Academic Policies Committee

Submitted by: Clifton Sutton, Chair
Committee Members: Esther Elstun, Carol Kaffenberger, Jean Moore, Susan Trencher

The Academic Policies Committee met regularly (eight times) during the academic year 2004-2005 and completed the items of business indicated below.
  1. We reviewed catalog copy relevant to academic policies.
  2. We were asked to consider whether or not faculty have an appropriately strong role in the approval process for multi-unit sponsored undergraduate degree programs. It was decided that no action need be taken at the current time.
  3. The Office of the Provost requested that we review, and possibly propose a suspension of, the current rule that limits students on academic probation to a maximum of thirteen credit hours per semester. After consideration, it we determined that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that a change in policy is warranted.
  4. We followed up on the extended withdrawal period approved for undergraduates by the Senate last spring, giving consideration to whether or not such a policy should be established for graduate students. We accepted the advice of the Graduate Council that no change in the withdrawal policy for graduate students should be made.
  5. We began a review of a proposal from the School of Law for a "three plus three" program, but the proposal was withdrawn before any action was taken or recommended.
  6. We considered unique credit requirements concerning double majors, minors, and undergraduate certificates. Three motions were passed by the Senate to establish new restrictions.
  7. We considered proposed changes in the history requirements for university-level general education. [Motions to be presented at the Senate meeting of May 4, 2005.]
The Committee currently has several additional items, which are indicated below, that it expects to consider during academic year 2005-2006.
  1. We've been asked to consider a review of quality concerns (of academic programs and faculty) associated with the UAE campus. (Item AP2005-1)
  2. We've been asked to consider the development of a University Curriculum Committee. (Item AP2005-2)
  3. We've been asked to consider several suggested changes to the academic calendar. (Item AP2005-3)
Some of these items came to us rather late during the spring semester, and other items are such that they may be better dealt with during the 2005-2006 academic year after more information becomes available or relevant deadlines become nearer.