Thank You List

The Virtual Organization Workshop project spans disciplinary, geographic and institutional boundaries and that means we have had to enlist expertise and assistance from many different people. Professors Cramton, Pennarola and Rousseau would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the success of this project.

Nick Clark
     Computer Science Department, GMU, web page developer
James Coleman
     Organizational Learning Lab, GMU
Terry Domzal
     Dean of the School of Management, GMU
Roberta Fauntroy
     Organizational Learning Lab, GMU
Erik Gault
     Instructional Resource Center, GMU
Britt Leckman
     Student Technology Assistance and Resource Lab, GMU
Beata Lobert Jones
     Texas Christian University, Virtual Learning Environment developer
Carole McCoy
     Heinz School of Public Policy, CMU
Bryan Mundell
     School of Management, Bocconi U
Mohan Paul
Bobbi Rowley
     Instructional Resource Center, GMU
Jeff Theobald
George Wray
     LAN administrator, School of Management, GMU

Special thanks to Jeanne Wilson at Carnegie Mellon University, who has been a partner in the planning from the beginning.

Updated 11/16/1998
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