Edward Huang

Assistant Professor

Systems Engineering and Operations Research Department

George Mason University

Facility Planning and Design

Selected Publication:

  1. Job Scheduling at Cascading Machines, with Kan Wu, accepted, IEEE Transaction on Automation Science Engineering
  2. Equipment Utilization Enhancement in Photolithography Area through a Dynamic System Control Using Multi-fidelity Simulation Optimization with Big Data Technique, with L. Y. Hsieh and C.-H. Chen, accepted, IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 30(2), 166-175, 2017
  3. Optimal Assignment of Airport Baggage Unloading Zones to Outgoing Flights, with P. Mital, M. Goetschalckx, and Kan Wu, accepted, Transportation Research Part E, Vol. 94, pp. 110-122, 2016.
  4. Application of Multi-Fidelity Simulation Modeling to Integrated Circuit Packaging,กจ with L. Y. Hsieh, S. Zhang, K.-H. Chang, and C.-H. Chen, International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling, Vol. 28(2), 195-208.
  5. Optimal Inventory Control in a Multi-Period Newsvendor Problem with Non-Stationary Demand, with G. Kim, K. Wu, Advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 139-145, 2015.
  6. A Hierarchy Planning Model for TFT-LCD Production Chain, with J. T. Lin, Chen T.-L, International Journal of Electronic Business Management, Vol. 2, No. 1 , 59-68, 2004.

Email: chuang10@gmu.edu
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