Internet Security

By Aram J. Zucker-Scharff

November 7, 2005


"By placing this statement on my webpage, I certify that I have read and understand the GMU Honor Code. I am fully aware of the following sections of the Honor Code: Extent of the Honor Code, Responsibility of the Student and Penalty. In addition, I have received permission from the copyright holder for any copyrighted material that is displayed on my site. This includes quoting extensive amounts of text, any material copied directly from a web page and graphics/pictures that are copyrighted. This project or subject material has not been used in another class by me or any other student. Finally, I certify that this site is not for commercial purposes, which is a violation of the George Mason Responsible Use of Computer (RUC) Policy." GMU Honor Code and GMU Responsible Use of Computer (RUC) Policy