Evaluation Criteria

Weighting of deliverables
Virtual Organization Workshop deliverables will be weighted as follows in the final grade for each of the three courses:
10% Team-building assignments (Totem Exercise and Team Contract together)
20% Team analysis of Jacobs Suchard case
5% Peer evaluation of team members’ participation and quality of contributions

Peer evaluation
This is the form that will be used for peer evaluation:

Dear Virtual Organization Workshop participant,

This evaluation form gives you the opportunity to confidentially evaluate the contributions of your teammates. The scores you give and receive will be provided to all the instructors. Please evaluate the contributions of all individuals assigned to your team, excluding yourself. If there was anyone who was assigned originally to your team but who was inactive over the course of the project, you still should evaluate that person's contributions on the scale below.

Each member of your team, including yourself, will receive one number. This will represent the average of the evaluation numbers given that individual by his or her teammates. The number will represent five percent of your final grade in the course you are taking.

Please give each of your team members one of these ratings to represent both their overall participation and the quality of their contributions in the team. Use whole numbers only, no fractions.

1= No participation and no quality
2= A small amount of participation and quality, constituting unsatisfactory performance
3=An acceptable amount of participation and quality
4=Good participation and quality
5=Excellent participation and quality

Updated 8/15/1999
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