gen Ed proposal should be ignored because the details were too sketchy. We will wait until we receive a polished version of a proposal from the Gen Ed Committee before we seriously consider this matter of Adv. Gen Ed. (Cliff added that he suspects that some in the Senate, and some on the AP, may not approve of the proposed Adv. Gen Ed option.)
  2. Cliff summarized the issues pertaining to the proposed changes in the Gen Ed history requirement that are under consideration.
  3. Susan T. expressed that she wasn't convinced that the proposed changes should occur at this time. She has heard about other proposed changes in Gen Ed, and until the restructing of CAS is figured out, she believes that some will be hesitant to approve any such changes. (Cliff remarked that these other Gen Ed changes must pertain to CAS Gen Ed, and that is not the business of the Senate.)
  4. Cliff asked Susan T. to please reconsider her opposition, and suggested that he would try to get Assoc. Provost Marilyn McKenzie to come discuss the matter with us.
  5. Susan J. urged that if the changes are made, they should go into effect at the beginning of an academic year --- anything else would create a lot of trouble.
  6. Cliff siad that he would contact M. McKenzie and Jack Censer and suggest that, if approved, the changes would go into effect at the start of the Fall 2006 semester.
The meeting adjourned at (approx.) 4:15 PM.

minutes submitted by Clifton Sutton