Days on the
Family Farm

From the Golden Age through
the Great Depression

By Carrie A. Meyer
U of MN Press, 2007


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From cryptic entries such as these below, Days on the Family Farm was crafted. Check here for periodic updates or follow along at MayDavisDiary on Twitter.

July 1919

7-1-1919 Elmo cut 4A clover & timothy by school & finish cultivating corn N of house 4th time.  Went to C Pickens at eve. Walter here in AM to do odd jobs.  Clear, warm.  92o in PM.

7-2-1919 Clear, very warm.  S breeze.  Adams & Reid paint granary.  Elmo go CV in AM & eve.  Axel here all day, cultivate & hoe potatoes in early AM.  Then he & Elmo sow grass seed in corn.  In PM, fix wagon tract, etc & get up 2 loads from school. Walter here ½ day to drive on hay fork, etc.  Elmo take wash to Frigast at eve.

7-3-1919 Walter & Axel here all day.  Get up rest of hay by school & a little on road, 4 loads.  Very warm, tho wind blow from S.  We find a few raspberries these days & I have a few cherries.  Now have 86 water glass eggs.  Write to Kate.  Elmo go CV at eve and get Sexton groceries from depot.

7-4-1919 Very warm.  Begin to cloud up in PM and a light shower lay dust about 3PM.  Then we start for CV & find roads get muddy, so turn on State road to R.  Home by G Pepper’s.  Stop a few min at Mat Ralston’s.  Rain hard at eve.  Fred D drive in and stay all night.  About 12:30 in night, get out & help out Starr’s whose auto stop on way from R.

7-5-1919 Last night rain hard.  Elmo out about 12:30 to help Starr’s home, as they were stalled near school bridge.  Rain more early AM.  About 11:30 we all go R in Ford.  I go to Fitch’s.  Elmo sow turnip seed.  Cool riding, clear up in PM.  Telephone out again.  Roads real muddy.

7-6-1919 (Sunday) Nice day. We all go for ride to Belvidere in PM.  Rough roads. Call at Frank Davis’s and Starr’s. 

7-7-1919 Nice day.  Walter all day & Joe here most of PM.  Elmo go to CV early to help Mitchel B & CK drive cattle to CV as we put in a cow.  Then go to see Axel but he can’t come for have ulcerated tooth.  Elmo & Walter get up 2 loads hay (after cutting some) and Joe come and then they get up 3 loads.  Annetta drive up in auto after Joe.

7-8-1919 Walter & Elmo get up 5 loads hay.  Cut some & rake.  Freida here & Elmo, Mable & I take her home after supper.  Get cloudy in middle of day & thunder, but clear all up.  Can 2 qts beets.

7-9-1919 4 loads hay up today.  Axel come, rain enough to stop work by 2:30, then hay rope break & they mend & unload last in rain.  Axel go home about 5PM.  Walter before supper.  Elmo go CV at eve.

7-10-1919 Walter mow law, etc & Elmo cut grass in AM.  Axel come at 12.  Get up 1 load hay before dinner.  Clarence bring wash at noon.  J Kleckner & father here in PM.  Finish piece by creek & get up some from pasture.  3 loads in PM.  Cool breeze.

7-11-1919 4 loads hay.  Finish up piece at “20”.  Much of it lodged & spoiled.  Cut some back of barn.  Stack a load by barn to feed out.  Elmo & Mable go CV at eve.  Kleckner’s & their relations here at eve.  Cloudy low [stet] at eve.  Real cool in morning.  Letter from Kate.  Axel & Walter both here.

7-12-1919 Very cloudy in morning, but clear before 9:30AM.  Magazine agent here.  Much warmer.  Walter & Axel both here.  Get up 5 loads hay.  Horse barn full.  Letter from May P. 

7-13-1919 (Sunday) Very warm.  Elmo take Mr McLarty to R & CV in AM, as his car not go.   Go CV for ice cream for supper.  Starr’s children & Tafts drive in at eve.   Fred Davis here at eve.

7-14-1919 Almost enough raspberries for 2 suppers.  Very warm & enough rain to lay dust last night.  Mable out early.  Axel here all day & Walter in PM.  Cut hay, cultivate potatoes.  Get out binder, then rain hard, shower after shower in PM.  Men do odd jobs.  Mrs McL & children here in PM.

7-15-1919 Light shower last night.  Nice day, cooler.  N breeze.  Elmo & mama go R in Ford with small grist in AM.  Walter come at noon, Elmo get him started ted hay & then he & mama go to Mrs A Marsh’s funeral.  Then he & Walter get up 2 loads hay.  Sent letters to Puss & May W.  Big jar of water glass full – 10 doz eggs.

7-16-1919 Axel & Walter here.  Men get up 2 loads hay in AM.  Then start cutting barley.  Binder bother most of PM.  Boys set up.  Mr & Mrs Carpenter & Mrs Putnam call in PM & Mrs Molander with Kenneth here at eve while girls & Edwin go on errand.  Mama & Elmo take wash to Frigast.  Stop at Starr’s & Elmo and 3 kids go CV. Willis Seele have Scarlet fever. Fine day. Raspberries enough for shortcake.

7-17-1919 Warmer.  Clear & still.  Axel & Walter here.  Elmo go R in morn for binder repairs.  Boys set up.  Take till nearly 12 to get repairs on.  Oats down very badly, all have to be cut one way. Letter from Miss Froom.

7-18-1919 Warm & clear.  Walter here & he run binder nearly all PM, so Elmo shock.  Mr & Mrs Frigast here at noon.  Florence, Elsie & Lee here in PM.  Mama come up with Walter in morning.

7-19-1919 Pick last raspberries, only few.  Very war, E breeze.  Axel here.  Cut & shock oats.  Axel run machine part of time.  Last radishes.  Elmo & Mable to R at night.  Mable stay. 

7-20-1919 (Sunday) Elmo & I take mama to Roscoe & then ride thru Rockton (see Chas, Geo & Kate G) Harrison, Shirland, up into Wisc, back to Durand where we see Uncle Henry, Aunt Mary & Aunt Mindy.  Then to Aunt Alice’s where we find mama & have supper.  Home about 8.  Mable here first.  Very warm.  Fred D here at eve. 

7-21-1919 Axel here & men cut & shock oats. Elmo shock at eve.  EMB & family here at eve.

7-22-1919 Finish oats in PM & start wheat, binder break & Elmo have to take apart & take to R.  On account of Chicago strike can’t get all repairs at once.  Axel here.  Elmo go to thresher meeting at eve at Reid’s.  Mable go to R to party with her father.  Russell up in AM to help me.   Letter to Kate.

7-23-1919 Very windy & warm, SW.  Elmo & Axel put as much of binder together as they have & then about 10 get to setting up.  Mr & Mrs Frigast & Clarence here in AM.  Mr F very miserable, they bring wash.  Elmo take wash there at eve & go CV.  Letter from Puss.

7-24-1919 Elmo get McLarty binder & go to school to cut barley & wheat.  Russell & Stanley up in AM to do jobs.  Mable get about pt blackberries.  Put away 2 glasses jelly from Duchess apples. Make 3 more today.  Axel here.  Very warm.  Mama call at McLarty’s after supper.  Mrs McL brother here from overseas.  Fred D come up to stay all night and help tomorrow. 

7-25-1919 Cooler & partly cloudy.  Freida here.  Axel, also Walter [Lyford] here. Fred D help shock.  Elmo cut grain by school & take McLarty binder home & he & I go R about noon for binder repairs.  Then finish grain & cut most of timothy.  Walter take Freida home in PM.  Very warm & windy.  Martha’s letter came. 

7-26-1919 Walter here.  He & Elmo put away machinery, finish timothy.  Put grist in Ford & Elmo, mama & Mable go R.  Mama stay.  Walter mow part of lown, do odd jobs in PM.  Mary J & Floyd bring Mrs Sulley, Irene & her son to call.  Hot & windy.  Last eggs in waterglass – 140. 

7-27-1919 (Sunday) Very warm & windy.  We go for little ride in PM & call at Howard’s.  Thunder & lighten & look like showers at eve.  No rain.  Sherm & Matie & Frank & Mamie call & hurry home, fear rain.

7-28-1919 Walter here.  Help indoors & out.  Elmo cut weeds, etc.  Very hot.  We make 8 glasses apple marmalade, dress rooster, can qt blackberries.  Have just about a pail full of old potatoes left.

7-29-1919 Elmo & Axel draw 21 loads manure.  Elmo do odd jobs.  Can 2 qts beets.  Chas & Marie Rhodes call in PM.  Make 2 green apple pies.  We go for Beulah at eve & stop at Mat’s & ChasK.  Very warm.

7-30-1919 Warm. Begin to look showery before supper.  Rain, thunder before dark a little.  Axel & Walter here.  Elmo go R for mama & groceries early, stop at shed & help get our machine.  Men get machine here & set before dinner.  Thresh barley & most of wheat.  Barley over 21 bu.  Beulah clean cellar, etc.  3 extra men for dinner. New potatoes for dinner, pretty good size.  Can 1 qt bl.berries.

7-31-1919  Light showers thruout night.  Heavy showers in AM.  Very warm, when sun comes out at times in PM. Elmo to R with grist in PM.  Do odd jobs at AM.  Beulah wash.  Elmo take her home after supper.  Frank Reid & C Kleckner work on engine in PM.  Letters to Uncle Aleck & Kate.



June 1919

6-1-1919 (Sunday) Nice day. Warm.  Elmo take Annie home in morn.  Chas Kleckner here in AM.  Elmo go to CV in late PM for ice cream, then Starr & Maggie with Annetta, Russell, Emily & Stanley call.  We sit up late to read “Rise of Roscoe Rains”

6-2-1919 Rain, thunder & lightning about 5AM.  Very warm  About 7:30 heavier rain.  Then mama, Elmo & I go R in Ford.  I to dentist’s.  EMB here as soon as we get home to insure Mama’s buildings.  He & Elmo go “over home.” Elmo do odd jobs.  Walter do chores & start mowing lawn.

6-3-1919 Telephone completely out.  A little cooler.  Foggy morning sun out part of day.  Elmo put away machinery (ChasK here & help).  Get oil from F Reid’s, take 2 row cultivator shovels to CV, also grist in Ford.  Shoe Colonel and then cultivate till late. Walter finish lawn, clean out stove, etc.  Letters from Cousin Lucy & Miss Pulver.

6-4-1919 Cloudy, S wind, rain hard about 9:30AM.  Showers off & on till about 1 PM.  Elmo go at 6AM to help ChasK draw off pigs.  Home about 1:30 & take us to Edith’s “shower.”  Walter here.  Sprouted potatoes & other jobs.  Bate’s boy bring up cow.  Elmo split wood in PM.  Hear Earl McLarty bought Ed Pepper’s farm. Letter from Mary Weaver.

6-5-1919 Freida here.  Letters to Kate & May P.  Elmo mend fence at “20” in AM & cultivate in PM.  Take Freida home at eve & then go CV for grist & cultivator shovels.

6-6-1919 Elmo fix shovels on 2-row  & start for field, break cultivator & while fixing it, begin to rain.  Keep it up all AM.  Sunshine part of PM.  Elmo do odd jobs & about 4 he & ChasK go to CV to get car to ship cattle. Then he & I go for washing.  Ford go despite mud.  Get 3 qts pieplant Mrs Frigast canned for me.

6-7-1919 Cloudy.  Look much like rain.  Elmo take mama to R in AM.  Cultivate in PM.

6-8-1919 (Sunday) Elmo take Saidie home in morning.  We ride to Genoa, Marengo, Garden Prairie, Bel.  Stop at Asa’s & Starr’s.  Walter come at eve & stay all night.  Fred Davis come at eve.  Saidie also.  Cool, some cloudy.  Letter from Puss.

6-9-1919 Warmer, nice day.  Walter here most of day.  Elmo and CK take cattle to CV at 6AM.  Then E cultivate.  At 6PM Elmo & Chas to CV to load cattle. 7 little pigs.  Mow ost of lawn. 

6-10-1919 Little shower last night.  Partly cloudy, real warm.  Good breeze.  Walter here, finish mow lawn, carry ashes from cellar, etc.  Elmo cultivate.  Elmo, Saidie & I go to R for mama at eve.  Big day for soldiers in R. Edith Molander call in PM.  Put 4 eggs in water glass.

6-11-1919 Saidie go home at noon.  Elmo cultivate corn.  Showers in PM, but he not stop.  Just well lay dust.  Go CV at eve. 8th grade commencement at eve.  Annetta graduate.

6-12-1919 91o at 6:30PM.  Very warm.  S breeze.  Freida here.  Elmo begin 2nd time over corn in late AM.  Lawyer here to see Mama about her sister-in-law’s pension.  Put 8 eggs in waterglass.  Telephone fixed this AM.  Elmo go to see Holmnes boy & take wash at eve.  Swiss chard for dinner.

6-13-1919 Walter here most of day to help indoors & out.  Elmo cultivate.  We all go to CV at eve.  Stop at Swanson’s, Fred’s, and see Dr. West.  Many bumps in road.  Letter to Uncle Aleck & from Kate.  Lighten & thunder at eve.  Very warm.  Mrs McLarty & children here in PM.

6-14-1919 Elmo cultivate.  Go R at eve.  Thunder quite often in PM, but only rain trifle.  Bomb exploded in Barne’s factory at eve.  Very warm.  Tafts stop a min at eve.

6-15-1919 (Sunday) Very warm.  Thunder in PM.  Sprinkle.  Fix back screen door.  Maggie & 5 children here in late PM.  Whittles with friends & Kleckners call at eve.

6-16-1919 Very warm.  Elmo try drag corn on 10A, but too big, then cultivate N of house.  Rain hard after dinner so he go to 14th Ave in Ford in PM.  Grocery men here & Elmo give order.  Walter & Emily come up in truck in AM.  Hoe peas & beans.

6-17-1919 Green few of potatoes, lots of bugs.  Warm.  Elmo hoe, etc in corn in AM till 11.  Then paint part of porch screen.  We all go R in PM.  Home about 4.  Rain quite hard here while we gone, tho it not muddy at all til we nearly home, just like yesterday. 

6-18-1919 Walter mow lawn.  Elmo cultivate N of house.  Finish 2nd time on that piece.  Take Buick to CV at noon & Walter take Ford down & bring him home, then get berries at W Dorn’s & leave yarn at McF’s.  Annetta bring up pan of berries.  Put more green on potatoes.

6-19-1919 Freida here.  Elmo take her home at eve, had 2 showers late PM.  Roads muddy.  Elmo get 2 loads gravel from Beaver.  Axel Holmnes cultivate drilled corn till rain stop him 5:15 PM.  Lillian leave pansies.  Extremely warm.

6-20-1919 More breeze today, but real warm.  Early cherries at McL spoiling on tree.  Axel cultivate.  Elmo take oats to CV and get Dan shod and bring load of gravel from Larson’s.  Fred here for engine in PM.  Elmo go for another load gravel late PM to Beaver.  Take wash. Letter from Puss.

6-21-1919 Elmo go R at eve.  Heard Bert Shaw’s 3 horses killed by lightening and his leg broken last Thurs PM. Axel cultivate, begin 3rd time.  Elmo draw 2 loads gravel from beaver.  Mr & Mrs Frigast call in AM.  Mama at McL in AM.  Some cooler.  Plant 2nd peas.  Walter here. 

6-22-1919 (Sunday) Cloudy.  Sun out very little.  Some cooler.  Starr & 4 boys up in AM.  Elmo gone with Ford in AM.  Russell, Stanley & a boy in with pony in PM as thill broke.  Mr McLarty over in AM with card from Fed Agent.  We go to CV in late PM.  Mama see Dr West. 

6-23-1919 1st peas for dinner.  Russell & Stanley do chores for me, go to Dorn’s for berries, etc.  Axel cultivate N of house.  Elmo take Mr McLarty to R on their way to Freeport. Home for supper.  He go to CV for Buick at eve. (Stop for Walter on way) but it not ready.  Telephone out of order again. 

6-24-1919 Thunder showers about 2 last night & at 6 this AM.  Roads rather muddy.  Elmo cut weed’s & about 10 we all go R in Ford.  Sun out very little, but hot.  When cloudy, quite cool.  Elmo go CV with oats in PM.  Mrs Averill Marsh taken to hospital. Heavy shower in PM. 

6-25-1919 Letter to Puss & May P.  Axel cultivate potatoes & sweetcorn & green potatoes some.  Then cultivate corn.  Elmo hoe potatoes, cut weeds, etc.  Get gravel in PM.  He go for Buick in eve.  Joe & Walter drive Ford home to Starr’s & Walter drive alone up here & stay all night. Real warm.  Look showery much of day. 

6-26-1919 Elmo & I go R.  I to Dr Ells.  Home about 11, then Elmo go to CV for groceries from Sexton & C’s, but can’t get them from depot.  Walter mow law & do odd jobs.  Axel cultivate.  Elmo get gravel in PM.  Then cultivate & then finish 3rd time.  Elmo go CV for groceries at eve.  Can’t get them.  Mr Garrett go with him.  Very warm.  Thunder at eve & wind blow up cooler.

6-27-1919 58o at 7AM.  N wind real cool, cloudy.  Sun finally out late PM.  Shine but trifle thru day.  Freida here.  Elmo get 2 loads gravel & then cultivate.  Mama call at McLarty’s.  Elmo take Freida home at eve.

6-28-1919 Still cool, clear.  Elmo & I go R in AM.  I get 2 crowns on at dentist’s.  Elmo cultivate in PM.  Go R again at eve.  Letter from Martha & package to mama.

6-29-1919 (Sunday) Nice day, warmer.  Starr, Stanley, Russell, & Franklin call in PM.  Then Florence, Ed & Lee here.  Then we take mama to R & go riding S & W of R, thru Alworth, Seward, & Pecatonica.

6-30-1919 Warmer.  Clear.  Elmo cultivate corn.  Go CV at eve.  Mitchel B & family call at eve.  Letter from Cousin Hattie.  Could have no special celebration for mama’s birthday, as no help.  Gave her her gifts at breakfast & had melons & a cake.


May 1919

5-1-1919 42o above at 10AM.  Cloudy, rain off and on.  NW wind.  Rendering man come for cow in AM.  Elmo do odd jobs.  In PM, he get McLarty’s sheller & shell seed-corn, then he & I go & finish creek pasture fence.  Sun out a few minutes in PM.

5-2-1919 60o at 2PM.  Elmo go R in AM in Ford.  Home before 2PM & draw out 5 loads fertilizer after putting new batteries in Buick. Sunny.  Letters from Carrie, May P, and Kate.

5-3-1919 Rain much of day.  Elmo do odd jobs.  Put colts in pasture.

5-4-1919 (Sunday) Very heavy thunder showers last night, still raining when we get up & look showery thru day.  Cooler at night, wind N.  Mr Brown & Starr come up with word of Carrie’s death, as our phone put out by lightening.  Elmo & I go to Fred’s, Frank Davis’ and stop at Seeley’s to phone in PM.  Starr stay with Mama.  Russell stay all night.

5-5-1919 Cool, cloudy, NE wind.  Elmo take oats to R.  Mrs McLarty & 3 children call in PM.

5-6-1919 Light dashes of rain in AM, but sun out most of PM.  Thunder shower at eve. Elmo work over Buick most of AM.  We all go to funeral in PM.  Elmo get washing at eve before rain.

5-7-1919 Letter to May P.  Hilda here.  Mama go to Red Cross at McFarland’s in PM with Maggie J.  Mrs Molander & Hazel stop in on way home.  Also Kenneth.  63o about 3 PM.  Nice day.  Elmo go R with pigs for CK, then get out 2 loads fertilizer.

5-8-1919 42o at 7AM.  44o at noon. E & NE breeze.  Cloudy much of day.  Elmo get out 12 loads fertilizer.  Put young cattle in pasture.  Help John Ralston out of mud by “20”, also truck by ¼ line.  Russell doing chores this week.  Letter to Kate.  Annie M bring violets.

5-9-1919 36o at 7AM.  White frost.  8th grade begin exam at school this PM.  Emily & Russell here for dinner (school closed at noon) Emily go to McL till Annetta come & Russell stay to do chores & plant beans & onion sets.  Telephone man here.  Warmer in PM.  Clear some. Elmo draw 6 loads fertilizer in AM & pulverize in PM. Fred Davis here at eve.

5-10-1919 Elmo draw [blank] loads fertilizer in AM, pulverize in PM till 5:15, then drag potatoes.  Warmer & clear.  N breeze.  Mr Shimmin & Mr Vogt here in AM for centenary [stet] subscriptions.  Mama call at McL in AM.  8th grade finish exam at Court House.  Annetta, Saidie, Alice, & Dorothy.

5-11-1919 (Sunday) Frost last night.  Nice day.  Mama not feel well so we go to see Dr Carlsen in PM.  Stop at Molanders on way home.  Fred here while we gone, then again at eve.

5-12-1919 Elmo drag, plant & pulverize corn.  Annie Molander come to help after school.  Nice day.

5-13-1919 Elmo pulverize, drag & plant.  Go to Bate’s for milk cans at eve.  I sit in auto all PM.  Hazel & Helen call after school.  Russell & Franklin clean up backyard.  Look some like showers in AM, but nice day.

5-14-1919 Elmo pulverize, drag & plant.  Go CV at eve, take Fred Davis.  Annie go home while he gone, Franklin ride to corner.  He mow lawn.  Look showery thru day, few drops water in PM.  Thunder.  Then W wind blow clouds over.  Have bon-fire after school.

5-15-1919 Franklin finish lawn. Showers in late PM.  Elmo pulverize, drag & plant, have to leave field on acc’t of rain for about an hour, then go out & plant.  Annie go home & plant garden after school.  Mr Nichols [mailman] died this morning at St Anthony.  Mable F had a bad spell today.

5-16-1919 Partly cloudy, few drops of rain, windy & some cooler.  Elmo go to neighbors in morn to see about flowers for funeral.  Then pulverize, drag & plant.  Hilda Rutz work here & Elmo take her home at eve.  Annie Molander come after school.  Fred Davis here at eve. 

5-17-1919 Annie stay till 4PM.  Elmo drag corn in AM.  He & mama go to Mr Nichols funeral in PM & on to R.  Mama stay at Aunt Alice’s Elmo take washing to Mrs Frigast’s at eve.  Starr & children here at eve.  Nice day.

5-18-1919 (Sunday) Perfect day.  Sun very warm.  Elmo & I take Annetta & Joe to see Blackhawk statue and home thru Stillman Valley & Davis Junction.  Mama come home with us.  After supper we all take Annetta & Joe home.  Mr McLarty here in PM with card summoning Elmo to Freeport tomorrow.  Mr C Picken & boys here at eve.

5-19-1919 Cloudy, NE wind, sun out faintly a little.  Elmo drag some more corn & do most of night chores, then at about 10:30, MrMcLarty come for him & they get Mr Picken & drive to R to take car to Freeport to Wolfe trial.  Home about 6PM, having had no trial.  Hear at eve trial postponed a month, so Elmo go to tell Mr McLarty & Pickens.

5-20-1919 Elmo drag corn in AM.  Draw manure in PM.  Cool.  44o at 7AM.  Rain gently early AM.  Light showers in PM.  NE wind.  5 loads manure out on 10A next to “20.” 51o at 4PM.

5-21-1919 44o at 7AM.  Rain or mist in early AM.  NW wind.  Mr Rutz bring Freida over in morning.  Elmo draw 8 loads manure.  Take Freida home after supper.  Hear Annetta, Saidie, Dorothy & Alice pass.  Last Red Cross at Mrs Seeley’s, Mama not go.  Letter to May Weaver. Put cows in pasture.

5-22-1919 48o at 7AM.  Cloudy most of AM & part of PM, then rain gently at eve.  Elmo draw 11 loads manure on 10A and dig out a patch of Canada thistles there.  Mrs Pepper and girls call in PM & the Frigasts & Clarence here at eve with wash. 

5-23-1919 54o at 10AM.  Sun out fine in morn, but soon get cloudy & 2 light showers before dinner.  Elmo plow around 10A & then pulverize.  Look showery thru PM, but no rain.

5-24-1919 Cloudy early, but soon clear & nice warm day.  Mama call at McLarty in AM & get mail in PM.  Have lettuce for supper.  Elmo finish pulverizing & drag in AM & Mr McL drag in PM & Elmo plant.  Mr Molander kill a possum.

5-25-1919 (Sunday) A lovely day, warm. 1st time I have rode without coat.  We go to CV memorial exercises in PM.  H. Conklin & family & Mrs Hacker called just before we left.  Howard F & family came while we were gone & then again at eve.  We stop at Fred D’s on way home.  Dr Carlsen leave CV.

5-26-1919 Letter to Puss.  Another beautiful day, warm & still.  Letter from May P.  Elmo plow at “20” in AM, go R with grist in Ford after dinner, then plow. 

5-27-1919 7 more little pigs.  Elmo finish working up potato ground at twenty & drag corn.  Nice, warm day.  Getting real dry.  Franklin mow most of lawn.  Elmo plow garden N of house. 

5-28-1919  Elmo drag corn & finish planting potatoes, use Geo Brown’s planter.  Grocery agent here at noon.  Then Elmo go to see ChasK about potato digger.  Fine warm day.  Mama call at McLarty’s in PM.  4 more pigs.  Had 1st radishes.  Have had lettuce several days, “self sown.” Franklin finish lawn.

5-29-1919  A lovely warm day.  I wear a summer dress & no wrap.  Mama spend day at Starr’s while Elmo work in Davis Cemetery, & I stay at Frank D’s till after dinner, then go to CV for groceries.  School closed today on account of Scarlet fever at Brown’s, Greenlees, & Shaws.

5-30-1919 Real warm.  Clear 91o in PM.  Look showery towards eve, but only thunder & lighten.  Elmo cultivate potatoes & outside corn rows (corn too small to cultivate).  Plant sweet corn.  Take washing to Mrs F, I go.  Elmo go to CV at eve.

5-31-1919 Hot.  Look cloudy.  Edwin & Mrs Molander bring Annie up to help us today.  Elmo take oats to CV in AM & barley in PM.  Mama call on Mrs McL in PM.  Light shower lay dust in late PM.  Helen Molander here at eve.


April 1919

4-1-1919 25o above at 7AM.  Clear, still.  Ground so frozen, Elmo not go to field till PM.  Get up 3 loads chunks from “20” in AM.  Carrie & Fred here at eve. 

4-2-1919 Nice AM.  Get cloudy in PM & rain a little about 4.  Elmo finish dragging in wheat by school field.  Not sow all piece as it so wet.  Ground frozen in morn.  Ed Pepper here for oats in morn.  Mama call at McL in PM.

4-3-1919 44o above at 7AM.  Misty morn.  Sow wheat & wheat & oats mixed on field S of barn & pulverize.  Boys dig me horseradish & parsnips.  Mama to Gleaners at EMB’s with Mat Ralston’s.  Clear up late in AM.  Children home early as teacher not feeling well.

4-4-1919 Mama have headache.  Elmo pulverize after sowing some oats.  Partly cloudy & rain a trifle.

4-5-1919 Cloudy much of AM.  Rain little enough to lay dust.  Elmo sow oats & pulverize & drag.  4 Starr’s boys up with parsnips.  Elmo go to McL for our drake.  Both ducks gone & drake went over there.  Annie go home about 5:30.  Elmo & ma to R at eve in light thunder showers.  I go to Kleckners.

4-6-1919 (Sunday) Elmo & I go to Durand in Ford.  Nice day.  Very warm.  Look showery in late PM.  Annie back at eve.  Set clock ahead at night.

4-7-1919 Elmo pulverize & sow oats.  Shower in morn early, but men work in fields right after easterly winds.  Heavy shower at night, rain till 9PM about 2 hrs.  Trifle of hail in morn.  Letter from May P.

4-8-1919 Elmo clean oats for Mr Frigast & then go R with grist in Ford.  Mama come home with him.  Hilda Rutz work here as we expected paperers, they not come on acct of mud.  Elmo pulverize & sow in PM.  Letter from Kate.

4-9-1919 44o above at 9AM.  E wind, cloudy.  Rained quite a lot last night.  Elmo work in oats.  Mr & Mrs Molander & Starr & Maggie call on way home from Red Cross meeting at Lake’s.  Annetta & Emily stop from school & here to supper.  42o above just before dark.  Sent letters to Kate, Aunt Alice & Florence.

4-10-1919 Very windy from SW.  Cloudy, so cold Elmo wear fur coat to pulverize.  He not go out till 4PM.  Uses 5 horses & puts drag behind pulverizer.  Sows some in morning & then go R in Ford.  Miss Roddan & mama go to Starr’s for the night.  Elmo & Annie & I go down in eve.  Rain some in PM & eve.  Mud. 

4-11-1919 40o above at 10AM.  Joe bring mama back when he took Miss R & children to school.  Cloudy.  Letter from Aunt Agnes.  Children have already found spring beauties.  Elmo drag oats.

4-12-1919 46o above at 3PM.  Cloudy.  Letter to Aunt Agnes.  Elmo & I go T in Ford.  Elmo to meeting at Court House about cemetery.  I to Fitch’s.  Mable still in bed.  Elmo put in small patch of barley S of barn in PM.  Beulah, Dorothy & Merwin here in AM.  Annie go home in PM.

4-13-1919 (Sunday) Nice day, sunny & somewhat warmer.  Begin to cloud up in W in late PM.  Elmo go to Carrie’s, CV and gravel pit in AM.  In PM, he & I go to Howard’s, Frigast’s & Starr’s.  In eve, Elmo to Picken’s. 

4-14-1919 44o both AM & PM.  E & NE & SE wind. Raining gently before 6AM.  Rain harder much of AM & drizzle much of PM.  Elmo do odd jobs.  Rain hard in eve from E.  Thunder & lighten.  Letter from Puss.

4-15-1919 36o above at 7:30AM.  5 little pigs.  Cold E wind.  Rain off & on thru-out day.  Elmo fix cellar stairs, shell bu seedcorn, etc.  Franklin begin to do chores for me. Stay all night.  Letters to May P, Puss & Uncle Aleck.  Card to Mary W.  Mr Frigast have operation at St Anthony.  

4-16-1919 ChasK help Elmo take off pigs.  Cloudy, cold, rain some.

4-17-1919 Sun come out quite early & a nice day.  Elmo take oats to R.  Split some wood when he get home.  Mat R drive in on way hom from bring Mrs Frigast from R. 

4-18-1919 White frost, last night froze ice and ground.  Sunny & nice.  Elmo take oats to R.  When home (about 4:00) sow grass-seed.  Franklin stay all night tonight.  9 little pigs.  Mama call on Mrs McLarty.  

4-19-1919 Warmer, sunny, windy, south.  Franklin do chores & go home in AM with father when he up to McL for drag.  Elmo work in grass seed in AM & sow barley in PM.  Partly pulverize it.  Cloudy PM.  All go R in Ford at eve, ma stay down.  Roads very rough. 

4-20-1919 (Sunday) Clear, SE wind.  Sun warm.  Wind cool.  Elmo & I drive to Clinton & to Bengston’s.  Main roads good, but we find some very rough.  Call at Pickens, only.  Miss R there.

4-21-1919 Elmo finish barley & seed it to grass.  Then he take oats to Mrs Frigast & get wash.  Take Hilda home after supper & stop at Picken’s.  Hilda here all day.  Franklin do chores after school.  Nice clear, still day. 

4-22-1919 Adams & Reid paper kitchen in AM.  Beulah here.  Elmo go R to settle “Puss” case & mama come home with him in PM.  Franklin do chores.  Cloudy about ½ AM & then clear.  7 little pigs.

4-23-1919 Thundershowers early morn, then rain about ½ AM.  Elmo cut seed potatoes & do odd jobs.  Florin get last of hay bales in PM.  Windy & get cooler towards eve.  7 more pigs.  Frank do chores.

4-24-1919 Cold, windy, March-like, partly cloudy.  Elmo plow for garden & potatoes.  No he didn’t, he shelled corn & sawed wood at McL & pulled auto out of mud.  Mama go to Red Cross at Mrs Brown’s with Maggie & Stanley.

4-25-1919 46o above at 4PM.  Elmo & ma go R in AM.  Cold, windy.  In PM, Elmo fix potato ground for planting.  Franklin start mow lawn.

4-26-1919 Froze ground last night.  54o above at 6PM.  A nice day, tho sun set in cloud.  Elmo plant potatoes in garden both early & late, & put in peas, radish, lettuce, & beet seeds.  Telephone man fix telephone which has been out of order since Wed morn.

4-27-1919 (Sunday) Cloudy, chilly.  Rain about last ½ of PM.  Starr & Emily & boys up in truck in AM.  In late PM we go to Carrie’s in Ford (Elmo & Fred go to CV.)  Quite muddy when we come home.

4-28-1919 Clear & cool.  46o above at 7:30PM.  Elmo go Belv in AM.  Do odd jobs and then start to Frigasts’ with wash & find Mr Grow stuck in mud on way to fix stock pump.  Then he go to McL with ma & fix bedroom door.  Elmo take wash at eve.

4-29-1919 46o at 7AM.  Partly cloudy, windy, SE.  Begin to rain at supper-time.  Elmo draw out 10 loads fertilizer.  Franklin finish mowing lawn.  Mr Frigast come home from hospital. 

4-30-1919 Rained quite a bit last night.  Letter from Puss, letter to Puss.  Elmo work on creek pasture fence & let water out of steeryard.  Take Hilda home, she sweep, dust, bake, etc.  Elmo help CK ring pigs in morn. 

March 1919

3-1-1919 2o above at 6AM.  Partly cloudy, still.  Elmo go R in Ford.  Roads quite icy.

3-2-1919 (Sunday) Nice day overhead.  Thaw some.

3-3-1919  Letter from Puss.  Book agent here.  Beulah here to sweep, dust, scrub.  Elmo take hay to R.  Thaw more today.  Roads muddy on top.

3-4-1919 Rain early in day, turn to snow, several inches fall before next morn.  Beulah go to C. Kleckner in morn & back here by 4:30PM.  Elmo take small grist to R in Ford in PM.  Clarence say he can’t come regularly to do chores.

3-5-1919 Beulah clean kitchen.  Elmo figure up income tax.  Nice day.  clear & still but cold.  10o above at 9AM.  Thaw none.  Mr McLarty trade off his balky horse for black one at CV.

3-6-1919 0o at 6AM.  Elmo take Beulah home in morn & go R with Ford and to Freeport by train to shorthorn sale – bought “Victor.”  Maggie Jane take mama to Mary J’s to Gleaners.  Nice, still day, some cloudy.

3-7-1919 20o above at 6:30 AM.  Letter from Carrie Davis and May Weaver. Send letters to Puss and Kate tomorrow.  Irma & baby come out to their home.  Nice day.  Elmo do odd jobs.  Mr Carlson here in PM to see about getting calves.  Carrie and Fred move out to farm.

3-8-1919 Elmo go with H Carlson to R freight office for calves.  McLarty baby arrive at 11PM. 

3-9-1919 (Sunday) Nice day, thaw, so roads muddy, but not deep.  Elmo & I take washing to Mrs Frigast & go down to see Carrie & Fred in Ford. 

3-10-1919 Snow a trifle last night.  Thawing early in morn.  Partly cloudy, sometimes sun out warm.  W wind blow up later in day, quite cool. Snow squall in PM.  Elmo go to Brown’s in AM.  Bed pigs etc & in PM draw pigs for EMB.  Letter from May P.

3-11-1919 26o above at 7AM.  Clear.  Ground frozen hard.  Mr Frigast go to Rockford hospital today.  Rag peddler here.  Fred Davis come for old pulverizer.  Elmo take oats to R.  Mama call on Mrs McLarty in AM.  Elmo see bluebirds. 

3-12-1919 36o above at 9AM.  Frozen quite hard in morn, so Elmo got up load of firewood from “20.”  Then he & mama go R in buggy.  Roads deep with mud.  Mama stay down at Aunt Alice’s.  Beulah clean store-room.  Fine sunny day.  Letter from Kate.  Blackbirds in our trees.

3-13-1919 Froze some last night.  Cloudy, sprinkle a few drops wind NW.  Beulah clean all upstairs.  Elmo go to CV with small grist.  Ed Pepper in in morn.  Mr Holmes here in PM to write letter to Camp Grant Commander. No mail, so muddy. 

3-14-1919 Letter from Puss.  Cloudy, rain little early & nearly clear off before soon.  Cloud up later.  NE wind.  Elmo draw up firewood from “20” & fix little card tables.  Beulah clean back hall.  Rain again in evening.

3-15-1919 Rain last night.  Cloudy & warm & rain hard at times in PM from E.  Lighten at eve & rain till after 12 at night, hard at times.  Elmo go R in buggy & mama come home with him.  Roads just deep mud & ruts. Beulah clean my closet, bureau drawers, & do up Sat work.  I hear robin sing.  Elmo has seen meadowlark.

3-16-1919 (Sunday) Warm, sun out nice in morn.  Cloud over about 10AM & rain some before 12.  Elmo take Beulah home in morn & me to McLarty’s. In PM, Joe & Walter here.  Creek big in Brown’s & our fields.  Elmo say no roads at all, so much mud.  S breeze turn to N before noon, but not much colder.  Let furnace fire go out & not start it till nearly noon it so warm.

3-17-1919 Rain begin about 5AM & keep up till abut 10:45.  Then begin to snow.  Some colder.  Only snow a little.  Clear off in PM & then at evening cloud come up in NW & rain a little.  Mr McL help Elmo clean seed grain. 

3-18-1919 34o above at 7AM.  Frozen trifle last night.  W breeze, clear.  Elmo take a small grist to C Kleckner’s to get grist ground in AM.  Elmo & I to CV in PM. Call at Carrie’s, Starr’s, & get washing from Mrs Frigast’s.  Roads a fright for mud.  Wash out by Seeley’s. 

3-19-1919 Nice day.  Elmo do odd jobs.  Go to C. Pickens in PM.

3-20-1919 65o above at noon.  A perfect day.  Beulah here.  Clean bedroom & wash windows on outside.  Elmo go to R & to Nelson’s sale.  At eve he & I go to party at E.M. Breckenridges.

3-21-1919 Cloud up last night & few flakes snow this morn.  Starr & Stanley up for fanning mill.  Beulah clean dining room.  N wind & colder, but clear up early.  Starr & Frank bring fanning mill back at suppertime.  Elmo go R in PM to Mrs Geo Stevens funeral. Get 2 loads manure out in AM.  Elmo & I go to Geo Brown’s at eve. 

3-22-1919 31o above 7AM.  Clear & still.  E breeze.  Elmo draw 5 loads manure.  Beulah sweep, bake, etc.  Call at McLarty’s in PM.  Send letters to P.G. & Uncle A[lex]. Florence [Fitch] have operation. 

3-23-1919 (Sunday) Nice day.  Clear & still.  32o above at 7AM.  Edwin Holmes here in AM & Kleckner’s children in PM.  Mama write to Puss.

3-24-1919 34o at 7AM.  Nice clear spring-like day.  CK help Elmo draw pigs to Argyle to ship with Geo Brown’s.  Mr Barklay here for grass seed.  Eunice McLarty start school.  Elmo get out 2 loads fertilizer.  Picken boys here at eve.

3-25-1919  44o above at 7AM.  Cloudy till nearly noon.  Send letters to Kate, May, & Florence.  Write to Aunt Augusta.  Elmo draw manure, get 1 load from hen-house.  Cloud up again in PM.  Elmo plow in late PM. 

3-26-1919 Cooler, especially late in day.  SE wind change to NW & N .  Rained little last night & more thru AM.  Sun out in PM for few min.  Mrs Brown take mama to Starr’s to Red Cross.  Elmo help Mr McL clean grain until about 1:45.  Then go R in Ford.  Letter to May P, card to Florence

3-27-1919 31o above at 7:30AM.  Clear NW breeze.  Elmo finish plowing for wheat & begin to pulverize.  Ground pretty wet.  Anna Falconer & baby call in PM.  Mittimer & man come for straw.

3-28-1919 31o above at 7AM.  White frost.  Clear.  Elmo pulverize.

3-29-1919 Elmo sow about 6A wheat, drag it & pulverize some more.  Beulah & Dorothy here for horse-radish in PM & they & mama call at McLarty’s.  Nice day, tho rather windy.

3-30-1919 (Sunday) Clocks changed last night.  Elmo not change ours yet.  Cloudy at last eve & rain a little about 9PM.  Thunder once.  Cloudy today & cooler.  Elmo take washing to Frigast’s in PM & go on to Asa’s.  Stop at Frank’s on way home.  Starr, Annetta, Emily & Stan call in PM.

3-31-1919 N. wind.  Ground frozen quite hard in morn.  30o at 6AM.  CK come over & help dehorn cattle & then Elmo help him ring pigs.  Then Elmo go R in Ford.  Pulverize in PM.  Ground pretty wet.  Annie Molander come after school to help Clarence help do things in morn.


February 1919

2-1-1919 Drag our roads.  E. Wind.  Clear most of day.  J.W. Ralston come out for baled straw.  Elmo, also, take straw to R.  Starr & children up just before dark.  Mr McLarty over in AM.  Mrs McLarty & kids go to R & stay all night.  Elmo & Starr go to see Dudley at hospital. 

2-2-1919 (Sunday) – 33o above at 11AM.  Partly cloudy, but groundhog saw shadow. SE wind. 

2-3-1919 Sent letter to Puss.  36o above at 7:30 AM.  Cloudy most of day & light showers in PM.  Elmo take straw to R & grind grist at CK when he get home.  Mrs McLarty & children here in PM.  Bring over pups. 

2-4-1919 10o above at 7:30AM.  Clear & windy, NW.  Elmo take baled timothy straw to town.  Picken boys here at eve.

2-5-1919 11o above at 8:30AM.  Elmo go CV in AM in auto.  Roads rough, bring 2 wagon wheels home behind car.  Clear.  In PM, Elmo bed cattle, clean out ashes from cellar, get up load of wood from “20”, etc.  Letter from Puss. 

2-6-1919 10o above at 7:30.  Snowed little last night & few flakes in AM, but sun soon out & fine day.  Mama go to Brown’s with Maggie Jane & from there in auto to Jennie Breck to Gleaners.  Elmo take hay to R.  Roads pretty good.  Annie Molander here all night to help. 

2-7-1919 8o above at 7AM.  Clear.  Elmo go R with hay.  Annie stay tonight also.  Mr Dubois buried today.  Elmo & I go to Taylor’s surprise at eve.  Beautiful moonlight.

2-8-1919 Nice, still, clear.  Annie go home in AM.  Truck agent here in AM.  Mama & Elmo go R in car about 11AM.  Mrs McLarty & children here in PM.  Howard & Irma here for evening.  Roads good. Letter to Puss.  Letter from May P.

2-9-1919 (Sunday) Nice clear day.  Elmo take washing to Frigast’s.  Many autos by here.  14o above at 8 o’clock. 

2-10-1919 Fine day, clear, S wind, turn east at night.  Elmo take pigs to Harlem.  In PM, bed pigs & he & I go R in auto.  Roads just smooth as summer.  Beulah here.  Mama at McLarty’s in PM. 

2-11-1919 30o above at 7AM.  Beulah go to CK’s right after breakfast.  Elmo go R with hay.  Cloudy early then clear & wind turn to SW.  Mrs Brown call in PM.  52o above at 4:30 PM.  Starr, Maggie & Stanley here before super.  Beulah back about 4:30PM.

2-12-1919 Nice warm day.  Elmo go R with hay.  We all busy getting ready for party which we have at eve.  All come & it rain a little before they leave, having gottten cloudy before dark.  Letter from P.G.

2-13-1919 Rain hard at times thruout day.  Dark. Fog thick in PM.  We make about 7 qts mincemeat.  Use up last of beef we got from Starr.  Elmo take Beulah home before dark.  D. Price have sale. 

2-14-1919 Some rain & snow.  Ground partly white.  School social postponed.  Elmo go R in buggy.  Mama & I make 21 valentines for children.  Get 2 apiece.  Letter from Carrie. 

2-15-1919 Elmo get washing from Frigast.  Clear up during day.  Bed cattle, make gate, do odd jobs. 

2-16-1919 (Sunday) Home all day.  Nice day, but colder.  Ground frozen pretty hard.  Annetta, Emily & Stanley come up with some mail that get in their box.  Letter from Kate.  They stay for dinner.  Mama write to Kate.

2-17-1919 Letter to Carrie.  Elmo take pigs to Harlem for Mr. Molander.  Pile up wood at “20” ready to saw.  Snowed last night enough to cover ground.  Mostly thaw thru day.  Clear. 

2-18-1919 18o above at 7AM.  Clear.  Elmo take hay to R.  Muttimer come for timothy straw in late PM.  Telephone out of order today.

2-19-1919 Telephone all right today.  24o above 7AM.  Little cloudy.  Elmo help Mr Molander saw his wood at “20” & then saw our 3 loads down there.  Dr Carlsen here in AM.  I not feel well for some days.  Mama go to McL in PM.  Clarence here for supper as school social tonight. Letter from Uncle Aleck.

2-20-1919 Cloudy, chilly, SE wind.  Children give glowing acc’ts of social.  Made $51.  Elmo take hay to R.  Frozen so roads very rough.  About 2:30 it began a regular blizzard.  Not cold tho.  Letters to Uncle Aleck & May P. 

2-21-1919 Cloudy most of day.  Elmo home in AM.  Mama have cold.  Norman H. Fitch born [to Howard & Irma] at 5:30 AM.  Elmo go R with McLarty’s in auto in PM & drive new Ford home.  Roads rough & snowy, but car go good.

2-22-1919 Florine come for hay.  Begins to snow about 9:30AM.  Snow gently a good share of day.  Elmo take washing to Mrs Frigast & then go to Belv in Ford.  Roads very rough to State Rd. 

2-23-1919 (Sunday) Clear, still day.  Not cold.  Fred Davis come out in Ford in PM.  Wrote to Puss, Mary Weaver, & Irma F.

2-24-1919 Partly cloudy, rather warm S wind.  Snow thaw fast.  Elmo go to C Picken’s in Ford in AM.  Help Bengston’s load up to move tomorrow in PM.  Write letter to Cousin Hattie. 

2-25-1919 14o above at 7AM.  NW wind, cold 18o above at 3:30 PM.  Bengston’s move. Elmo go R with Ford on hearing of Clara Enoch’s death last night.  Roads very rough.

2-26-1919 8o above at 6:30AM.  Still.  Cloud up after daylight & snow gently much of day.  Sun out occasionally.  Starr stop in in PM on way home from helping move Bengston.  Elmo, taking C Pickens, goes to R in Ford where they take Interurban to Freeport (to account man’s court trial).  Not home till about 9AM.  Irving do night chores. 

2-27-1919 Cloudy.  E & NE wind.  Elmo get washing from F.  Florine come for hay in PM.

2-28-1919 36o above at 8AM.  Cloudy & begin to rain before 9AM.  About noon stop, then begin again from W (had been E) about 2PM & at 3 was snow & freezing.  Regular blizzard at 4PM.  Not much snow come down, but blew thru air so at times we can hardly see barn.


January 1919

1-1-1919 Elmo take us to Starr’s in AM and then Edwin Molander help him take pigs to R.  Elmo get back to Starr’s about 4PM.  Cloudy till middle PM.  Snowed last night enough to help sleighing.  SW wind drift it some, and turn very cold in PM.

1-2-1919 0o at 7:30AM.  Sunny.  Elmo take hay to R.  First go to woods with with Mr McLarty to show him where to get trees, then he help load hay, etc.  Letter from Miss Pulver. Letter to Mrs VanDyke.

1-3-1919 12o below at 7AM.  Little fine snow early, clear middle AM.  Elmo open up silo.  Take oats to R.  Rob & Maggie take mama to Frank Reid’s to Gleaners.  Maggie & children here in PM.  Letters from Carrie & Puss. 

1-4-1919 20o below at 7AM.  Grow warmer toward eve.  Cloudy.  Elmo go R with oats.  Geo & Willie here at eve.  Mrs McLarty & children here in PM.

1-5-1919 (Sunday)18o above at 1PM.  Partly cloudy.  Snow gently at times thru day.  Starr & boys, with 2 Taft boys, here in PM.  I read “Red Pepper’s Patients” aloud.  Use 2 eggs.  1st out of waterglass.

1-6-1919 15o above at 9PM.  Letter to P.G.  Clarence come to do chores after 3 wks absence on acc’t of sickness & vacation.  School begins.  Elmo go R with hay.

1-7-1919 28o at 8AM.  Flurries of snow in PM.  Sun out at times. Grow colder in PM.  Elmo take hay to R.

1-8-1919 0 at 7AM.  Cold SW wind.  Sun out a little.  Elmo grind grist for CK & himself at CK at AM.  Take hay to R in PM.  Wind drift snow in PM, but sun brighter.  Mrs Brown & Mary J here in PM & we plan dinner for Sat.  They give up going to Maggie J’s to Red Cross for snow drifts.  Mrs Carlsen, CV Dr’s wife, died.

1-9-1919  14o above at 7AM.  N wind, clear.  Letter from Mary Weaver.  Letter to Puss & Kate.  Elmo home. EMB have auction of cows.

1-10-1919 18o above at 7AM.  31o at 4PM.  Clear.  Elmo take hay R.

1-11-1919 Fine day, quite warm in AM.  Chilly in PM.  We all go R, mama to Aunts, Elmo & I to J.G Ralston’s to thresher dinner.

1-12-1919 (Sunday) Thaw quite a little.  Cloudy. 

1-13-1919 Thaw so as to hurt sleighing some.  Elmo take hay to R.  Mrs Frigast here.  Annie Molander come here after school.  Beulah call in PM.

1-14-1919 Cooler.  Partly cloudy.  Elmo take hay to R.

1-15-1919 Very chilly SW wind.  Elmo at CK’s in AM & both go to Mat’s for baler.  Break axle by school house & leave there.  In PM, Geo Brown help Elmo get it off & he take it to R. 

1-16-1919  E & CK get hickory sticks from “20” and saw out piece for baler axle & several eveners.  Grind feed, etc.  Mrs McLarty & children here in PM. 

1-17-1919 Warm & spring-like.  Elmo take small load hay to R on sled. We (Elmo, Annie & I) go to Peter Ralston’s surprise at eve in bobs, take Kleckners & Hennings. 

1-18-1919 Warm & springlike.  Snow thaw fast.  Elmo go CV with sled.  Some use buggies.  Emily & boys up with waists Clarence lost [stet]. Letter from May P.

1-19-1919 (Sunday) White frost in morn.  Get pretty warm & thaw much.  E breeze.

1-20-1919 White frost & fog.  Ground frozen some.  Elmo go R in buggy & mama come home.  Letter to May Purdy.  Frost & fog not go away till late PM.  Then nice & clear.

1-21-1919 Some foggy.  Frozen very little last night.  Letter from Martha Kernan.  Annie Molander go home from school tonight.  Got baler from school and new axle from F. Reid.  CK help get it.

1-22-1919 Elmo went Thad Davis’ sale. Starr bring Maggie & Stanley up before he go to sale & Red Cross meet here in PM. Dark, cloudy day.  Very muddy.  Beulah help all day.

1-23-1919 Nice day, little cooler, ground frozen little in morn.  Ther 34o in morning.  Same at eve.  Elmo take Beulah to CK’s & go on to R.  Home at 12.  Get ready for balers in PM & shut up cattle to feed.  Letter from Kate.

1-24-1919 Beulah came in morn.  Bale timothy straw & some oat straw.  Froze some last night.  Fred Davis walked out from town last eve.  Cloudy, east wind.

1-25-1919  Finish baling straw & hay.  Franklin, Russell, Stanley & Emily come up with drake.  Froze last night.  Fine, spring-like day.  Elmo take Fred to R at eve. 

1-26-1919 (Sunday) Beautiful day over head.  Roads muddy.  Elmo take Beulah home in morn & then stop at CK’s.  Go to McLarty’s at eve.

1-27-1919 Above 4o in PM.  Very muddy.  Elmo help CK draw pigs to Harlem.  Mama walk over to McLarty’s in PM. 

1-28-1919 26o at 7:30 AM.  W wind.  Clear.  Thaw in sun.  Elmo go R in buggy.  F. Reid come for engine and baler in morning.  Mama at McLarty’s in AM as men gone & Mrs McL think chimney afire! All safe.

1-29-1919 40o above at noon, clear & still.  Elmo take straw to R.  Roads very rough.  Froze quite hard last night.  Letters to Aunt Alice, Kate & Miss Pulver.

1-30-1919 30o at 8AM.  Clear, still.  Elmo bale straw at F. Reid’s.

1-31-1919 26o above at 7:30AM.  Elmo bale till 2 PM at Reid’s then go to Rockford in buggy.  At eve we all go to Bengston’s surprise.  Roads frightfully rough.  A beautiful day.