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Lotus Notes 4.5
Step By Step
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Note about Web Browsers
All teams will be accessing their Lotus Notes databases through web browsers. We have found that some web browsers do not provide as much functionality as others. In particular, some web browsers do not allow you to attach documents to the team's database. If you have this problem, you may want to download Netscape Comminucator 4.6 free of charge and use this as your web browser. Click the image to the left to goto the Netscape Download Site.

Best Practices for using Lotus Notes/Web Pages
  1. May not need to use both.
  2. Lotus Notes database will be most helpful for exchanging versions of documents.
  3. Both can be used for posting team info. This could be a category or topic in the database.
  4. Lotus Notes database messages must be signed. Put initials in subject and in body of message in database.
  5. Web page could be used as an individual homepage or as a team webpage.
  6. Make sure the e-mails, phone numbers and team schedule are in one place, either in web page or Lotus Notes database.

Updated 8/16/1999
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