Project Description

Through the Virtual Organization Workshop, graduate management students at the University of Western Australia, the University of Auckland, and George Mason University work together for several weeks in geographically-dispersed, technology-enabled teams to analyze an international change management and consulting case and write a paper describing their conclusions. Most of the teams have three members, one at each of the three universities. Details of the teams' assignments and deadlines are described under Calendar of Events.

The project has the following goals:
bulletTo deepen understanding of international change management issues
bulletTo develop skills for communication and collaboration, especially as required for success in geographically-dispersed teams, inter-organizational teams, and international teams, all of which are becoming more prevalent and important
bulletTo develop skills for working cross-culturally
bulletTo expand technical skills through the use of groupware, electronic mail, web pages, audio-conferencing, and document sharing in the service of collaboration
bulletTo leverage the expertise and resources of faculty and students at the three participating universities in the service of everyone's professional and creative development

Updated 7/6/1999
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