Learning Style Models:

There are well over 100 learning style identification instruments, but only a few have strong conceptual models upon which they are based. These models have grown in popularity across school and corporate settings over the past 25 years but especially so during the last five. Documents such as the SCANS Report (1992) and a four-year USDOE study (Alberg, et al, 1992) which highlight learning diversity as a critical aspect of humanity that has gone relatively unnoticed in our traditional schooling environments. Both reports point to styles-responsive instruction as an important strategy for addressing the learning needs of diverse learners.

Below are proponents of learning style instruction. You are invited to link to these Web sites and sites associated with learning styles such as cognitive style. When you surf the Net, if you find something that should be here, please let me know, so I might add it. In the meantime, enjoy your adventure.

Marie Carbo

Dunn & Dunn

Howard Gardner

Barbara Given

Anthony Gregorc

Pat Guild

David Kolb

Ned Herrmann

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Bernice McCarthy

James Keefe


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