Multicultural and World Literature Anthologies, comp. Alok Yadav

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The purpose of this list is to give interested individuals a sense of some of the primary texts available in English or in English translation for the teaching and study of world literature. (A very few anthologies consisting of translations into other languages are also included.) Wherever possible, I have listed the authors and/or works included in an anthology, so one can search for particular authors or works by name to check their availability in English. (Click on the "Edit" button on your web browser and then on "Find (on this page)," or its equivalent, to search for particular items in this document.) Of course, many book-length works by authors from around the world are available in stand-alone translations and these are not included here; both single-author and dual-author collections are also generally excluded. It would be impractical to try to include such works. Where available, bibliographies of translations into English of various literatures of the world are included at the start of each section and these can help one locate such stand-alone translations. I have also, on occasion, included studies of translations of particular bodies of literature into English with these bibliographic titles.

As the previous paragraph suggests, the focus of this resource list is on literatures originally written in languages other than English. Anthologies of works originally composed in English are also covered, but with a focus on Anglophone literatures from outside the United States and the United Kingdom. I have, however, listed anthologies of US and UK literature that have a multicultural or minority literature emphasis. Anthologies of "classical literature" (i.e., the European literature of antiquity) in English translation are not covered in this bibliography.

The bibliography is organized into the following sections, which can also be reached using the navigation bar to the left. But given space limitations the navigation bar is necessarily somewhat compressed, and some of my organizational decisions may require a word of explanation in any case:

| World Literature (general) | Latin America (& Americas in general) | The Caribbean | Subsaharan Africa (& Africa in general) |

| North Africa & the Middle East | South Asia | Central Asia | East Asia | Southeast Asia | Australia & New Zealand |

| Pacific Islands | Eastern Europe & Russia | Commonwealth in general / General Anglophone |

| Canada | Ireland & general Celtic | "Black British" writing | General Francophone | General Hispanic and Lusophone |

| General "Asian" or "Oriental" | Western Europe and general European |

| Multicultural US Literature | Native American Literature | African American Literature | Asian American Literature |

| Latina/o Literature | Arab & Iranian American Literature | Jewish American Literature | Other Ethnic American Literatures |

These regionally and linguistically segregated categories might seem to belie the whole notion of "world literature" as a concept that takes shape when one crosses or complicates such boundaries. But my categorization is merely a reflection of general tendencies in the publication of world literature in English translation. I have tried to suggest some possibilities of cross-cultural interplay by using regional and linguistic categories, in addition to more narrowly national ones, but it would be absurd to pretend that such national categories have no place in organizing the terrain of "world literature."

The navigation bar to the left lists the sections on the various Anglophone, Francophone, Hispanic and Lusophone, and general "Asian or Oriental," as well as the "Black British," Canadian, Irish (and general Celtic) anthologies under "General Anglophone, Francophone, etc." The navigation bar link to "Multicultural Anthologies of US Literature" takes one to that section, as well as to the sections for individual ethnic US literatures. Several of the categories listed as "regions" here (e.g., "East Asia" or "Eastern Europe and Russia" or "Western Europe"), are subdivided into something closer to national-linguistic categories for ease of use (and, again, despite my desire to highlight more transnational and intercultural dynamics).

Needless to say, given the huge terrain involved, this is an ongoing project. I update it periodically: currently it consists of about 1425 items. If you would like to suggest additions or corrections, please contact me via email. (My thanks to those who have helped me in this regard.)

I. Anthologies of World Literature (general)

Includes anthologies that either claim broad international scope or indeed something approaching global coverage. Quite a few of these general "international" or "world literature" anthologies devote most of their space to writers from Europe and North America, but all include at least some writers from other parts of the world.

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

Classe, Olive, ed. Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English. 2 vols. London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2000.
Corbett, John. Written in the Language of the Scottish Nation: A History of Literary Translation into Scots. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters, 1999.
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France, Peter, ed. The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2000.
  • Translation studies and translation criticism / Peter France -- Norms of translation / Theo Hermans -- Norms of translation / Theo Hermans -- The limits of translation / Douglas Robinson -- Linguistic perspective on translation / Mona Baker -- Gender in translation / Sherry Simon -- Varieties of English / John McRae and Bill Findlay -- The Middle Ages / Roger Ellis -- The Renaissance / Warren Boutcher -- Neoclassicism and enlightenment / Lawrence Venuti -- Romanticism and the Victorian age / Terry Hale -- Late Victorian to the present / Anthony Pym -- Translation in North America / Judith Weisz Woodsworth -- Poetry / Daniel Weissbort -- Theatre and opera / Susan Bassnett -- Sacred texts / Douglas Robinson -- Children's literature / Peter Hunt -- Oral literature / Ruth Finnegan.
France, Peter and Stuart Gillespie, ed. The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English. 5 vols. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2005- . (Vol. 3, 1660-1790, ed. Stuart Gillespie and David Hopkins, 2005; Vol. 4, 1790-1900, ed. Peter France and Kenneth Haynes, 2006.)
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  • Earning a rhyme : notes on translating Buile suibhne / Seamus Heaney -- Translation as a species of mime / Christopher Middleton -- From "little painted lips" to Heartbreak tango / Suzanne Jill Levine -- On translating a Tamil poem / A.K. Ramanujan -- Fortunata and Jacinta : a polyphonic novel / Agnes Moncy Gullón -- On the translation of Chinese poetry / Parker Po-Fei Huang -- Phaedra Britannica / Tony Harrison -- Aischylos : for actors, in the round / Michael Ewans -- Language, politics, and translation : colonial discourse and classical Nahuatl in New Spain / J. Jorge Klor De Alva -- The translator; or, why the crocodile was not disillusioned : a play in one act / Dennis Tedlock -- Ulix Mac Leirtis : the classical hero in Irish metamorphosis / Frederick Ahl. -- Sappho : translation as elegy / Rosanna Warren -- Montale : translated, or translator? / Anonymous, submitted by Donald Carne-Ross -- Silence, the devil, and JabPs / Rosmarie Waldrop -- The guest : second thoughts on translating H&246;lderlin / Richard Sieburth -- Translation in theory and in a certain practice / Denis Donoghue -- The presence of translation: a view of English poetry / Charles Tomlinson.

General World Literature Anthologies (alphabetically by title)

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Afro-Asian Short Stories: An Anthology. 2 vols. Cairo: Permanent Bureau of Afro-Asian Writers, 1973.
Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness. Ed. Carolyn Forché. New York: Norton, 1993.
  • An excellent anthology which includes poets writing about and involved in such events as "The Armenian Genocide (1909-1918)," "World War I (1914-1918)," "Revolution and Repression in the Soviet Union (1917-1991)," "The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)," "World War II (1939-1945)," "The Holocaust, The Shoah (1933-1945)," "Repression in Eastern and Central Europe (1945-1991)," "War and Dictatorship in the Mediterranean (1900-1991)," "The Indo-Pakistani Wars (1947-1972)," "War in the Middle East (1948-1991)," "Repression and Revolution in Latin America (1900-1991)," "The Struggle for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in the United States (1900-1991)," "War in Korea and Vietnam (1945-1979)," "Repression in Africa and the Struggle Against Apartheid in South Africa (1900-1991)," and "Revolutions and the Struggle for Democracy in China (1911-1991)."
Ain't I A Woman: Poems by Black and White Women. Ed. Illona Linthwaite. London: Virago, 1987.
Animal Tales: An Anthology of Animal Literature of All Countries. Ed. Ivan Terence Sanderson. New York: Knopf, 1946.
  • The animal tale, a history and analysis -- ch. 1. The forests of Guinea -- ch. 2. Mauretania -- ch. 3. The Mediterranean -- ch. 4. Temperate Europe -- ch. 5. The British Isles -- ch. 6. The European tundras -- ch. 7. The Arctic -- ch. 8. The Canadian pine forests -- ch. 9. The Great Lakes Region -- ch. 10. The depths of the ocean -- ch. 11. Warm temperate North America -- ch. 12. The "West" -- ch. 13. Central America -- ch. 14. Amazonia -- ch. 15. The Andean Puna -- ch. 16. The Argentine Pampas -- ch. 17. The Antarctic -- ch. 18. Australia -- ch. 19. The East Indies -- ch. 20. The Isles of Nippon -- ch. 21. Siberian frozen lands -- ch. 22. The Chinese hinterland -- ch. 23. The Tibetan Alps -- ch. 24. India -- ch. 25. The deserts of Persia -- ch. 26. European Russia -- ch. 27. Egypt -- ch. 28. The plains of East Africa -- ch. 29. An oceanic island -- ch. 30. The South African veld -- ch. 31. The Congo Basin -- Epilogue: The death of the moon.
An Anthology of Interracial Literature: Black-White Contacts in the Old World and the New. Ed. Werner Sollers. New York: New York UP, 2004.
  • Includes sections on the following topics: Before color prejudice -- Arabian nights and Italian renaissance novellas -- Love poetry in black and white -- From colonial exoticism and the noble savage to antislavery writing -- Black and white in Europe and the Americas, 1800-1870 -- Realism and local color -- Harlem renaissance and modernism -- From the 1960s to the present.
An Anthology of World Poetry. Ed. Mark Van Doren. New York: A. & C. Boni, 1928; rev. and enlarged ed., 1936.
  • "Mark Van Doren's daring and very successful Anthology of World Poetry has proved that there was at least a craving for the enlargement of our lyrical experience beyond the confines of our native speech. Granted that the best of these efforts are adaptations rather than literal renderings; in the case of the Rubáiyat of Omar Khayyám and Fitzgerald, a hybrid, the fruit of remote collaboration, rather than even an adaptation; still we are the richer by this straining toward the unattainable" (Albert Guérard. Preface to World Literature. 1940. 21)
The Art of the Story: An International Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories. Ed. Daniel Halpern. New York: Viking, 1999.
  • Includes some 80 stories, including two dozen in translation, by writers born after 1938: Gift from somewhere / Ama Ata Aidoo -- Keeper of the virgins / Hanan Al-Shaykh -- Amor divino / Julia Alvarez -- Immortals / Martin Amis -- Glass tower / Reinaldo Arenas -- Wilderness tips / Margaret Atwood -- Gorilla, my love / Toni Cade Bambara -- My mother's memoirs, my father's lie, and other true stories / Russell Banks -- G-string / Nicola Barker -- Evermore / Julian Barnes -- Aren't you happy for me? / Richard Bausch -- In Amalfi / Ann Beattie -- Rara avis / T. Coraghessan Boyle -- Mr. Green / Robert Olen Butler -- Fat man in history / Peter Carey -- Courtship of Mr. Lyon / Angela Carter -- Are these actual miles? / Raymond Carver -- Old man slave and the mastiff / Patrick Chamoiseau -- Dharma / Vikram Chandra -- Never marry a Mexican / Sandra Cisneros -- Prospect from the silver hills / Jim Crace -- Night women / Edwidge Danticat -- House behind / Lydia Davis -- All because of the mistake / Daniele del Giudice -- Ysrael / Junot Diax -- Betrayal / Patricia Duncker -- Reflections of spring / Duong Thu Huong -- Girl who left her sock on the floor / Deborah Eisenberg -- Twenty-seventh man / Nathan Englander -- Parakeet / Victor Erofeyev -- Roberto narrates / Peter Esterhazy -- My father, the Englishman, and I / Nuruddin Farah -- Optimists / Richard Ford -- Story of the lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives / Eduardo Galeano -- The hammam / Herve Guibert -- Escort / Abdulrazak Gurnah -- Midnight and I'm not famous yet / Barry Hannah -- Portrait of the avant-garde / Peter Hoeg -- Moving house / Pawel Huelle -- A family supper / Kazuo Ishiguro -- Encounter / Roy Jacobsen -- First day / Edward P. Jones -- Remember young Cecil / James Kelman -- Intimacy / Hanif Kureishi -- Stump-grubber / Torgny Lindgren -- Wish / Bobbie Ann Mason -- Everything in this counry must / Colum McCann -- Pornography / Ian McEwan -- Behind the blue curtain / Steven Millhauser -- Willing / Lorrie Moore -- Lifeguard / Mary Morris -- Canebrake / Mohammed Mrabet -- Management of grief / Bharati Mukherjee -- Muradhan and Selvihan or the tale of the crystal kiosk -- Elephant vanishes / Haruki Murakami -- Mark of satan / Joyce Carol Oates -- In the shadow of war / Ben Okri -- Where the Jackals Howl / Amos Oz -- Life and adventures of shed number xii / Victor Pelevin -- Talking dog / Francine Prose -- Free radio / Salman Rushdie -- Africa kills her sun / Ken Saro-Wiwa -- The ring / Ingo Schulze -- Learning to swim / Graham Swift -- Riddle / Antonio Tabucchi -- Minutes of glory / Ngugi Wa Thiong'o -- On the golden porch / Tatyana Tolstaya -- John-Jin / Rose Tremain -- Who, me a bum? / Luisa Valenzuela -- Cinnamon skin / Edmund White -- You can't get lost in Cape Town / Zoë Wicomb -- Doc's story / John Edgar Wideman -- The farm / Joy Williams -- Dirt angel / Jeanne Wilmot -- Green man / Jeanette Winterson -- Night in question / Tobias Wolff -- Child who raised poisonous snakes / Can Xue -- Helix / Banana Yoshimoto.
The Art of the Tale: An International Anthology of Short Stories 1945-1985. Ed. Daniel Halpern. New York: Viking, 1986.
  • Sacrificial egg / C. Achebe -- Bound man / I. Aichinger -- Little whale, varnisher of reality / V. Aksenov -- Hair jewellery / M. Atwood -- Everything / I. Bachman -- Going to meet the man / J. Baldwin -- Child screams and looks back at you / R. Banks -- Cortes and Montezuma / D. Barthelme -- Jacklighting / A. Beattie -- First love / S. Beckett -- Action will be taken / H. Boll -- Do stay, giraffe / W. Borchert -- Aleph / J.L. Borges -- This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen / T. Borowski -- Cowardice / A. Boulaich -- A distant episode / P. Bowles -- Greasy Lake / T.C. Boyle -- Ceil / H. Brodkey -- Seven floors / D. Buzzati -- Adventure of a traveler / I. Calvino -- Adulterous woman / A. Camus -- Children on their birthdays / T. Capote -- Fat / R. Carver -- Country husband / J. Cheever -- Quenby and Ola, Swede and Carl / R. Coover -- Bestiary / J. Cortazar -- Heile Selassie funeral train / G. Davenport. -- Cloak / I. Dinesen -- Hunter / E.L. Doctorow -- I look out for Ed Wolfe / S. Elkin -- Communist / R. Ford -- Doll queen / C. Fuentes -- Chosen husband / M. Gallant -- Order of insects / W. Gass -- Mother / N. Ginzberg -- Life of the imagination / N. Gordimer -- Two gentle people / G. Greene -- Why I transformed myself into a nightingale / W. Hildescheimer -- One arm / Y. Kawabata -- Let the old dead make room for the young dead / M. Kundera -- Gogol's wife / T. Landolfi -- Habit of loving / D. Lessing -- Challenge / M. Vargas Llosa -- Conjurer made off with the disk / N. Mahfouz -- Last Mohican / B. Malamud -- Pilgrimage / W. Maxwell -- First love, last rites / I. McEwan -- The deal / L. Michaels -- Patriotism / Y. Mishima. -- Jewellery / A. Moravia -- Doctor Safi / M. Mrabet -- Spring in Fialta / V. Nabokov -- Naga / R.K. Narayan -- The tryst / J.C. Oates -- Sister Imelda / E. O'Brien -- Artificial nigger / F. O'Connor -- A set of variations on a borrowed theme / F. O'Connor -- Nomad and viper / A. Oz -- Suitcase / C. Ozick -- Contest / G. Paley -- Suicides / C. Pavese -- Saint / V.S. Pritchett -- Eventide / J. Purdy -- Replacement / A. Robbe-Grillet -- Rain / M. Rodoreda -- In the garden / L. Rooke -- Talpa / J. Rulfo -- XXII / N. Sarraute -- Henne fire / I. Bashevis Singer -- Unguided tour / S. Sontag -- Children are bored on Sunday / J. Stafford -- Friend and protector / P. Taylor -- Death and the maiden / M. Tournier -- Beyond the pale / W. Trevor -- Separating / J. Updike -- I'm your horse in the night / L. Valenzuela -- No place for you, my love / E. Welty -- Five-twenty / P. White -- Hunters in the snow / T. Wolff -- Big black good man / R. Wright -- Best of everything / R. Yates.
The Baroque Poem: A comparative survey, together with 150 illustrative texts from English, American, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese, Polish, Modern Latin, Czech, Croatian, and Russian poetry, in the original languages with accompanying English translations. By Harold B. Segel. New York: Dutton, 1974.
The Bedford Anthology of World Literature. Ed. Paul Davis et al. 6 vols. in 2 packages of 3 vols. each. Bedford/ St. Martin's, 2003-2004.
Between Worlds.
A Book of Luminous Things: An International Anthology of Poetry. Ed. Czeslaw Milosz. New York: Harcourt, 1996.
A Book of Women Poets: From Antiquity to Now. Ed. Aliki Barnstone and Willis Barnstone. New York: Schocken, 1980; rev. ed., 1992.
  • Includes over 200 poets writing in over 50 languages, including those originally writing in English.
Bridges: Literature across Cultures. Eds. Gilbert H. Muller and John A. Williams. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994.
Che in Verse. Ed. Gavin O'Toole and Georgina Jiménez. London: Aflame Books, 2007.
  • The volume "contains 134 poems and songs from 53 countries dedicated to, about, or referring to this martyr of the utopian left. The contributors range from Che’s fellow revolutionaries and anti-colonial freedom-fighters to a gay rights activist, a Cistercian monk, and a Cuban prisoner of conscience languishing in a US federal penitentiary. . . . The collection includes biographies of the 135 poets and songwriters and the 30 translators whose work is included." Full table of contents available here.
Concert of Voices: An Anthology of World Writing in English. Ed. Victor J. Ramraj. Peterborough, ON: Broadview P, 1995.
  • Contains writings (prose fiction, unless otherwise indicated) by: Chinua Achebe, Ama Ata Aidoo, Agha Shahid Ali (poem), Mulk Raj Anand, Jean Arasanayagam (poems), Ven Begamudré, Louise Bennett, Neil Bissoondath, Gerry Bostock (play), Dionne Brand, Edward Kamau Brathwaite (poem), Dennis Brutus (poems), Buhkwujjenene, Willi Chen, Austin Clarke, Saros Cowasjee, Rienzi Crusz (poem), etc. [See contents ]
Concrete Poetry: An International Anthology. Ed. Stephen Bann. London: London Magazine, 1967.
Confucius to Cummings: An Anthology of Poetry. Ed. Ezra Pound and Marcella Spann. 1926; repr. New York: New Directions, 1964.
The Continual Singing: An Anthology of World Poetry. Ed. William Neville Scott. Milton, Q[ueensland?]: Jacaranda, 1973.
Dance in Poetry: International Anthology of Poems on Dance. Ed. Alkis Raftis. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Book Co., 1991; rpt. 2006.
Discovering the Many Worlds of Literature: Literature for Composition. Eds. Stuart Hirschberg and Terry Hirschberg. New York: Pearson/Longman, 2004.
The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry. Ed. Stephen Mitchell. New York: Harper and Row, 1989.
Expanding Horizons: An Introduction to Non-Western Humanities. Ed. Janice C. Buchanan and Patricia J. Chauvin. Needham Heights, MA: Simon & Schuster, 1998; 2nd ed. Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing, 2003. (a textbook designed for the East-West Synthesis course [Hum 2270] at St. Petersburg College, Florida)
Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays. Ed. Frank Shay and Pierre Loving. Cincinnati: Stewart & Kidd, 1921.

For Neruda, For Chile. Ed. Walter Lowenfels. Boston: Beacon, 1975.
  • Works by poets from five continents written in response to the overthrow and murder of Salvador Allende in 1973.
Fragment from a Lost Diary, and Other Stories: Women of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Ed. Naomi Katz and Nancy Milton. New York: Pantheon, 1973.
Freedom: Stories Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Ed. Amnesty International. New York: Broadway, 2011.
  • Contents: Busy lines / Patricia Grace -- The effects of good government on the city / A.L. Kennedy -- The kind of neighbor you used to have / James Meek -- Business philosophy / Marina Lewycka -- The long ride back home / Mohammed Naseehu Ali -- Sticko / Gabriella Ambrosio -- Tetanus / Joyce Carol Oates -- The trial / Walter Mosley -- Character development / David Mitchell -- Innocent passage / Ariel Dorfman -- Aniruddha : the latest installment / Amit Chaudhuri -- An incident at lunchtime / Petina Gappah -- Torn / Milton Hatoum -- The go-between / Ali Smith -- Asylum / David Constantine -- Homecoming / Jon Fosse -- The war on women / Kate Atkinson -- A special boy / Banana Yoshimoto -- Be careful about playing with the path of least resistance / Alexis Wright -- Where I keep my faith / Helen Dunmore -- Comrade Vadillo / Héctor Aguilar Camín -- In the prison of repose / Paulo Coelho -- Warriors of the sky / Mahmoud Saeed -- The obvious candidate / Richard Griffiths -- Mr. President-- / Juan Goytisolo -- The moon above his head / Yann Martel -- Sola / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -- Amnesty / Nadine Gordimer -- An Internet baby / Xiaolu Guo -- The shed / Alice Pung -- ABC antidote / Ishmael Beah -- Gray Wolf, Prince Jack, and the Firebird / Alan Garner -- March of the dinosaurs / Liana Badr -- The scream / Rohinton Mistry -- The classroom / Olja Knezevic -- Epilogue: Sofia / Henning Mankell.
From the Republic of Conscience: An International Anthology of Poetry. Ed. Kerry Flattley and Chris Wallace-Crabbe. 1992; repr. Fredonia, NY: White Pine P, in association with Amnesty International, 1993.
Gems of the World's Best Classics: A Collection of Complete Short Stories and Essays, Chosen from the Literatures of All Periods and Countries Ed. Llewellyn Jones and Cecelia Catherine Gaul. Chicago: Geographical Pub. Co., 1927.
  • France -- Mummy's Foot/ Theophile Gautier -- Mysterious Mansion/ Honoré De Balzac -- Talisman of Moukoubamba/ Georges Clémenceau -- Pope's Mule/ Alphonse Daudet -- Scapegoat/ Emile Erckmann and Louis Chatrian -- Character of Arrias/ Jean De La Bruyére -- Pious Lady and the Gray Friar/ Marguerite De Navarre -- Lausus and Lydia/ Jean Francois Marmontel -- A Piece of String/ Guy De Maupassant -- Necklace/ Guy De Maupassant -- Mateo Falcone/ Prosper Mérimée -- Of Sleeping/ Michel Eyquem, Lord Montaigne -- Of Lyers/ Michel Eyquem, Lord Montaigne -- Memnon The Philosopher, or Human Wisdom/ Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire -- Germany -- New Melusina/ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe -- Gods In Exile/ Heinrich Heine -- Gambler's Luck/ E.T.A. Hoffman -- Stage As A Moral Institution/ Friedrich Von Schiller -- On Reading and Books/ Arthur Schopenhauer -- Great Britain -- Thoughts In Westminster Abbey/ Joseph Addison -- Transmigrations of Pugg The Monkey/ Joseph Addison -- French Play in London/ Matthew Arnold -- Of Death/ Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam -- Of Adversity/ Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam -- Of Marriage and Single Life/ Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam -- Rab and His Friends/ John Brown -- On Dreams/ Sir Thomas Browne -- Of His Mother's Treatment of Him/ George Noel Gordon, Lord Bryon -- To His Wife After the Separation/ George Noel Gordon, Lord Bryon -- On Conversation/ William Cowper -- Opera/ Thomas Carlyle -- A Terribly Strange Bed/ William Wilkie Collins -- Of Myself/ Abraham Cowley -- Instability of Human Glory/ Daniel Defoe -- Description of Quack Doctor/ Daniel Defoe -- Wonderfull Yeare/ Thomas Dekker -- Levana and our Ladies of Sorrow/ Thomas De Quincey -- A Christmas Carol/ Charles Dickens -- Dr. Marigold's Prescriptions/ Charles Dickens -- Ixion In Heaven/ Beenjamin Disraeli, Lord of Beaconsfield -- A Mere Young Gentleman of the University/ John Earle -- An Essay on Nothing/ Henry Fielding -- Good Sea Captain/ Thomas Fuller -- Half Brothers/ Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell -- Authorship/ George Eliot -- A City Night-Piece/ Oliver Goldsmith -- Letters From a Citizen of the World to His Friend in the East/ Oliver Goldsmith -- Fight/ William Hazlitt -- Of Simplicity and Refinement in Writing/ David Hume -- A Few Thoughts on Sleep/ Leigh Hunt -- Deaths of Little Children/ Leigh Hunt -- On The Advisableness of Improving Natural Knowledge/ Thomas Henry Huxley -- Dick Minim The Critic/ Samuel Johnson -- On Our Fellow Shakespeare/ Ben Jonson -- Of The Lord Verulam/ Ben Johson -- Of Good Things and Bad/ Ben Johson -- To George and Georgiana Keats/ John Keats -- A Chapter on Ears/ Charles Lamb -- Dream-Children: A Reverie/ Charles Lamb -- Empress Catherine and Princess Dashkof/ Walter Savage Landor -- Perseus/ Charles Kingsley -- Oliver Goldsmith/ Lord Macaulay -- Of Education/ John Milton -- On Happiness in the Matrimonial State/ Lady Mary Wortley Montagu -- Lindenborg Pool/ William Morris -- Success In Life/ Walter Pater -- Four Ages of Poetry/ Thomas Love Peacock -- An Epic on Poetry/ Alexander Pope -- Author to Himself/ Alexander Pope -- Hand and Soul/ Dante Gabriel Rossetti -- Mystery of Life/ John Ruskin -- Bridal of Janet Dalrymple/ Sir Walter Scott -- A Defense of Poetry/ Percy Bysshe Shelley -- Use and Beauty/ Herbert Spencer -- AEs Triplex/ Robert Louis Stevenson -- A Modest Proposal For Preventing The Children Of Poor People In Ireland From Being A Burden To Their Parents or Country, And For Making Them Beneficial to the Public/ Jonathan Swift -- On A Lazy Idle Boy/ William Makepeace Thackeray -- Preface To The "Lyrical Ballads"/ William Wordsworth. Greece -- Fable Of The Ass And Of The Horse And Of Their Fortune/ Aesop -- Fable Of The Ancient weasel And Of The Rat/ Aesop -- Of Freedom/ Epictetus -- Crito/ Plato -- Conjugal Precepts/ Plutarch -- Italy -- A King In Disguise/ Matteo Bandello -- Story Of The Patient Griselda/ Giovanni Boccacio -- Story Of The Human Race/ Giacomo Leopardi -- Belphagor/ Niccolo Di Bernardo Dei Machiavelli -- Rome -- To Terentia (At Rome)/ Marcus Tullius Cicero -- To M. Marius (At Cumae)/ Marus Tullius Cicero -- To Caesar (In Gaul)/ Marus Tullius Cicero -- Haunted House/ Pliny the Younger -- Of The Wise Man/ Seneca -- Russia -- An Awkward Situation/ Anton Pavlovich Chekhov -- A Nasty Story/ Fedor Mikhaylovich Dostoevski -- Memoirs of a Madman/ Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol -- Khan and His Son/ Maxim Gorky -- Ashik-Kerib (A Turkish Tale)/ Mikhail Yur'vich Lermontov -- Coffin-Maker/ Alexander Pushkin -- Where Love Is, There God Is Also/ Count Leo Tolstoy -- United States -- Artemus Ward's Autobiography/ Artemus Ward -- Peter Rugg, The Missing Man/ William Austin -- Frederick Schiller/ William Cullen Bryant -- Compensation/ Ralph Waldo Emerson -- Over-Soul/ Ralph Waldo Emerson -- A Dialogue With The Gout/ Benjamin Franklin -- Feathered Life In America/ John Burroughs -- Great Stone Face/ Nathaniel Hawthorne -- Ethan Brand/ Nathaniel Hawthorne -- A Visit To The Autocrat's Landlady/ Oliver Wendell Holmes -- Rip Van Winkle/ Washington Irving -- Legend Of The Rose Of The Alhambra/ Washington Irving -- First Inaugural Address/ Thomas Jefferson -- Gettysburg Address/ Abraham Lincoln -- First Inaugural Address/ Abraham Lincoln -- Notary Of Périgueux/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- In The Mediterranean/ James Russell Lowell -- Black Cat/ Edgar Allen Poe -- Masque Of The Red Death/ Edgar Allen Poe -- Landlord/ Henry David Thoreau -- First Inaugural Address/ George Washington -- Prefaces To "Leaves of Grass"/ Walt Whitman -- A Day of Days/ Henry James -- Outcasts Of Poker Plat/ Francis Bret Harte -- Story of Jullanar Of The Sea/ Arabian Nights -- Japan -- Forty-Seven Rônins/ A Japanese Tale -- Denmark -- Something/ Hans Christian Anderson -- Holland -- A Written Portrait Of More/ Desiderius Erasmus -- Norway -- Father/ Björnstjerne Martinius Björnson -- Spain -- Rinconete And Cortadillo/ Miguel De Saavedra Cervantes -- Ancient Egypt -- Setna And The Magic Book/ Anonymous.
Giant Talk: An Anthology of Third World Writings. Ed. Quincy Troupe and Rainer Schulte. New York: Random House, 1975.
Global Cultures: A Transnational Short Fiction Reader. Ed. Elizabeth Young-Bruehl. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1994.
  • Groups together its selections under five section headings: "Between Cultures: Emigrés, Refugees, Exiles"; "New Nations: National Liberations, Civil Wars, Apartheid"; "Culture Clash: Modernization, Urbanization, Westernization"; "Culture Creation: Women Writing"; and "Complex Communications." Includes introductory notes on the authors. The anthology grew out of a Wesleyan University course on "Contemporary World Literature" for 75 first-year students, taught by Young-Bruehl, with JoAn Johnstone as her teaching associate.

    The anthology includes the following works, with the identification of the nationality of the author as given in the anthology: I have made the further division into works originally in English and works translated into English. Includes 56 authors and 61 works in total (there are two selections from five of the authors).

    Works apparently originally in English (i.e., no indication in anthology that the work was translated into English): Leanne Howe (USA–Native American), "An American in New York"; Rose Moss (South Africa; USA), "Exile"; Tony Eprile (South Africa; USA), "Exiles"; Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana), "Everything Counts"; Paulino Lim, Jr. (Philippines), "Homecoming"; Aurora Levins Morales (Puerto Rico; USA), "El bacalao viene de más lejos y se come acquí"; Reinaldo Arenas (Cuba; USA), "End of a Story"; Rohinton Mistry (India; Canada), "Lend Me Your Light"; Ghassan Kanafani (Palestinian), "Letter from Gaza"; Adewale Maja-Pearce (Nigeria), "Loyalties"; Moacyr Scliar (Brazil), "Peace and War"; Chinua Achebe (Nigeria), "Girls at War"; Adewale Maja-Pearce (Nigeria), "An Easy Death"; Ndeley Mokoso (Cameroon), "No Escape"; Miriam M. Tlali (South Africa), "The Point of No Return"; Njabulo S. Ndebele (South Africa), "Death of a Son"; Abdelal El Hamamssy (Egypt), "Dust"; Moacyr Scliar (Brazil), "A Brief History of Capitalism"; Saloni Narang (India), "Close to the Earth"; Leoncio P. Deriada (Philippines), "Daba-Daba"; Michael Anthony (Trinidad), "The Girl and the River"; Epeli Hau' Ofa (Papua New Guinea; Tonga), "The Tower of Babel"; Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana), "In the Cutting of a Drink"; Bei Dao (China, Norway), "The Homecoming Stranger"; Grace Ogot (Kenya), "The Rain Came"; Bessie Head (South Africa; Botswana), "The Lovers"; Ai Ya (Taiwan), "Whistle"; Carmen Lugo Filippi (Puerto Rico), "Pilar, Your Curls"; Alifa Rifaat (Egypt), "The Long Night of Winter"; Luisa Mercedes Levinson (Argentina), "The Clearing"; Hazel D. Campbell (Jamaica), "The Thursday Wife"; Lake Sagaris (Chile), "The March"; Velma Pollard (Jamaica), "My Mother"; Ulfat al-Idlibi (Syria), "The Women's Baths"; Roberta Fernández (USA), "Amanda"; Abd al-Salam al-Ujayli (Syria), "Madness"; Leonard Kibera (Kenya), "The Spider's Web"; Bessie Head (South Africa; Botswana), "Heaven Is Not Closed"; Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnam), "The Pine Gate"; Xavier Herbert (Australia), "Kaijek the Songman"; Baha' Tahir (Egypt), "Last Night I Dreamt of You"; Uyen Loewald (North Vietnam; Australia), "Integration"; Patricia Grace (New Zealand–Maori), "A Way of Talking"; Jose Emilio Pacheco (Mexico), "You Wouldn't Understand"; Leoncio P. Deriada (Philippines), "Ati-Atihan."

    Works translated into English: Masahiko Shimada (Japan), "A Callow Fellow of Jewish Descent"; Julio Ortega (Peru; USA), "Las Papas"; Pedro Juan Soto (Puerto Rico; USA), "The Innocents"; Christina Peri Rossi (Uruguay; Spain), "The Influence of Edgar A. Poe in the Poetry of Raimundo Arias"; Hwang Sun-Won (Korea), "Masks"; Alfonso Quijada Urias (El Salvador; Mexico; Canada), "In the Shade of a Little Old Lady in Flower"; Arturo Arias (Guatemala), "Guatemala 1954--Funeral for a Bird"; Lizandro Chávez Alfaro (Nicaragua), "Clamor of Innocence"; Carmen Naranjo (Costa Rica), "And We Sold the Rain"; Augusto Monterroso (Guatemala; Mexico), "Mister Taylor"; Marta Brunet (Chile), "Solitude of Blood"; Yuko Tsushima (Japan), "The Marsh" [trans. noted on Permissions page only]; Khalida Hussain (Pakistan), "Story of the Name"; Bertalicia Peralta (Panama), "A March Guayacán"; Carmen Lyra (Costa Rica), "Estefanía"; Clarice Lispector (Brazil), "The Smallest Woman in the World"

    About this anthology, Timothy Brennan notes: "About sixty-five out of the eighty or so stories were originally written in English or Spanish, and of the remaining fifteen, several are in Portuguese. There is practically nothing from the French Caribbean or from francophone Africa; nothing from lusophone Africa; nothing, surprisingly, from the rich literatures of Bengal or non-English-speaking India (particularly the south); nothing from the Maghreb; almost nothing from the rich Urdu literatures of Pakistan; nothing from the patwah traditions of Jamaica, Trinidad, or Haiti; and nothing based on the oral literatures of Africa or Amerindian peoples, although much was included from the often overlooked areas of China and the Arabic-speaking world" (At Home in the World: Cosmopolitanism Now. Harvard UP, 1997. 50). Moreover, Brennan argues, "many of the stories [selected] seemed geared precisely to expose the failures of alternatives to Westernization, even though such alternatives form a prominent and respectable theme in non-Western writing" (50).

The Global Game: Writers on Soccer. Ed. John Turnbull, Thom Satterlee, and Alon Raab. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 2008.
  • Includes poetry and prose from Ted Hughes, Charles Simic, Eduardo Galeano, Günter Grass, Giovanna Pollarolo, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Elvis Costello—to name but a few. Contributors: Rafael Alberti, Eduard Bass, Nalinaksha Bhattacharya, Hebe de Bonafini, Lawrence Cann, Bridget Carson, Hernán Casciari, Elvis Costello, Edilberto Coutinho, Erik Eggers, Friedrich Christian Delius, György Dragomán, Philippe Dubath, Álvaro Enrigue, Eduardo Galeano, Günter Grass, Einar Már Guðmundsson, William Heyen, Miroslav Holub, Ted Hughes, Ian Jack, Elísabet Jökulsdóttir, Ephraim Kishon, Simon Kuper, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Driton Latifi, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Mario Vargas Llosa, Subcomandante Marcos, Javier Marías, Andrew Marshall, Stanley Matthews, Christopher Merrill, Mássimo Moratti, Lady Murasaki, Mark Nuttall, Giovanna Pollarolo, Julio Ramón Ribeyro, Paul Richards, Klaus Rifbjerg, Nelson Rodrigues, María Graciela Rodríguez, Umberto Saba, Matilde Sánchez, Thom Satterlee, Rogelio Ramos Signes, Charles Simic, Antonio Skármeta, Osvaldo Soriano, David Starkey, Gay Talese, Crispin Thomas, Bea Vidacs, Luiz Vilela, Sarah Wardle, Ch’ao Yueh-chih, and Uroš Zupan.

    David Goldblatt, author of The Ball Is Round (2006), characterizes this anthology as "The first truly global survey of writing on the global game. . . . The collection gives a powerful reminder to Anglo-Saxon literary cultures that football--the most global cultural phenomenon of all--has a rich, multivocal literary tradition" (TLS). Still more supplementary materials are available at the book's website. Inevitably, of course, the anthology omits some works that might have been included: e.g., Mario Benedetti's "Left Wing" (a short story "about a soccer player who takes a bribe to throw a game but just cannot help scoring a goal [that] has been called the foundation of Latin American sports literature" [New York Times (18 May 2009)].

Global Voices: Contemporary Literature from the Non-Western World. Eds. Arthur Biddle, Gloria Bien, Miriam Cooke, Vinay Dharwadker, Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, Mbuello Mzamane, and Angelita Reyes. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1995.
  • The Caribbean: Girl / Jamaica Kincaid -- A wedding in spring / George Lamming -- from The chosen place, the timeless people / Paule Marshall -- Red rising ; Xango / Edward Kamau Brathwaite -- The day they burned the books / Jean Rhys -- from The bridge of beyond / Simone Schwarz-Bart -- Wherever I hang ; Tropical death / Grace Nichols -- If I could write this in fire, I would write this in fire / Michelle Cliff -- The mulatta and the minotaur ; Lullaby for Jean Rhys ; Nanny ; For my mother (may I inherit half her strength) / Lorna Goodison -- from Return to my native land / Aimé Césaire -- The gift / Joseph Zobel -- Sea grapes ; The swamp ; The castaway / Derek Walcott -- from The mystic masseur / V.S. Naipaul -- from The dragon can't dance / Earl Lovelace. Latin America: The circular ruins / Jorge Luis Borges -- Continuity of parks / Julio Cortázar -- The censors / Luisa Valenzuela -- The third bank of the river / João Guimarães Rosa -- The crime of the mathematics professor / Clarice Lispector -- Two concrete poems / Haroldo de Campos -- The heights of Macchu Picchu / Pablo Neruda -- Litany of the little bourgeois ; Mummies ; Test ; I take back everything I've said / Nicanor Parra -- Balthazar's marvelous afternoon / Gabriel García Márquez -- Ballad of the two grandfathers ; The grandfather / Nicolás Guillén -- Like the night / Alejo Carpentier -- from Paradiso / José Lezama Lima -- The wounded / Reinaldo Arenas -- Angel face / Miguel Angel Asturias -- San Ildefonso nocturne / Octavio Paz -- Tell them not to kill me! / Juan Rulfo -- The doll queen / Carlos Fuentes -- from The war of the end of the world / Mario Vargas Llosa -- The youngest doll / Rosario Ferré. Sub-Saharan Africa: Night ; Kinaxixi ; African poetry ; Western civilizations / Agostinho Neto -- The collector of treasures / Bessie Head -- Something to talk about on the way to the funeral / Ama Ata Aidoo -- Minutes of glory / Ngugi wa Thiongo -- Messages ; On his royal blindness paramount Chief Kwangala ; When this carnival finally closes / Jack Mapanje -- Piano and drums ; You laughed and laughed and laughed ; Once upon a time / Gabriel Okara -- The madman / Chinua Achebe -- The strong breed / Wole Soyinka -- Black woman ; Totem ; New York ; Be not amazed ; In what tempestuous night ; Prayer to masks ; Senegal ; Visit ; Luxembourg / Leopold Sedar Senghor -- Tribal scars or the voltaique / Sembene Ousmane -- Comrades / Nadine Gordimer -- Death of a son / Njabulo Simakahle Ndebele -- My husband's tongue is bitter ; What is Africa to me? / Okot P' Bitek. The Middle East: There is no exile / Assia Djebar -- Zaabalawi / Naguib Mahfouz -- She has no place in paradise / Nawal Saadawi -- The stray dog / Sadeq Hedayat -- Window ; Friday / Forugh Farrokhzad -- Rain song ; Song in August / Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab -- At the outset of the day / Shmuel Yosef Agnon -- The gipsy / Emile Habibi -- The dress ; The sound of birds at noon ; Pride ; From day to night ; Distant land / Dahlia Rabikovich -- A new definition of the third world ; A thousand times more beautiful ; A covenant ; Soujourn forever ; Free harbor ; You alone / Suad Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah -- A space ship of tenderness to the moon / Layla Baalbaki -- Our daily bread / Emily Nasrallah -- The death of bed number 12 / Ghassan Kanafani -- The doum tree of Wad Hamid / Tayeb Salih -- On living ; The strangest creature on earth ; Some advice to those who will serve time in prison ; Awakening ; Evening walk / Nazim Hikmet Ran. South Asia: The master carpenter / G. Shankara Kurup -- Her dream ; Household fires / Indira Sant -- Do something, brother / M. Gopalakrishna Adiga -- Traitor ; The knot / Vinda Karandikar -- Process of creation ; The weed / Amrita Pritam -- Minority poem ; In India / Nissim Ezekiel -- Breast-giver / Mahasweta Devi -- Preparations of war ; Archaeological find / Kunwar Narayan -- Love poem for a wife I ; Small-scale reflections on a great house / A.K. Ramanujan -- Process of change ; Half-an-hour's argument / Shrikant Verma -- On reading a love poem / Kedarnath Singh -- The city, evening, and an old man, me / Dhoomil -- Bread / P. Lankesh -- The color of nothingness / Naiyer Masud -- The farewell party / Anita Desai -- A rat and a sparrow / C.S. Lakshmi -- A desire in her bangles / Gagan Gill -- The half-closed eyes of the Buddha and the slowly setting sun / Shankar Lamichhane -- Purvai : the easterly wind / Zamiruddin Ahmad -- The bird / Enver Sajjad -- The wagon / Khalida Asghar -- Menika / Yasmine Gooneratne. East Asia: Why parents worry / Cheng Naishan -- Happiness street ; Notes on the city of the sun ; Answer ; All / Bei Dao -- Also all ; Assembly line / Shu Ting -- Capital "I" ; Parting ; A headstrong boy / Gu Cheng -- If there's a war rages afar ; The Kowloon-Canton Railway / Yu Kwang-Chung -- Glory's by Blossom Bridge / Pai Hsien-Yung -- Six songs to the tune "Partridge skies" ; from Nine arguments ; Loneliness / Yang Mu -- Six ways of eating watermelons ; Protest posters ; Don't read this / Lo Ching -- Up in the tree ; Immortality ; The Cereus / Kawabata Yasunari -- Boxcar of chrysanthemums / Enchi Fumiko -- The boy ; River light ; The beginning of autumn ; Elegy ; Old man in a turban / Inoue Yasushi -- Above the crumbled bricks ; On the hill, a withered farm ; Like something totally ; Ephemerae swarming ; At many street corners ; Factory dismissing the workers ; A white human figure ; After a heated argument ; Like an arm overstretched ; Like squids / Kaneko Tota -- Toroboshi : the blind young man / Mishima Yukio -- The sanctity of trivial things ; Obsession with an apple ; A personal opinion about gray ; Impossible approach to a glass / Tanikawa Shuntaro -- Wine / Hayashi Mariko -- Cranes ; Masks / Hwang Sunwon -- An empty glass ; Burial ; Footprints ; A trip to Yongin ; Winter living / Pak Mogwol -- Love song ; Gift ; Winter Christ / Kim Namjo -- Four twilights ; Port of call ; Wild geese ; Song of peace / Hwang Tonggyu.
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Faust) -- The sick wife / Christian Gellert -- Little Briar-Rose / The brothers Grimm -- The story of Serapion / E.T.A. Hoffmann -- The legend of the dance / Gottfried Keller -- The fury / Paul Heyse -- The triple warning / Arthur Schnitzler -- A New-Year's Eve confession / Hermann Sudermann -- The divided horsecloth / Bernier -- The priest and the mulberries / Anonymous -- The lay of the two lovers / Marie de France -- The pious lady and the gray friar / Marguerite de Navarre -- He who married a dumb wife ; The roast-meat seller / François Rabelais -- Little Red Riding-Hood / Charles Perrault -- The four friends / Jean de Lafontaine -- Memnon the philosopher / Voltaire -- Lausus and Lydia / J.F. Marmontel -- The mysterious mansion / Honoré de Balzac -- Mateo Falcone / Prosper Mérimée -- The mummy's foot / Théophile Gautier -- The torture of hope / Villiers de L'Isle Adam -- The last lesson / Alphonse Daudet -- The fairy Amoureuse / Émile Zola -- The substitute / François Coppée -- Our lady's juggler / Anatole France -- The necklace / Guy de Maupassant -- The bell of Atri (The hundred ancient tales) -- The falcon / Giovanni Boccaccio -- Galgano / Ser Giovanni -- The two ambassadors / Franco Sacchetti -- The cavalier of Toledo / Masuccio (Guardato) -- Belphagor / Niccolo Macchiavelli -- A king in disguise / Matteo Bandello -- The friar of Novara / Agnolo Firenzuola -- The Greek merchant / Giovanbattista Giraldi Cinthio -- The Venetian silk-mercer / Carlo Gozzi -- Cavalleria rusticana / Giovanni Verga -- The peasant's will / Antonio Fogazzaro -- Mendicant melody / Edmondo de Amicis -- Lulu's triumph / Matilde Serao -- The hero / Gabriele d'Annunzio -- Two miracles / Grazia Deledda -- The miracle of the Jew (Chronicle of the Cid) -- The son and his friends / Juan Manuel -- How Lazaro served a bulero / Diego Hurtado de Mendoza -- Guzman and my lord Cardinal / Mateo Alemán -- Rinconete and Cortadillo / Miguel Cervantes -- The tall woman / Pedro Antonio de Alarcón -- Maese Perez, the organist / Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer -- Adios, Cordera! / Leopoldo Alas -- Story of Ming-Y ; Fickle widow (Marvelous tales) -- The virtuous daughter-in-law / Pu Sung-Ling -- The forty-seven ronins [ronin] / Anonymous -- The pier / Mori Ogwai -- A domestic animal / Shimazaki Toson -- The higher the flight the lower the fall / Jacob Cats -- The story of Saidjah / Eduard Douwes Dekker -- Grandfather's birthday present / Herman Heijermans -- The invisible wound / Karoly Kisfaludi -- A ball / Maurus Jokai -- The green fly / Kalman Mikszath -- The silver hilt / Ferenc Molnar -- The snow storm / Alexander Pushkin -- St. John's eve / Nikolai Gogol -- The district doctor / Ivan Turgenev -- The Christmas tree and the wedding / Feodor Dostoievsky [Dostoyevsky] -- The long exile / Leo Tolstoy -- The old bell-ringer / Vladimir Korolenko -- The signal / Vsevolod Garshin -- The bet / Anton Chekhov -- One autumn night / Maxim Gorky -- Silence / Leonid Andreyev. -- The lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall / Henryk Sienkiewicz -- The human telegraph / Boleslav Prus -- Forebodings / Stefan Zeromski -- A woman's wrath / Isaac Loeb Peretz -- The Passover guest / Sholom Aleichem -- A picnic / S. Libin -- The Kaddish / Abraham Raisin -- Abandoned / Sholom Asch -- In the storm / David Pinski -- Baldr's bale / Snorri Sturluson -- Regin's tale (Volsunga saga) -- The shepherdess and the sweep / Hans Christian Andersen -- Henrik and Rosalie / Meyer Aron Goldschmidt -- Two worlds / Jens Peter Jacobsen -- Smith who could not get into hell / Peter Christen Asbjörnsen and Jörgen Moe -- The father / Björnstjerne Björnson -- Skobelef / Johan Bojer -- Love and bread / August Strindberg -- The eclipse / Slema Lagerlöf -- The falcon / Per Hallström -- The mysterious picture / Charles de Coster -- The massacre of the innocents / Maurice Maeterlinck -- The soul of Veere / Camille Lemonnier -- One night / Emile Verhaeren -- The neighbor / Antun Gustav Matos -- Children and old folk / Ivan Cankar -- At the well / Laza K. Lazarevich -- The vampire / Jan Neruda-- Foltyn's drum / Svatopluk Cech -- The priest's tale / Demetrios Bikelas -- The Easter torch / I.L. 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  • "An anthology of poetry spanning the period from 1963, when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, to 2005, when he celebrated his 87th birthday, this book is about much more than one man. It brings together almost 100 poems from 25 countries which have taken Nelson Mandela and the fight against apartheid as their inspiration. . . . With a foreword by Nadine Gordimer, the poets include Seamus Heaney, Wole Soyinka, Andrew Motion, Dennis Brutus, Jeremy Cronin, Mongane Serote, John Matshikiza and Ntozake Shange."

    Contents: Dennis Brutus, "On the Island" (1963); Hamish Henderson, "Rivonia" (1964); Robert Dederick, "Robben Island" (1968); Arthur Nortje, from "Questions and Answers" (1970); Keorapetse Kgositsile, [untitled] (1971); Oswald Mtshali, "The Detribalised" (1971); Ilva MacKay, "Mandela" (1974); John Matshikiza, "And I Watch it in Mandela" (1974); Breytan Breytenbach, "from the Cape to Rio" (1976); Gerrit Fourie, "Rivonia" (1976); José Craveirinha, "Ever Since My Friend Nelson Mandela Went to Live on Robben Island" (1977); Kamau Brathwaite, "Soweto" (1979); Fhazel Johennesse, "bombs" (1979); Dennis Brutus, "Robben Island" (1980); Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac 'Gaarriye', "Mandela" (1980); Zindzi Mandela, "Echo of Mandela" (1980); Carl Niehaus, "Please Keep Your Children Under Control" (1981); Frank Anthony, "robben island my cross my house" (1982); Mafika Gwala, "The ABC Jig" (1982); Michael Smith, "It A Come" (1982); Jeremy Cronin, "Death Row" (1983); Don Mattera, "A song for Mandela" (1983); Albino Magaia, "Nothing New in South Africa" (1984); Lee Maracle, "Mister Mandela" (1985); Jofre Rocha, "Nelson Mandela" (1985); Leite de Vasconcelos, "Mandela" (1985); Emyr Edwards, "Soweto" (1986); Vernon February, "Hero of Heroes" (1986); Emyr Lewis, "Well, good morning . . ." (1986); Morakabe 'Raks' Seakhoa, "Madiba" (1986); Benjamin Abialo, "To Nelson Mandela" (1987); Adonis, "Like a Field of Love" (1987); F.G. Mavoungou Badinga, "You Whom I Call! . . ." (1987); Thomas Bissambou, "The Burnt Hut" (1987); José Craveirinha, "Why?" (1987); Peter Horn, "Canto Three: Civil War Cantos" (1987); Durumurali Innocent, "Nostalgia for a Country" (1987); Leopold Pindy Mamonsono, "Mandela the African" (1987); M.A. Samuels, "Death by Apathy" (1987); Ntozake Shange, "Passages: Earth Space" (1987); Diarra B. Tieco, "Azania Burns" (1987); Armindo Vaz d'Almeida, "Poem to the Southern Wind" (1987); J.P. Clark, "Mandela" (1988); Karen Davis, "For Mandela" (1988); Patrick Galvin, "Letter to a Political Prisoner" (1988); Ingrid de Kok, "Small Passing" (1988); Lindiwe Mabuza, from "Elegy for Johnny" (1988); João Maimona, "To Nelson Mandela" (1988); Federico Mayor, [untitled] (1988); Andries Walter Oliphant, "To Mandela" (1988); Golden, "Xhosa Chief, Nelson Mandela" (1989); Nogqaza we Jojo, "Ah! Rolihlahla!" (1989); Zindzi Mandela, "Ode to My Father" (1989); Nancy Morejón, "Ballad of Robben Island Gaol" (1989); Sipho Sepamla, "Can I Get a Witness Here" (1989); Wole Soyinka, "Your Logic Frightens Me, Mandela" (1989); Wole Soyinka, "Like Rudolf Hess, The Man Said!" (1989); Thani, "To Nelson Mandela" (1989); Mary Ann Williams, "Birth Day Party" (1989); Elizabeth Alexander, "A Poem for Nelson Mandela" (1990); Abena P.A. Busia, "Testament for the First Accused" (1990); Lynne Bryer, "Release, February 1990" (1990); Keith Gottschalk, "Praise Poem for the African National Congress" (1990); Seamus Heaney, from "The Cure at Troy" (1990); Shumon Momen, "Mandela's Freedom" (1990); Lesego Rampolokeng, from "Rap 25" (1990); Kalamu ya Salaam, "haiku 112" (1990); Tupac Shakur, "Liberty Needs Glasses" (1990); Bongani Sitole, "Hail, Dalibunga!" (1991); Roger Brirely, "Nelson" (1992); Barry Feinberg, "Boipatong" (1992); Chris Mann, "Where is the Freedom for Which We Died?" (1992); Tatamkhulu Afrika, "Tamed" (1994); Denis Hirson, "The Long-Distance South African" (1994); Daluxolo Hoho, "A New Africa" (1994); Mazisi Kunene, "Departure from the Isle of Torments (Mandela's musings)" (1994); Kelwyn Sole, "First Election" (1994); Benjamin Zephaniah, "Who Dun It?" (1995); Cherry Clayton, "South Africa: Memorial Wall" (1996); Haki R. Madhubuti, "Killing memory" (1996); Jan Bontje, "Haiku" (1997); Karen Press, "Causality and Chance in Love" (1997); Liz Cashdan, "Macbeth" (1998); Linton Kwesi Johnson, "If I Woz a Tap-Natch Poet" (1998); Femi Ojo-Ade, from "Ogoni" (1998); Mike Barlow, "Invisible Ink" (1999); Barry Feinberg, "Evidence of Ancestry" (1999); Andrew Motion, "To Nelson Mandela: A Tribute" (2000); Edouard Maunick, "Mandela Dead and Alive" (2001); Michele Leggott, "Angels and Oracles" (2002); Jen Hadfield, "Fratres (Taking You with Me)" (2003); Allan Kolski Horwitz, "The Many Faces of Whitey" (2003); Jekwu Ikeme, "Confessions at Noon 2" (2004); Sandile Ngidi, "When Mandela Goes" (2004); David Nicol, "New Year in Cape Town" (2004); Mongane Wally Serote, from "History is the Home Address" (2004); Chris Mann, "Mandela's Cell" (2005).

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  • (1) American: J. Hawthorne, F. M. Crawford, M. E. W. Freeman, M. D. Post, A. Bierce, E. A. Poe, W. Irving, C. B. Brown. (2) English-Scotch: R. Kipling, E. Castle, R. L. Stevenson, A. C. Doyle, S. Weyman, W. Collins, and others. (3) English-Irish: F. O'Brien, Bulwer-Lytton, T. De Quincey, C. R. Maturin, L. Sterne, W. M. Thackeray, and others. (4) French-Italian-Spanish-Latin: Maupassant, Mille, Adam, Erckmann-Chatrian, Balzac, Voltaire, Alarçon, Capuana, Apulcius, Pliny, the Younger. (5) German-Russian-Scandinavian: G. Meyrink, P. Heyse, F. Hoffman, V. Krestovski, O. Larssen, D. Theden, W. Hauff, A. Chekhoff, J. Bergsoe, B. Ingemann, S. S. Blicher. (6) Oriental: Arabic, Japanese, Persian, Turkish, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese. True stories of modern magic
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  • Timothy Brennan refers to the first edition of this anthology in remarking that, "Large-market textbooks prepared for a postcanonical curriculum by the nation's biggest commercial publishers tend to adopt a deliberate strategy of integration, organizing under themes like 'Gender and Identity' or 'War and Violence' the writing of U.S. feminists, canonical figures of the nineteenth century, Arabic poets, and first-generation American immigrants writing on the theme of ethnicity" (At Home in the World: Cosmopolitanism Now. Harvard UP, 1997. 48). The 4th edition organizes its selections under the following headings: "Origins and Insights," "Gender and Identity," "War and Violence," "Race and Difference," and "Individualism and Community."

    Authors included in the anthology are: (from the U.S., including immigrants to the U.S.): Sherwood Anderson, Toni Cade Bambara, Bruce Catton, Eric Chock, Kate Chopin, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Stephen Crane, E. E. Cummings, James Dickey, Emily Dickinson, Frederick Douglass, André Dubus, Richard Eberhart, James A. Emanuel, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louise Erdrich, Martín Espada, William Faulkner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Carolyn Forché, Maria Irene Fornes, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Robert Frost, Ernest J. Gaines, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Barbara L. Greenberg, Jeffrey Harrison, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Robert Hayden, Linda Hogan, Garrett Hongo, Langston Hughes, Shirley Jackson, Randall Jarrell, Jamaica Kincaid, Martin Luther King Jr., Yusef Komunyakaa, Michael Lassell, Tato Laviera, Li-Young Lee, Denise Levertov, Eric Liu, Peter Lyman, Claude McKay, Daniel Meier, Edna St Vincent Millay, Janice Mirikitani, Paul Monette, Pat Mora, Toni Morrison, Bharati Mukherjee, Seth Mydans, Duane Niatum, Tim O'Brien, Sharon Olds, Tillie Olsen, Ann Petry, David W. Powell, Theodore Roethke, Leo Romero, Sandip Roy, Muriel Rukeyser, May Sarton, Chief Seattle, Anne Sexton, Cathy Song, Gabriel Spera, Brent Staples, Wallace Stevens, Deborah Tannen, Luci Tapahonso, Evangelina Vigil-Piñón, Maryfrances Cusumano Wagner, Alice Walker, Edith Wharton, Walt Whitman, Richard Wilbur, William Carlos Williams, James Wright, and Wakako Yamauchi; (from Europe): Fernando Arrabal, Aphra Behn, William Blake, Tadeusz Borowski, Robert Browning, Albert Camus, John Donne, Euripides, Thomas Hardy, Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, John Keats, Pär Lagerkvist (Fabian), Andrew Marvell, Molière, Frank O'Connor, Liam O'Flaherty, Wilfred Owen, Plato, William Shakespeare, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Sophocles, Alfred Tennyson, Dylan Thomas, Elie Wiesel, Virginia Woolf, William Wordsworth, and Yevgeny Yevtushenko; (from Africa): Chinua Achebe, Nadine Gordimer, and Wole Soyinka; (from the Middle East): Alifa Rifaat; (from Latin America): Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and Manuel Puig; (from South Asia): Salman Rushdie (lives in UK and USA), and Mahwash Shoaib (student in USA). As one can see, a mere handful of authors (8 of them) from outside the U.S. and Europe are included alongside 81 writers from the U.S. and 29 from Europe. This is much more a multicultural U.S. literature anthology than it is an anthology of world literature.

Literature Without Borders: International Literature in English for Student Writers. Eds. George R. Bozzini and Cynthia A. Leenerts. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2001.
  • Beginning from the recognition that "English has become an international literary language of astonishing reach and diversity" (xi), this anthology includes selections from the various regions of the English language: in "mother lands" of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland; in "settler" countries of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa; in former colonies of Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, the Leeward and Windward Islands, the Bahamas, and other islands in the Caribbean, and of Belize and Guyana in Central and South America, respectively; in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh; in Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone; in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Cameroon, Uganda, and Zambia; in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho; in Singapore and Hong Kong; in the Philippines, Micronesia, and Puerto Rico (xi). Many of the writers included to represent the other parts of the English-using world, outside the British Isles and the United States, are in fact migrants who have settled in Britain or the United States. This fact, along with the focus on "ethnic" American writers, helps to connect multiculturalism within the United States and cultural diversity abroad. Prose fiction and poetry, with the occasional essay; no drama. All selections from 20th century.
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  • Nikolai Gogol, "The Nose" -- Leo Tolstoy, "The Porcelain Doll" -- Thomas Mann, "The Wardrobe" -- Hugo von Hofmannsthal, "A Tale of the Cavalry" -- Henry James, "The Jolly Corner" -- Rainer Maria Rilke, "The Death of Chamberlain Brigge" (excerpt) and "The Hand" (excerpt) -- D. H. Lawrence, "Odour of Chrysanthemums" and "The Blind Man" -- Franz Kafka, "A Country Doctor" and "The Bucket Rider" -- Isaac Babel, "The Sin of Jesus" -- Yuri Olesha, "Lyompa" -- Osip Mandelstam, "The Egyptian Stamp" (excerpt) -- Virginia Woolf, "The Great Frost" (excerpt) -- Bruno Schulz, "The Street of Crocodiles" -- Vladimir Nabokov, "The Visit to the Museum" -- María Luisa Bombal, "New Islands" -- William Faulkner, "The Old People" -- Eudora Welty, "Moon Lake" -- Aníbal Machado, "The Piano" -- Jorge Luis Borges, "The Aleph" and "The South" -- Octavio Paz, "My Life with the Wave" -- John Cheever, "The Enormous Radio" -- Vjekoslav Kaleb, "The Guest" -- Tommaso Landolfi, "Gogol's Wife" -- Alfonso Reyes, "Major Aranda's Hand" -- Julio Cortázar, "Axolotl" and "The Night Face Up" -- Alejo Carpentier, "Journey to the Seed" -- Clarice Lispector, "The Smallest Woman in the World" -- Carlos Fuentes, "Aura" -- Elizabeth Bishop, "In the Village" -- Italo Calvino, "The Distance of the Moon" and "Invisible Cities" (excerpt) -- Gabriel García Márquez, "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" and "Blacamán the Good, Vendor of Miracles" -- Robert Escarpit, "Cloud Maker" -- Donald Barthelme, "Views of My Father Weeping" -- Milan Kundera, "The Angels" (excerpt).
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  • Selections of poetry, fiction, drama, and memoirs from writers representing 61 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
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  • Longing for America / David Rubin -- Alienation / Julio Ramón Ribeyro -- America / Arthur Schnitzler -- You have left your lotus pods on the bus / Paul Bowles -- Odd tippling / Kurt Kusenberg -- The little governess / Katherine Mansfield -- Saree of the gods / G.S. Sharat Chandra -- The growing stone / Albert Camus -- Everything is nice / Jane Bowles -- Robert Aghion / Hermann Hesse -- Pastor Dowe at Tacaté / Paul Bowles -- The blue hotel / Stephen Crane -- An outpost of progress / Joseph Conrad -- The overlap / John Bovey -- The door in the wall / Oliver La Farge -- East and West / Rudyard Kipling -- Story of the warrior and the captive / Jorge Luis Borges -- Yard sale / Paul Theroux -- Home sickness / George Moore -- The captive / Jorge Luis Borges.
One Hundred Great Poems of the Twentieth Century. Ed. Mark Strand. New York: Norton, 2005.
  • Northern elegies / Anna Akhmatova -- Buster Keaton looks in the woods for his love who is a real cow / Rafael Alberti -- We have done our duty / Yehuda Amichai -- The city limits / A.R. Ammons -- Residue / Carlos Drummond De Andrade -- Ode to the bourgeois gentleman / Mário De Andrade -- Fatness / Alan Ansen -- The pretty redhead / Guillaume Apollinaire -- Syringa / John Ashbery -- In memory of W.B. Yeats / W.H. Auden -- To the sun / Ingeborg Bachmann -- The moon and the night and the men / John Berryman -- In the waiting room / Elizabeth Bishop -- Evening in the sanitarium / Louise Bogan -- In praise of darkness / Jorge Luis Borges -- Waiting for the barbarians / C.P. Cavafy -- Death fugue / Paul Celan -- Menus / Blaise Cendrars -- Batouque / Aimé Césaire -- Poem on death / Inger Christensen -- Marine surface, low overcast / Amy Clampitt -- My grandmother's love letters / Hart Crane -- Mid-way / Robert Desnos -- The helmsman / H.D. -- On an East wind from the wars / Alan Dugan -- This place rumored to have been Sodom / Robert Duncan -- The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock / T.S. Eliot -- The mad pomegranate tree / Odysseus Elytis -- An old man's winter night / Robert Frost -- Prayer / Gloria Fuertes -- A supermarket in California / Allen Ginsberg -- Lament / Thom Gunn -- The convergence of the Twain / Thomas Hardy -- At Mornington / Gwen Harwood -- Witch doctor / Robert Hayden -- More light! More light! / Anthony Hecht -- Mr. Cogito thinks about Hell / Zbigniew Herbert -- Things I didn't know I loved / Nazim Hikmet -- Translated from the German or the Bosnian / Max Jacob -- A prayer to go to paradise with the donkeys / Francis Jammes -- The deer lay down their bones / Robinson Jeffers -- Life draws a tree- / Roberto Juarroz -- Psalm and lament / Donald Justice -- One train may hide another / Kenneth Koch -- Next, please / Philip Larkin -- The ship of death / D.H. Lawrence -- The old man's monologue with death / Enrique Lihn -- The big mystical circus / Jorge De Lima -- The unfaithful married woman / Federico García Lorca -- My last afternoon with Uncle Devereux Winslow / Robert Lowell -- The broken home / James Merrill -- Vixen / W.S. Merwin -- I am writing to you from a far-off country / Henri Michaux -- The cameo / Edna St. Vincent Millay -- Encounter / Czeslaw Milosz -- Elegy for N.N. / Czeslaw Milosz -- The eel / Eugenio Montale -- The fish / Marianne Moore -- The absent / Edwin Muir -- Very like a whale / Ogden Nash -- Ode to the seagull / Pablo Neruda -- To the film industry in crisis / Frank O'Hara -- The undertaking in New Jersey / George Oppen -- Anthem for doomed youth / Wilfred Owen -- Ein Leben / Dan Pagis -- The tunnel / Nicanor Parra -- Winter night / Boris Pasternak -- Morning star / Cesare Pavese -- As one listens to the rain / Octavio Paz -- The tobacco shop / Fernando Pessoa (Álvaro de Campos) -- Water / Francis Ponge -- The little box / Vasko Popa -- Canto XLV / Ezra Pound -- Barbara / Jacques Prévert -- If you imagine / Raymond Queneau -- Tombs of the Hetaerae / Rainer Maria Rilke -- Miniature / Yannos Ritsos -- Dolor / Theodore Roethke -- In the middle of life / Tadeusz Rozewicz -- Epiphany, 1937 / George Seferis -- April inventory / W.D. Snodgrass -- A postcard from the volcano / Wallace Stevens -- That winter / Ruth Stone -- Rain and the tyrants / Jules Supervielle -- Question / May Swenson -- The end and the beginning / Wislawa Szymborska -- Fern Hill / Dylan Thomas -- Rain / Edward Thomas -- Track / Tomas Tranströmer -- An attempt at jealousy / Marina Tsvetaeva -- Rose nocturnal / Xavier Villaurrutia -- The season of phantasmal peace / Derek Walcott -- Lullaby: Moonlight lingers / Robert Penn Warren -- Advice to a prophet / Richard Wilbur -- These / William Carlos Williams -- The journey / James Wright -- I have seen black hands / Richard Wright -- In memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markievicz / William Butler Yeats -- That's how we are / Andrea Zanzotto -- "A"-11 / Louis Zukofsky.
One World of Literature. Eds. Shirley Geok-Lin Lim and Norman A. Spencer. New York: Houghton-Mifflin, 1993.
  • An anthology of 20th-century writings from around the world, including works originally written in English and works presented in English translation. Includes introductory essays on each continental unit, with accompanying maps ("Africa and the Middle East"; "Asia"; "Australia and Oceania"; "Europe"; "Latin America and the Caribbean"; "North America"); headnotes on the authors and study questions on the selections; and explanatory appendices on genres (fiction, poetry, drama), on translation, on documentation in academic writing about literature; a glossary of literary terms; and a bibliography of selected works on literature of each region.
Other Routes: 1500 Years of African and Asian Travel Writing. Ed. Tabish Khair, Justin D. Edwards, Martin Leer, and Hanna Ziadeh. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2006.
The Other Voice: Twentieth-Century Women's Poetry in Translation. Ed. Joanna Bankier, Carol Cosman, Doris Earnshaw, Joan Keefe, Deirdre Lashgari, and Kathleen Weaver. New York: Norton, 1976.
  • Includes poems from 38 countries and 31 languages.
Ourselves Among Others: Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers. Ed. Carol J. Verburg. 3rd edn. New York: Bedford / St. Martin's P, 1994.
  • Very good anthology, primarily of non-fictional prose (including autobiography and some journalism). Does have some fiction, but no poetry or drama. All selections from the 20th century. Useful headnotes to the selections, giving brief accounts of the author and about the part of the world that he or she is discussing in the selection.
The Oxford Book of Jewish Stories. Ed. Ilan Stavans. New York: Oxford UP, 1998.
  • The rabbi's son / Rabbi Nakhman of Bratzlav -- The calf / Sholem Jacob Abramovitsh -- If not higher ... / Isaac Leib Peretz -- A Yom Kippur scandal / Sholem Aleichem -- The mother / Italo Svevo -- Tug of love / Israel Zangwill -- The kiss / Lamed Shapiro -- America and I / Anzia Yezierska -- Holy Land / Ludwig Lewisohn -- Before the law / Franz Kafka -- At night / David Bergelson -- The fool and the forest demon / Der Nister -- Camacho's wedding feast / Alberto Gerchunoff -- A whole loaf / Shmuel Yosef Agnon -- The street of crocodiles / Bruno Schulz -- The story of my dovecot / Isaac Babel -- The Spinoza of Market Street / Isaac Bashevis Singer -- The sacrifice of the prisoner / Elias Canetti -- Prophet in our midst: a story for Passover / A.M. Klein -- In dreams begin responsibilities / Delmore Schwartz -- Angel Levine / Bernard Malamud -- Looking for Mr. Green / Saul Bellow -- House at the sea / Natalia Ginzburg -- The hand that fed me / Isaac Rosenfeld -- The mirror maker / Primo Levi -- The key game / Ida Fink -- Midrash on happiness / Grace Paley -- Letter from his father / Nadine Gordimer -- Family ties / Clarice Lispector -- The shawl / Cynthia Ozick -- The true waiting / Elie Wiesel -- The Zulu and the Zeide / Dan Jacobson -- Criers and kibitzers, kibitzers and criers / Stanley Elkin -- Playing ball on Hampstead Heath / Mordecai Richler -- Bertha / Aharon Appelfeld -- The conversion of the Jews / Philip Roth -- Dogs and books / Danilo Kis -- The Yatir evening express / A.B. Yehoshua -- In the name of His Name / Angelina Muniz-Huberman -- The ballad of the false Messiah / Moacyr Scliar -- Nomad and viper / Amos Oz -- The conversion / Isaac Goldemberg -- Useful ceremonies / Francine Prose -- Lazar Malkin enters heaven / Steve Stern -- The legacy of Raizel Kaidish: a story / Rebecca Goldstein.
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Plays by Women: An International Anthology. Ed. Françoise Kourilsky and Catherine Temerson. Ubu Repertory Theater Publications, 1988.
  • Five plays by French-speaking women playwrights: Denise Bonal (Algeria); Michèle Fabien (Belgium); Abla Farhoud (Lebanon and Quebec); Fatima Gallaire-Bourega (Algeria and France); Simone Schwarz-Bart (Guadeloupe and France).
Playwrights of Exile: An International Anthology. France, Romania, Quebec, Algeria, Lebanon, Cuba. Ed. Wajdi Mouawad. New York: UBU Repertory Theater Publications, 1997.
  • Lady Strass / Eduardo Manet ; translated by Phyllis Zatlin -- Class photo / Anca Visdei ; translated by Stephen J. Vogel -- My mother's eyes / Leïla Sebbar ; translated by Stephen J. Vogel -- Such great hope / Noureddine Aba ; translated by Richard Miller -- Wedding day at the Cro-Magnons' / Wajdi Mouawad ; translated by Shelley Tepperman.
The PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century. Ed. Douglas Messerli. 7 vols. København: Green Integer, 2000-06.
Poems for the Millennium. Ed. Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris. 2 vols. Berkeley: U of California P, 1995 and 1998. (Vol. 1, From Fin-de-Siècle to Negritude [1995]; Vol. 2, From Postwar to Millennium [1998])
  • Contained in the 1650 pages of these two volumes is "the first global anthology of twentieth-century poetry" (back cover of vol. 1). The anthologies pepper commentaries throughout the selections. The volumes certainly constitute a richly international selection of poets: they are very strong on poets of the "Western" world (Europe and the Americas, including Latin American, the Caribbean, and Native American works). But they are thinner on other parts of the "Old World": Africa, the Middle East, Asia. Nonetheless, there is room for some 45 or so poets from these parts as well: Hagiwara Sakutarō, Miyazawa Kenji, Wen Yiduo, Nazim Hikmet, Kusano Shimpei, Yi Sang, Confucius (as rendered by Ezra Pound), Allama Prabhu, Awotunde Aworinde, a selection from the I Ching, and Naftali Bacharach (from vol. 1) and Tōge Sankichi, Yoshioka Minoru, Mohammed Dib, Amos Tutuola, a section on the Tammuzi Poets (from North Africa), Seiichi Nikuni, Chinua Achebe, Adonis, Sujata Bhatt, Tchicaya U Tam'si, Ece Ayhan, Komi Ekpe, a selection on Postwar Japanese Poetry, Takahashi Mutsuo, Malay Roy Choudhury, Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine, Mahmoud Darwish, a section on The Misty Poets (from China), Habib Tengour, and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (from vol. 2).
The Poetry of Men's Lives: An International Anthology. Ed. Fred S. Moramarco and Al Zolynas. Athens, GA: U of Georgia P, 2004.
  • Contents: Introduction. Section I: Boyhood and Youth: Asia -- Anzai Hitoshi, New Blade; Shuja Nawaz, The Initiation; Taufiq Rafat, Circumcision; Europe -- Mario Benedetti, The Magnet; Ciaran Berry, Uascán; Ussin Kerim, Mother; Ivan Matanov, Still I see in front of me; Valeri Petrov, A Cry from Childhood; Peter Redgrove, My Father's Trapdoors; Jean-Pierre Rosnay, Piazza San Marco; James Sacré, A Little Boy, I'm Not Sure Anymore; South America -- Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Boy Crying in the Night; Central America and the Caribbean -- Norberto James, I Had No Books; Mervyn Morris, The Pond.

    Section II: Families: Asia -- Nobuo Ayukawa, Sister, I'm Sorry; Yu Jian, Thank You Father; Jayanta Mahapatra, Shadows ; Wang Xiaolong, In Memoriam: Dedicated to My Father; The Middle East -- Yehuda Amichai, A Flock of Sheep near the Airport; Yair Hurvitz, An Autobiographical Moment; Shaun Levin, With Your Mother in a Café; Europe -- Martin Crucefix, Pietà; Michael Donaghy, Inheritance; Franco Fortini, The Seed; Tonino Guerra, Canto Three; Seamus Heaney, In Memoriam M. K. H.; Alan Jenkins, Chopsticks; Lyubomir Levchev, Cronies; Karl Lubomirski, Mother; Stein Mehren, Mother, we were a heavy burden; Alexander Shurbanov, Attractions; Marin Sorescu, Balls and Hoops; Jan Erik Vold, Thor Heyerdahl's mother; Andrew Waterman, Birth Day; Karol Wojtyla, Sister; Andrea Zanzotto, From a New Height; Africa -- Ismael Hurreh, Pardon Me; South America -- Narlan Matos-Teixera, My Father's House; North America -- David Bottoms, Bronchitis; Jim Daniels, Falling Bricks; Philip Levine, Clouds above the Sea; Walt McDonald, Crossing the Road; W. S. Merwin, Yesterday; Leonard Nathan, Circlings; Jonas Zdanys, The Angels of Wine; Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand -- Dimitris Tsaloumis, A Song for My Father; Dimitris Tsaloumis, Old Snapshot.

    Section III: Identities: Cultural, Personal, Male: Asia -- Nobuo Ayukawa, Love; Xue Di, Nostalgia; Sunil Gangopadhyay, From Athens to Cairo; Liu Kexiang, Choice; Harris Khalique, In London; Kim Kwang-kyu, Sketch of a fetish; Fei Ma, A Drunkard; A. K. Ramanujan, Self-Portrait; Suchart Sawadsri, If You Come Close to Me; Nguyen Quang Thieu, from "Eleven Parts of Feeling"; Tenzin Tsundue, My Tibetanness; Ko Un, Headmaster Abe; Liang Xiaobin, China, I've Lost My Key; Europe -- Wolfgang Bächler, A Revolt in the Mirror; Alan Brownjohn, Sonnet of a Gentleman; Robert Crawford, Masculinity; Igor Irtenev, Untitled; Dmitry Kuzmin, Untitled; Michael Longley, Self-Portrait; Cees Nooteboom, Midday; Vittorio Sereni, Each Time That Almost; Vittorio Sereni, First Fear; Olafs Stumbrs, Song at a Late Hour; Husein Tahmiscic, You're Not a Man If You Don't Die; Ulku Tamer, The Dagger; John Powell Ward, In the Box; Hugo Williams, Making Friends with Ties; Africa -- Frank Aig-Imoukhuede, One Wife for One Man; Dennis Brutus, I Am Alien in Africa and Everywhere; Jonathan Kariara, A Leopard Lives in a Muu Tree; Leseko Rampolekeng, Welcome to the New Consciousness; Léopold Sédar Senghor, Totem; Ahmed Tidjani-Cissé, Home News; South America -- Juan Carlos Galeano, Eraser; Central America and the Caribbean -- A. L. Hendriks, Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?; Evan X Hyde, Super High; Derek Walcott, Love after Love; North America -- Robert Bly, The Man Who Didn't Know What Was His; Philip Dacey, Four Men in a Car; Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Male Rage Poem; Douglas Goetsch, Bachelor Song; Yusef Komunyakaa, Homo Erectus; Gary Soto, Mexicans Begin Jogging; Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand -- Les Murray, Folklore; Les Murray, Performance; John A. Scott, Man in Petersham; Luke Icarus Simon, Ravine; Russell Soaba, Looking thru Those Eyeholes; Dimitris Tsaloumis, Epilogue.

    Section IV: Men and Women: Asia -- Rafiq Azad, Woman: The Eternal; Sadhu Binning, Revenge; Yi Cha, Neighbors; Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Before You Came; Huan Fu, Flower; Hung Hung, A Hymn to Hualien; Nadir Hussein, A Wedding; Takagi Kyozo, How to Cook Women; Yang Mu, Let the Wind Recite ; Shantaro Tanikawa, Kiss; The Middle East -- Adonis, A Woman and a Man; Abdul Wahab al-Bayati, Secret of Fire; Yehuda Amichai, An Ideal Woman; Sa 'di Yusuf, A Woman; Amal Dunqul, Corner; Salman Masalha, Cage; Nizar Qabbani, The Fortune Teller; Europe -- Radu Andriescu, The Apple; Roberto Carifi, Untitled; Jose Manuel del Pino, Doré V; Arnljot Eggen, He called her his willow; Kjell Hjern, To My Love; Vladimir Holan, Meeting in a Lift; Vladimir Holan, She Asked You; Tasos Leivaditis, Eternal Dialogue; Virgil Mihaiu, The Ultimate Luxury Woman; Czeslaw Milosz, After Paradise; Pentti Saarikoski, Untitled; Marin Sorescu, Don Juan (after he'd consumed tons of lipstick . . .); Mustafa Ziyalan, Night Ride on 21; Africa -- Chinua Achebe, Love Cycle; Kojo Laing, I am the freshly dead husband; Taban lo Liyong, 55; Taban lo Liyong, 60; South America -- Antonio Cisneros, Dedicatory (to My Wife); Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Ballad of Love through the Ages; Oscar Hahn, Good Night Dear; Oscar Hahn, Little Phantoms; Oscar Hahn, Candlelight Dinner; Sergio Kisielewsky, Cough Drops; Marco Martos, Casti Connubi; Central America and the Caribbean -- Lord Kitchener, Miss Tourist; Roberto Fernández Retamar, A Man and a Woman; Jaime Sabines, I Love You at Ten in the Morning; North America -- Leonard Cohen, Suzanne; Galway Kinnell, The Perch; Charles Simic, At the Cookout; Quincy Troupe, Change; Al Zolynas, Whistling Woman.

    Section V: Myth, Archetypes, and Spirituality: Asia -- Chairil Anwar, Heaven; Chairil Anwar, At the Mosque; Tsujii Takashi, Woman Singing; The Middle East -- Admiel Kosman, Something Hurts; Europe -- Risto Ahti, The Beloved's Face; Peter Armstrong, Sunderland Nights; Mircea Cartarescu, A happy day in my life; Carlos Edmundo de Ory, Silence; Herbert Gassner, Fear; Primo Levi, Samson; Primo Levi, Delilah; Harry Martinson, Santa Claus; Semezdin Mehmedinovic, An Essay; Peter Reading, Fates of Men; Mihai Ursachi, A Monologue; Africa -- Al-Munsif al-Wahaybi, The Desert; Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali, A Voice from the Dead; South America -- Juan Carlos Galeano, Tree; Central America and the Caribbean -- Jorge Esquinca, Fable of the Hunter; Evan Jones, Genesis; Dennis Scott, Uncle Time; North America -- Michael Blumenthal, The Forces; Stephen Dobyns, Why Fool Around?; Stephen Dunn, Odysseus's Secret; Fred Moramarco, Clark Kent, Naked; Marco Morelli, A Volunteer's Fairy Tale; Howard White, The Men There Were Then; Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand -- Peter Skrzynecki, Buddha, Birdbath, Hanging Plant.

    Section VI: Politics, War, Revolution: Asia -- Kriapur, Men on Fire; Shin Kyong-Nim, Yollim Kut Song; U Sam Oeur, The Loss of My Twins; Edwin Thumboo, The Exile; The Middle East -- Mahmud Darwish, Give Birth to Me Again That I May Know; Mahmud Darwish, On a Canaanite Stone in the Dead Sea; Admiel Kosman, Games; Salman Masalha, On Artistic Freedom in the Nationalist Era; Rami Saari, The Only Democracy (in the Middle East); Tawfiq Zayyad, Here We Will Stay; Europe -- Toma Longinoviç, Glorious Ruins; Semezdin Mehmedinovic, The Only Dream; Ucha Sakhltkhutsishvili, Soldiers; Izet Sarajlic, Untitled; Aleksey Shelvakh, Veterans; Africa -- Kofi Anyidoho, Desert Storm; Breyten Breytenbach, Eavesdropper; Frank Chipasula, Manifesto on Ars Poetica; Lupenga Mphande, I Was Sent For; Tanure Ojaide, State Executive; Jorge Rebelo, Poem of a Militant; Central America and the Caribbean -- Ricardo Castillo, Ode to the Urge; Fabio Morabito, Master of an Expanse; Luis Rogelio Nogueras, A Poem.

    Section VII: Sex and Sexuality: Asia -- Rofel G. Brion, Love Song; Sunil Gangopadhyay, Blindfold; Hung Hung, Helas!; George Oommen, A Private Sorrow; Vikram Seth, Unclaimed; Europe -- Alain Bosquet, The Lovers; David Eggleton, Bouquet of Dead Flowers; Tonino Guerra, Canto Twenty-Four; Zbigniew Herbert, Rosy Ear; Michael Hulse, Concentrating; Alan Jenkins, Street Life; Brendan Kennelly, The Swimmer; Kemal Kurt, GYN-astics; Henri Michaux, Simplicity; Aleksandr Shatalov, Untitled; Jon Stallworthy, The Source; Péter Zilahy, Dictators; Africa -- Bahadur Tejani, Lines for a Hindi Poet; South America -- Ricardo Feierstein, Sex; North America -- Orlando Ricardo Menes, Sodomy; Len Roberts, The Problem; Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand -- Jonathan Fisher, Six Part Lust Story; Clive James, Bring me the sweat of Gabriela Sabatini; Luke Icarus Simon, Measuring Apollo.

    Section VIII: Poets and Poetry, Artists and Art: Asia -- Cecil Rajendra, Prince of the Dance; The Middle East -- Ahmad Shamlu, Poetry That Is Life; Bishwabimohan Shreshtha, Should I Earn My Daily Bread, / or Should I Write a Poem?; Europe -- Evgeny Bunimovich, Excuse and Explanation; Theo Dorgan, The Choice; Jan Erik Vold, Hokusai the old master, who painted a wave like nobody ever painted a wave before him; Zahrad, The Woman Cleaning Lentils; Adam Ziemianin, Heart Attack; South America -- Nicholás Maré, You can say that the bird as the saying goes; Central America and the Caribbean -- Hector Avellán, Declaration of Love to Kurt Cobain; North America -- Agha Shahid Ali, Ghazal; Virgil Suarez, Duende; Simon Thompson, All Apologies to L. Cohen.

    Section IX: Brothers, Friends, Mentors, and Rivals: Asia -- Nobuo Ayukawa, The Last I Heard; Europe -- Vytautas P. Bloze, Beneath the Stars; Gudmundur Bödvarsson, Brother; Tony Curtis, The Eighth Dream; Snorri Hjartarson, House in Rome; Hédi Kaddour, Verlaine; Lyubomir Levchev, Front Line; Dennis O'Driscoll, The Lads; Donny O'Rourke, Algren; Rafael Pérez Estrada, My Uncle the Levitator; Rafael Pérez Estrada, The Unpublished Man; James Simmons, The Pleasant Joys of Brotherhood; Ivan Slamnig, A Sailor; Kit Wright, Here Come Two Very Old Men; Africa -- Kofi Awoonor, Songs of Abuse: To Stanislaus the Renegade; Frank Chipasula, My Blood Brother; Chirikure Chirikure, This Is Where We Laid Him to Rest; South America -- Gonzalo Rojas, The Coast; Central America and the Caribbean -- Gaspar Aguilera Díaz, Does Anyone Know Where Roque Dalton Spent His Final Night?; Antonio Deltoro, Submarine; Francisco Hernandez, Autograph; North America -- Charles Bukowski, 3 old men at separate tables; Cyril Dabydeen, Hemingway; Al Pittman, The Echo of the Ax; Alberto Ríos, A Chance Meeting of Two Men; Len Roberts, Men's Talk; Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand -- Les Murray, The Mitchells.

    Section X: Work, Sports, and Games: Asia -- Iftikhar Arif, The Twelfth Man; Moeen Faruqi, The Return; Alamgir Hashmi, Pro Bono Publico ; Europe -- Kashyap Bhattacharya, The Cricketer; John Burnside, The Men's Harbour; GÜnter Eich, The Man in the Blue Smock; Hédi Kaddour, The Bus Driver; Donny O'Rourke, Clockwork; Africa -- António Jacinto, Letter from a Contract Worker; Central America and the Caribbean -- Luis Miguel Aguilar, Memo, Who Loved Motorcycles; Evan Jones, The Lament of the Banana Man; North America -- Robert Francis, The Base Stealer; Andrew Hudgins, Tools: An Ode; William Matthews, Cheap Seats, the Cincinnati Gardens, Professional Basketball, 1959; Christopher Merrill, A Boy Juggling a Soccer Ball; Len Roberts, I Blame It on Him.

    Section XI: Aging, Illness, and Death: Asia -- Duo Duo, Looking Out from Death; Nissim Ezekiel, Case Study; Huan Fu, Don't Don't; Kuan Kuan, Autobiography of a Sloppy Sluggard; Vikram Seth, Soon; The Middle East -- Buland al-Haydari, Old Age; Ahmad Shamlu, Somber Song; Europe -- Alain Bosquet, An Old Gentleman; Alain Bosquet, Celebrities; Kjell Hjern, On the Growth of Hair in Middle Age; Michael Longley, A Flowering; Henrik Nordbrandt, Old Man in Meditation; Central America and the Caribbean -- Juan Sobalvarro, I've Seen a Dead Man; North America -- Raymond Carver, This Morning; Peter Cooley, Language of Departure; Sky Gilbert, The Island of Lost Tears; Steve Kowit, Snapshot; Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand -- Anthony Lawrence, Goanna. Includes Index of Poets and Index of Titles.

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  • Covers literature from antiquity to the modern period, from the Middle East, India, China, Japan, Korea, and Europe, and (in the modern period only) Africa and Southeast Asia. "Whole worlds of literature are commonly ignored in 'world literature' courses--Egyptian and Persian, Medieval Latin and Arabic, Scandinavian and Eastern European, Indian and African, pre-Columbian and Latin American, Southeast Asian, and many others. Here on the verge of the twenty-first century we can no longer dismiss any of them as unworthy of our awareness. They are parts of the great tapestry of world literature, which has been woven globally from the beginning--far more globally than most of us have realized" (1).
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  • Organized chronologically, and by region within each period, implying that there is a single coherent chronology for all the world's cultures (though it is clear that these chronological divisions derive from the schema of European history): "Poets of the Bronze and Iron Ages (2200-250 B.C.)"; "The Classical Empires, East and West (750 B.C.-A.D. 500)"; "The Postclassical World (A.D. 250-1200)"; "The Rise of the Vernacular (950-1450)"; "The Renaissance in Europe; Late Traditional Verse from the Americas, South Asia, and East Asia (1350-1625)"; "The Seventeenth Century (1600-1700)"; "From the Eighteenth Century into the Early Twentieth Century (1700-1915)"; "The Twentieth Century (1915- )."
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  • Intended for high school audiences, apparently.
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Latin American Literature & Literature of the Americas in general

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

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  • Introduction / Daniel Balderston, Marcy Schwartz -- PART I. WRITERS ON TRANSLATION -- Homeric versions / Jorge Luis Borges -- Translate, traduire, tradurre: traducir / Julio Cortázar -- Desire to translate / Gabriel García Márquez -- Gender and translation / Diana Bellessi -- Where do words come from? / Luisa Futoransky -- On destiny, language, and translation, or, Ophelia adrift in the C. & O. Canal / Rosario Ferré -- Language, violence, and resistance / Junot Díaz -- Translation as restoration / Cristina García -- Language and change / Rolando Hinojosa-Smith -- Metamorphosis / Nélida Piñon -- Resisting hybridity / Ariel Dorfman -- Translator in search of an author / Cristina Peri Rossi -- Trauma and precision in translation / Tomás Eloy Martínez -- Writing and translation / Ricardo Piglia -- PART II. TRANSLATING LATIN AMERICA -- Conversation on translation with Margaret Sayers Peden / Margaret Sayers Peden -- Words cannot express ... the translation of cultures / Gregory Rabassa -- Infante's inferno / Suzanne Jill Levine -- Draw of the other / James Hoggard -- Anonymous sources: a talk on translators and translation / Eliot Weinberger -- Can verse come across into verse? / John Felstiner -- PART III. CRITICAL APPROACHES -- Reading Latin American literature abroad: agency and canon formation in the sixties and seventies / María Eugenia Mudrovcic -- How the West was won: translations of Spanish American fiction in Europe and the United States / Maarten Steenmeijer -- Translating García Márquez, or, The impossible dream / Gerald Martin -- Translating vowels, or, The defeat of sounds: the case of Huidobro / José Quiroga -- Indigenist writer as a (mis)translator of cultures: the case of Alcides Arguedas / Edmundo Paz-Soldán -- Borges, the original of the translation / Walter Carlos Costa -- Puga's fictions of equivalence: the tasks of the novelist as translator / Vicky Unruh -- Translation in post-dictatorship Brazil: a weave of metaphysical voices in the tropics / Else Ribeiro Pires Vieira -- Bodies in transit: travel, translation, and gender / Francine Masiello -- De-facing Cuba: translating and transfiguring Cristina García's The Agüero sisters / Israel Reyes -- Translation and teaching: the dangers of representing Latin America for students in the United States / Steven F. White.
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  • Don Francisco M'arquez's story / Jane H. Hill -- An Otom'i story of a Nahual / Yolanda Lastra -- Replicating key features of poetic construction in Sierra Popoluca storytelling performance / Kay Sammons -- "The soldiers and Saturnino": a Zoque narrative / Heidi Johnson -- "The woman and the hawk": a Guayabaleño story / Daniel F. Suslak -- "The story of Grandfather Puma and Grandfather Possum": a Tzeltal narrative / Brian Stross -- Co-construction in Tojolab'al conversational narratives: translating cycles, quotes, evaluations, evidentials, and emotions / Jill Brody -- Parallelism and the spontaneous ritualization of ordinary talk: three Mocho friends discuss a volcano / Laura Martin -- "Col'urinh'e": a Guatuso traditional narrative / Adolfo Constenla Umaña -- "The way of the cocoa counsel" from the Kuna Indians of Panama / Anselmo Urrutia, Joel Sherzer -- "The life story of Grandmother Elida": Kuna personal narratives as verbal art / Marta Lucia de Gerdes -- "Emergence of the non-indigenous peoples": a Warao narrative / Charles L. Briggs -- From headhunters to writers: a Shuar myth and an oration / Maurizio Gnerre -- Collaborative ethnopoetics: a view from the Sibundoy Valley / John H. McDowell -- Spoken in the spirit of a gesture: translating sound symbolism in a Pastaza Quechua narrative / Janis B. Nuckolls -- "The one who created the sea": tellings, meanings, and intertextuality in the translation of Xavante narrative / Laura R. Graham -- From the Nawel Ngïtram to "the story of the tiger": issues in the translation of Mapuche verbal art / Lucia A. Golluscio.
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Anthologies of Latin American Literature (and of Literature of the Americas in general) (alphabetically by title)

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Afro-Hispanic Literature: An Anthology of Hispanic Writers of African Ancestry. Ed. Ingrid Watson Miller. Miami, FL: Ediciones Universal, 1991.
An America's Anthology, vol. 1, Pre-Columbian to 1860. Ed. D. Clinton, et al. New Rivers P, 1983.
An Anthology of Brazilian Modernist Poetry. Ed. Giovanni Pontiero. Oxford: Pergamon P, 1969.
  • Poems in Portuguese.
Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Literature, 1960-1984. Ed. Barry J. Luby and Wayne Finke. Rutherford, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1986.
An Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Poetry. Ed. Dudley Fitts. Norfolk, CT: New Directions, 1942.
Anthology of Mexican Poetry. Ed. Octavio Paz. Trans. Samuel Beckett. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1958; London: Calder and Boyars, 1958; repr. New York: Grove P, 1985. UNESCO Collection of Representative Works.
  • Includes work by 35 Mexican poets from the 16th to the 20th centuries.
Anthology of Mexican Poets from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Trans. Edna Worthley Underwood. Portland, Maine: Mosher P, 1932.
An Anthology of Spanish American Literature. Ed. E. Herman Hespelt. New York: F. S. Crofts, 1946; 2nd ed. Ed. John Eugene Englekirk. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1968.
An Anthology of Spanish American Modernismo. Ed. Kelly Washburn. Trans. Kelly Washburn and Sergio Waisman. New York: MLA, 2007. 313 pp.
An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Poetry. Ed. Elizabeth Bishop and Emanuel Brasil. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1972.
  • Includes selections from the following poets: Manuel Bandeira; Oswald de Souza Andrade; Jorge de Lima; Mário de Andrade; Cassiano Ricardo; Joaquim Cardozo; Cecília Meireles; Murilo Mendes; Carlos Drummond de Andrade; Vinícius de Moraes; Mauro Mota; João Cabral de Melo Neto; Marcos Konder Reis; Ferreira Gullar.
Anti-Yankee Feelings in Latin America: An Anthology of Latin American Writings from Colonial to Modern Times in their Historical Perspective. Washington, DC: UP of America, 1982.
Between Fire and Love: Contemporary Peruvian Writing. Ed. Lynn A. Darroch. [place?]: Mississippi Mud, 1980.
  • Neighborhood of strife / Jose Antonio Bravo -- E C ; E L ; M E / Efrain Miranda -- October ; I'm hoarse ; Black Burra / Antonio Galvez -- Phoenix / Edgardo Rivera -- Curriculum Vitae ; Villainous song ; Cruci-fiction ; Slight hint ; Lady's journal / Blanca Varela -- Last rite of the day (anthropology) ; Fatigue of the bum on the beach (arithmetic) ; On the cliche ; Prayer ; Helicopters in the kingdom of Peru / Antonio Cisneros -- La Negra ; If you could remember / Omar Ames -- Number six / Juan Cristobal -- Mogollon / Augusto Higa -- Coconut I ; Coconut II ; Christmas ; Passion fruit I ; Passion fruit II / Cesar Toro -- Against the light / Luis Fernando Vidal -- Datzibao ; Poem written on an impression caused by "the lovers' whirlpool": a painting by William Blake / Enrique Verastegui -- Poem / Nicolas Yerovi -- Poem about small cars ; Dan-ce ; And at the time of the South American games -- After of course my wife I / Mario Montalbetti -- Statement ; Lima ; Homage to Ernesto Che Guevara ; Those about to be / Roger Santivanez -- After the darkness / Guillermo Nino de Guzman -- Thus ; Arica ; Cafeteria 15/5/74 1 p.m. ; Data ; To give mountain & also sea / Edgar O'Hara -- The broken doll ballad / Ernesto Mora -- Samahod ; Homage to Cuba and Borges turned upside down ; Poem / Dalmacia Ruiz-Rosas -- I always wanted to split you in a poem ; Meanwhile you smiled at the man who took up your time / Luis Rebaza -- The end of something / Guillermo Nino de Guzman -- A voice in the wind / Luis Urteaga -- A letter / Roberto Reyes -- Salaverry Avenue (every block of it) ; Tailor from Lima / Juan Bullitta -- How to kill the wolf / Gregorio Martinez
Beyond the Border: A New Age in Latin American Women's Fiction. Ed. Nora Erro-Peralta and Caridad Silva-Nunez. Pittsburgh: Cleis P, 1991.
Black Notebooks: Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Literature = Cadernos negros: literatura afro-brasileira contemporânea. Ed. Niyi Afolabi, Marcio Barbosa, and Esmeralda Ribeiro. Trans. Niyi Afolabi. Trenton, NJ: Africa World P, 2006.
The Borzoi Anthology of Latin American Literature. Ed. Emir Rodríguez Monegal and Thomas Colchie. 2 vols. New York: Knopf, 1977. (Vol. 1, From the time of Columbus to the twentieth century; Vol. 2, Twentieth century, from Borges to Guimarães Rosa and Donoso.)
Brazilian Poetry (1950-1980). Ed. Emanuel Brasil and William Jay Smith. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 1983.
  • Texts in Portuguese and in English translation. Includes poems by Jorge Mautner; Ferreira Gullar (José Ribamar Ferreirá); Haroldo de Campos; Mário Faustino (Dos Santos e Silva); Augusto de Campos; Décio Pignatari; and Lindolf Bell.
Brazilian Tales. Ed. and trans. Isaac Goldberg. Boston: Four Seas, 1921; repr. Boston: International Pocket Library, 1965.
  • Some informal preliminary remarks, by I. Goldberg.--The attendant's confession. The fortune-teller. Life. By J.M. Machado de Assis.--The vengeance of Felix, by J. de Medeiros e Albuquerque.--The pigeons, by Coelho Netto.--Aunt Zeze's tears, by Carmen Dolores.
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Chile: An Anthology of New Writing. Ed. Miller Williams. Kent, OH: Kent State UP, 1968.
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  • Includes "nineteen authors grouped geographically from ten countries. . . . Introduction, bio-bibliography, no source for selections" (Foster 1977: 104).
Contemporary Argentinian Women Writers: A Critical Anthology. Ed. Gustavo C. Fares and Eliana Cazaubon Hermann. Trans. Linda Britt. Gainesville: UP of Florida, 1998.
  • Estela Canto -- María Esther de Miguel -- Alina DiaconÚ -- Angélica Gorodischer -- Alicia Jurado -- María Rosa Lojo -- Jorgelina Loubet -- Martha Mercader -- Elvira Orphée -- Mabel Pagano -- Alicia Régoli de Mullen -- Reina Roffé -- Noemí Ulla -- María Esther Vázquez.
Contemporary Latin American Short Stories. Ed. Pat McNees Mancini. Greenwich, CT: Fawcett, 1974.
  • "Thirty-five authors in chronological order from Machado de Assis (1839-1908) to José Agustín (1944), representing fourteen countries. Various translators. Introduction, bio-bibliography, 'Further Readings.' This anthology is quite similar to The Eye of the Heart, but contains different selections" (Foster 1977: 106).
Contemporary Short Stories from Central America. Ed. Enrique Jaramillo Levi and Leland H. Chambers. Austin: U of Texas P, 1994.
  • Toward Patzún / Arturo Arias -- Tránsito / José Barnoya García -- The rat catcher / Franz Galich -- An indolence of feelings / Dante Liano -- The circumstantial or the ephemeral / Augusto Monterroso -- Tarzan of the apes / Eduardo Bähr -- The last act / Edilberto Borjas -- The attack of the man-eating paper / Roberto Castillo -- Reality before noon / Julio Escoto -- The final flight of the mischievous bird / Jorge Luis Oviedo -- The author / Roberto Quesada -- The forbidden street / Pompeyo del Valle -- The absent one inside / José Roberto Cea -- Restless / David Escobar Galindo -- The raccoons / Jorge Kattán Zablah -- That confounded year...! / Hugo Lindo -- Cards / Ricardo Lindo -- The circle / José María Méndez -- To tell the story / Alfonso Quijada Urías -- The suicide of Chamiabak / Napoleón Rodríguez Ruiz -- Gloria Lara -- Mario Cajina-Vega -- Pregnant city / Lizandro Chávez Alfaro -- August / Pablo Antonio Cuadra -- The house / Horacio Peña -- On the stench of corpses / Sergio Ramírez -- In the midst of the downpour they took away my cousin / Mario Santos -- Francisco / Fernando Silva -- Rite / Luis Bolaños Ugalde -- The path of wind / Alfonso Chase -- Burned soldiers / José Ricardo Chaves -- Funeral rites in summer / Carlos Cortés -- The trunk / Fabián Dobles -- Floral caper / Carmen Naranjo -- Disobedience / Julieta Pinto -- Behind the door / Uriel Quesada -- The back rooms / Marco Retana -- Metaphors / Samuel Rovinski -- The face / Victoria Urbano -- The sweetheart of the spirits / Lucas Bárcena -- The horse in the glassware shop / Ricardo J. Bermúdez -- Love is spelled with a "G" / Rosa María Britton -- The woman / Enrique Chuez -- The chameleon / Claudio de Castro -- Family photograph / Ernesto Endara -- Gloria wouldn't wait / Jaime García Saucedo -- Duplications / Enrique Jaramillo Levi -- Señor Noboa / Raúl Leis -- The village virgin / Bertalicia Peralta -- Our boss / Dimas Lidio Pitty -- Games / Pedro Rivera -- Carnival / Jorge Turner.
Contemporary Women Authors of Latin America, Vol. 2, New Translations. Ed. Doris Meyer and Margarita Fernandez Olmos. Brooklyn: Brooklyn College P, 1983. (Vol. 1 consists of introductory essays on the authors.)
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  • Corners of smoke / Gloria Artigas -- How Milinco escaped from school ; The morgue (excerpt from Bajo el oscuro sol) / Yolanda Bedregal -- Coati 1950 / Velia Calvimontes -- The vigil ; The visit / Nayla Chehade Durán -- The sailor's wife ; We must keep fanning the master / Silvia Diez Fierro -- A mother to be assembled / Inés Fernández Moreno -- The competition / Gilda Holst Molestina -- Bus stop #46 / María Eugenia Lorenzini -- Cradle song ; Out of silence / Andrea Maturana -- Good night air ; The other Mariana / Viviana Mellet -- A profession like any other ; Minor surgery / Ana María Shua -- The hunchback ; In between / Mirta Toledo.
Daughters of the Diaspora: Afra-Hispanic Writers. Ed. Miriam DaCosta-Willis. Kingston, Miami: I. Randle, 2003.
  • Virginia Brindis de Salas -- Carmen Colón Pellot -- Julia de Burgos -- Aida Cartagena Portalatín -- Marta Rojas -- Eulalia Bernard -- Georgina Herrera -- Lourdes Casal -- Argentina Chiriboga -- Nancy Morejón -- Excilia Saldaña -- Beatriz Santos -- María Nsue Angüe -- Sherezada Vicioso -- Soleida Ríos -- Edelma Zapata Pérez -- Yvonne-América Truque -- Cristina Cabral -- Shirley Campbell -- Mayra Santos-Febres.
Doors and Mirrors: Fiction and Poetry from Spanish America, 1920-1970. Ed. Hortense Carpentier and Janet Brof. Intro. ángel Rama. New York: Grossman, 1972.
  • Fiction. The crocodile / Felisberto Hernández -- Esther Primavera / Roberto Arlt -- The mirror of Lida Sal / Miguel Angel Asturias -- Delia Elena San Marco ; The dead man / Jorge Luis Borges -- The living tomb / Augusto Roa Bastos -- The fugitives / Alejo Carpentier -- The ayla / José María Arguedas -- A dream come true / Juan Carlos Onetti -- The day of the landslide / Juan Rulfo -- There's a body reclining on the stern / René Marqués -- Balthazar's marvelous afternoon / Gabriel García Márquez -- The rainbow / Adriano González León -- The Indian Paulino / Ricardo Ocampo -- Vaudeville artists / Daniel Moyano -- Bridge of stone / Salvador Elizondo -- Rice water / Enrique Lihn -- from Paradiso (a novel) / José Lezama Lima -- Silvia / Julio Cortázar -- Migraines and phantoms / Jaime Espinal -- Captain Descalzo ; For the night ; Order #13 / Norberto Fuentes -- The cartwheel / Antonio Skármeta -- Epilogue. Literature is fire / Mario Vargas Llosa -- Poems / [by] Vicente Huidobro ; César Vallejo ; Luis Palés Matos ; Jorge Luis Borges ; Pablo Neruda ; Nicolás Guillén ; José Coronel Urtecho ; Carlos Oquendo de Amat ; Octavio Paz ; Cintio Vitier ; Nicanor Parra ; Alvaro Mutis ; Ernesto Cardenal ; Sebastián Salazar Bondy ; Roberto Juarroz ; Jaime Sabines ; Enrique Lihn ; Roberto Fernández Retamar ; Ramón Palomares ; Eduardo Escobar ; Juan Gelman ; Roque Dalton ; Javier Heraud.
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  • On the way to the concert / Marcela del Río -- The dandy of the Savoy / Carlos Olmos -- Soldiers will be soldiers / Eduardo Rodríguez Solís -- Picture perfect / Pablo Salinas -- Limited capacity / Tomás Urtusástegui.
Five Women Writers of Costa Rica. Ed. Victoria Urbano. Beaumont, TX: Asociacion de Literatura Femenina Hispanica, 1978.
  • Short stories by Carmen Naranjo, Eunice Odio, Yolanda Oreamuno, Victoria Urbano, and Rima Vallbona.
Fourteen Female Voices from Brazil: Interviews and Texts. Ed. Elzbieta Szoka. Austin, TX: Host Publications, 2002.
  • Nélida Piñon -- Lygia Fagundes Telles -- Helena Parente Cunha -- Astrid Cabral -- Marly de Oliveira -- Jandira Martini -- Leilah Assumpção -- Maria Adelaide Amaral -- Myriam Campello -- Sonia Coutinho -- Esmeralda Ribeiro -- Miriam Alves -- Conceição Evaristo -- Renata Pallottini.
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  • Sailing down the Rhine / Sonia Guralnik -- Rojl Eisips / Teresa Porzecanski -- The Portuguese synagogue / Angelina Muniz-Huberman -- Golem / Rosita Kalina -- Camera Obscura / Angelica Gorodischer -- No more worries / Clarice Lispector -- The sign of the star / Ana Vasquez -- Gotlib, bombero / Barbara Mujica -- Alcira in yellows / Alicia Kozameh -- Exotic birds / Reina Roffe -- Kaddish / Graciela Safranchik -- Shoes / Margo Glantz -- The melancholy of black panthers / Luisa Futoransky -- In the absence of love / Ruth Behar -- On the border: essential stories / Miriam Bornstein -- From Belarus to Bolondron: a daughter's dangerous passage / Ester Rebeca Shapiro Rok.
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  • The war of the stones ; Jose Maria, lumberjack ; Memo, who loved motorcycles / Luis Miguel Aguilar -- Does anyone know where Roque Dalton spent his final night? ; Finally, after so many years, Hernan Cortes declares / Gaspar Aguilera Diaz -- from The garden of enchantments / Maria Baranda -- House of monkeys ; Letters from Bonampak ; Coffee harvest / Efrain Bartolome -- The parakeets ; Luxury hotel ; I, clouded ; Good wishes ; Moon of daily life ; The poet does and doesn't have -- Why so many forms? / Alberto Blanco -- Letter to the wolf ; Fire ; The other / Carmen Boullosa -- The poet of the garden ; Ode to the urge ; One potato, two / Ricardo Castillo -- Undocumented anguish ; from Boundaries / Lucha Corpi -- Night of San Miguel ; Jaguar ; Tenayuca ; Uxmal ; Malinalco / Elsa Cross -- Submarine ; Barefoot days ; The sold house ; Fossils / Antonio Deltoro -- Fable to the hunter ; Hortensia / Jorge Esquinca -- The boy in the photograph ; Until the poem remains ; To the author of "Dream song" ; Autograph / Francisco Hermandez -- November rain ; from Incurable ; Packages / David Huerta -- Earthquake ; Opening up the caskets / Eduardo Langagne. From Capricorn ; Indications ; Image and likeness / Elva Macias -- My regular appearance ; I hear cars ; Swings ; Master of an expanse / Fabio Morabito -- In our desolation ; To flow, submerge ; Craving for light ; Retirement / Isabel Quinonez -- I sense you careening downshadow... ; Mother, I want to go to the sea... ; We're at a fiesta... ; The cowhands... / Silvia Tomasa Rivera -- An imposing silence... ; Ballad in memory of Francois Villon ; Untitled IV / Jose Javier Villarreal -- Song of Penelope ; Sleep's faithless lady / Minerva Margarita Villarreal -- The house ; Hunder ; Deep darkness... ; You are naked... ; The circle ; God / Veronica Volkow.
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  • Carta a la princesa doña Juana = Letter to the Princess Doã Juana / Isabel de Guevara -- Vida i sucesos de la monja alférez = Life and adventures of the ensign nun / Catalina de Erauso -- Carta al R.P.M Antonio Núñez = Letter to the R.F.M. Antonio Núñez ; Poesía = Poetry / Juana Inés de la Cruz -- Su vida = Her life / Francisca Josefa de Castillo -- Cartas a Ignacio de Cepeda = Letters to Ignacio de Cepeda ; Carta a Antonio Romero Ortiz = Letter to Antonio Romero Ortiz / Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda -- La hija del mashorquero = The executioner's daughter / Juana Manuela Gorriti -- Estudio comparativo de la inteligencia y la belleza en la muger = A comparative study on intelligence and beauty in women / Mercedes Cabello de Carbonera -- Trabajo para la muger = Work for women / Teresa González de Fanning -- Dolores = Dolores / Soledad Acosta de Samper.
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  • The immunizer, by R. M. Junior.--It can hurt plenty, by M. de Andrade.--Metonymy; or, The husband's revenge, by R. de Queiroz.--The beautiful rabbits, by M. Rebêlo.--The thief, by G. Ramos.--The enchanted ox, by L. Jardin.--Gaetanninho, by A de Alcântara Machado.--The piano, by A. Machado.--The bahian, by R. Couto.--Guidance, by S. S. de Queiroz.--My father's hat, by A. B. de Holanda.--The happiest couple in the world, by M. S. P. Penna e Costa.--The third bank of the river, by J. G. Rosa.--With God's blessing, Mom, by J. C. C. Borges.--At the side of the road, by D. Azambuja.--The crime of the mathematics professor, by C. Lispector.--Sun, by V. Mala.
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    The colonial period. How the men were parted from the women / Fray Ramón Pané -- A maiden's story / Popol Vuh -- Tocay Capac, the first Inca / Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala -- Plague of ants / Fray Bartolomé de las Casas -- The story of Pedro Serrano / Garcilaso de la Vega, el Inca -- The adventurer who pretended that he was a bishop / Gaspar de Villarroel -- Amorous and military adventures / Catalina de Erauso ("The lieutenant nun") -- A deal with Juana García / Juan Rodríguez Freyle. New nations. The slaughter house / Esteban Echeverría -- The tiger of the plains / Domingo Faustino Sarmiento -- He who listens may hear--to his regret : confidence of a confidence / Juana Manuela Gorriti -- Fray Gómez's scorpion / Ricardo Palma -- Midnight mass / Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis. The contemporary period. The death of the empress of China / Rubén Darío -- Yzur / Leopoldo Lugones -- The decapitated chicken / Horacio Quiroga -- The baby in pink buckram / João do Rio (Paulo Barreto) -- The man who resembled a horse / Rafael Arévalo Martínez -- The braider / Ricardo Güiraldes -- The man who knew Javanese / Alfonso Henriques de Lima Barreto -- Peace on high / Rómulo Gallegos -- The Christmas turkey / Mário de Andrade -- The daisy dolls / Felisberto Hernández -- The photograph / Enrique Amorim -- The clearing / Luisa Mercedes Levinson -- The garden of forking paths / Jorge Luis Borges -- Journey back to the source / Alejo Carpentier -- The tree / María Luisa Bombal -- The legend of 'El Cadejo' / Miguel Angel Asturias -- Encarnación Mendoza's Christmas Eve / Juan Bosch -- The third bank of the river / João Guimarães Rosa -- The image of misfortune / Juan Carlos Onetti -- Tell them not to kill me! / Juan Rulfo -- Hahn's pentagon / Osman Lins -- The switchman / Juan José Arreola -- The featherless buzzards / Julio Ramón Ribeyro -- Meat / Virgilio Piñera -- Unborn / Augusto Roa Bastos -- The night face up / Julio Cortázar -- Cooking lesson / Rosario Castellanos -- The doll queen / Carlos Fuentes -- The walk / José Donoso -- Balthazar's marvelous afternoon / Gabriel García Márquez -- The challenge / Mario Vargas Llosa -- The crime of the mathematics professor / Clarice Lispector -- Buried statues / Antonio Benítez Rojo -- A woman's back / José Balza -- The warmth of things / Nélida Piñon -- Penelope / Dalton Trevisan -- The threshold / Christina Peri Rossi -- The parade ends / Reinaldo Arenas -- When women love men / Rosario Ferré.

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  • José Martí -- João da Cruz e Sousa -- Rubén Darío -- Ricardo Jaimes Freyre -- Amado Nervo -- Enrique González Martínez -- José María Eguren -- Leopoldo Lugones -- José Santos Chocano -- Julio Herrera y Reissig -- Delmira Agustini -- Manuel Bandeira -- Ramón López Velarde -- Gabriela Mistral [Lucila Godoy Alcayaga] -- Alfonso Reyes -- Oswald de Andrade -- César Vallejo -- Alfonsina Storni -- Mário de Andrade -- Alfonson Cortés -- Vicente Huidobro -- Juana de Ibarbourou [Juanita Fernández Morales] -- Jorge de Lima -- Raul Bopp -- Ricardo Molinari -- Luis Palés Matos -- Jorge Luis Borges -- Claudia Lars [Carmen Brannon Beers] -- Carlos Pellicer -- José Gorostiza -- Cecília Meireles -- Carlos Drummond de Andrade -- Nicolás Guillén -- Jaime Torres Bodet -- Jorge Carrera Andrade -- Eugenio Florit -- Henriqueta Lisboa -- Xavier Villaurrutia -- Pablo Neruda [Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto] -- Sara de Ibáñez -- José Lezama Lima -- Enrique Molina -- Pablo Antonio Cuadra -- Julio Cortázar -- Efraín Huerta -- Nicanor Parra -- Octavio Paz -- Julia de Burgos -- Violeta Parra -- Gonzalo Rojas -- Mario Benedetti -- João Cabral de Melo Neto -- Olga Orozco -- Eunice Odio -- Álvaro Mutis -- Claribel Alegía -- Ernesto Cardenal -- Rosario Castellanos -- Roberto Juarróz -- Jaime Sabines -- Carlos Germán Belli -- Ernesto [Che] Guevara -- Enrique Lihn -- Juan Gelman -- Ferreira Gullar [José Ribamar Ferreira] -- Heberto Padilla -- Gabriel Zaid -- Roque Dalton -- Víctor Jara -- Adélia Prado -- Jorge Teillier -- Alejandra Pizarnik --- Óscar Hahn -- José Emilio Pacheco -- Homero Aridjis -- Antonio Cisneros -- Nancy Morejón -- Octavio Armand -- Raúl Zurita -- Marjorie Agosín.

    "Large anthology includes work by 58 poets. Extensive, but general, introduction. Poets arranged chronologically from José Martí to Marjorie Agosín. Volume includes few surprises and relatively few women. Bilingual format. Many translators; great fluctuation in quality. For detailed discussion of translations, see Charles Tomlinson in Times Literary Supplement, May 9, 1997; and Eliot Weinberger in Sulfur, 40, Spring 1997"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58. (HLAS Online)

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  • Argentina: 1. Mordechai Alpersohn, "Of Pimps, Prositutes and Other Seducers" (excerpt from a memoir); 2. ---, "The Gauchito Happy Moses" (short story); 3. Borekh Bendersky, "An Evil Eye" (short story); 4. ---. "Unrestful Sabbaths" (short story); 5. Hirsh Bloshtein, "In Opposite Directions" (short story); 6. Leon Chasanovitch, "Meager Results: Two Decades of Jewish Agricultural Settlement in Argentina" (reportage); 7. ---, "Bread and Honor" (reportage); 8. Peretz Hirshbein, "The Builders of a Jewish Future" (reportage); 9. Hersh David Nomberg, "Homesick in Buenos Aires" (reportage); 10. Mimi Pinzón, "The Courtyard Without Windows" (excerpt from a novel); 11. José Rabinovich, "A Man and his Parrot" (short story); 12. Samuel Rollansky, "In Honor of Yom Kippur" (short story); 13. Moyshe Rubin, "A Ripped Tefillin Strap" (short story); 14. Aaron Leib Schussheim, "When Life Swallowed Up Death" (reportage); 15. Pinye Wald, Nightmare: Excerpt of a Memoir of "The Tragic Week"; Brazil: 16. Jacob Botoshanski, Director's Prologue to Leib Malach's play Remolding; 17. Leib Malach, Remolding (excerpts from a play); 18. Meir Kucinski, "The Mulata" (short story); 19. Rosa Palatnik, "An Engagement Dinner" (short story); Chile: 20. José Goldchain, "He Worked His Way Up" (short story); 21. ---, "She Wanted to Throw a Very Nice Affair" (short story); 22. Yoyne Obodovski, "Solomon Licht" (short story); 23. Noyekh Vital, "Gold" (short story); Colombia: 24. Salomón Brainsky, "Temptation" (short story); Cuba: 25. Pinkhes Berniker, "JesÚs" (short story); 26. Abraham Josef Dubelman, "The Faith Healer" (short story); 27. Aaron Zeitlin, "The Gallego" (poem); Mexico: 28. Isaac Berliner, "Churches" (poem illustrated by Diego Rivera); 29. Jacobo Glantz, "Holiday in the Streets: The First Anti-Semitic Demonstration (June 2, 1931)" (poem); 30. Meir Corona, "Quite a Bank" (short story); 31. Abraham Weisbaum, "The Tinifotsky Monologues" (excerpts from a satire); U.S.A. (Texas) : 32. Alexander Ziskind Gurwitz, "San Antonio Twenty-Two Years Ago" (excerpt from a memoir); Uruguay: 33. Salomón Zytner, "The Bar Mitzvah Speech" (short story); 34. ---, "The Refugee" (short story); 35. Hanan Ayalti, "A Banquet in Mexico City" (short story); 36. ---, "The Memo from the Thirty-six" (short story); Sources.
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  • Selections from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, and Uruguay. Texts in French, Spanish, and Portuguese with parallel English translations.

Caribbean Literature

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

Cirillo, Nancy. "Anthologizing the Caribbean, or, Squaring Beaches, Bananas, and Nobel Laureates." On Anthologies: Politics and Pedagogy. Ed. Jeffrey R. Di Leo. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 2004. 222-46.

Anthologies of Caribbean Literature (alphabetically by title)

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AfroCuba: An Anthology of Cuban Writings on Race, Politics and Culture. Ed. Pedro Pérez Sarduy and Jean Stubbs. Melbourne: Ocean P / London: Latin American Bureau, 1993.
  • Introduction : the rite of social communion / by Pedro Pérez Sarduy and Jean Stubbs -- For a Cuban integration of whites and blacks/ by Fernando Ortiz -- The 19th century black fear / by Rafael Duharte Jiménez -- Mariana and Maceo / by José Luciano Franco -- People without a history / by Pedro Deschamps Chapeaux -- Drum ballad / by JesÚs Cos Causse -- Claudio José Domingo Brindis de Salas / by Odilio Urfé -- Back to Africa / by Rodolfo Sarracino -- Solutions to the black problem / by Petro Serviat -- Times I walk with my father / by Domingo Alfonso -- The 20th century black question / by Tomás Fernández Robaina -- Imaginary dislogue on folklore / by Rogelio Matiínez Furé -- An initiation ceremony in Regla de Palo / by Gladys González Bueno -- The principle of multiple representation / by Joel James -- Abakuá signs / by Argeliers León -- Sara, one way or another / by Tomás González -- The Orishas in Cuba / by Natalia Bolivar -- The strokes of magical realism in Manuel Mendive / by Gerardo Mosquera -- Bembesiana / by Marcelino Arozarena -- Asere / by Eloy Machado -- Ifa says / by Tato Quiñones -- Ofumelli / by Excilia Saldaña -- María Antonia / by Eugenio Hernández --Adire and broken time / by Manuel Granados -- Birth of a national culture / by Walterio Carbonell -- A white problem : reinterpreting Cecilia Valdés / by Reynaldo González -- The black and white in the narrative of Alejo Carpentier / by Salvador Bueno -- Runaway story / by Miguel Barnet -- Race and nation / by Nancy Morejón -- Rethinking the plantation / by Alberto Pedro -- Matilda / by Pablo Armando Fernández -- The maids / by Pedro Pérez Sarduy -- Questions only she can answer / by Georgina Herrera -- The true door / by Soleida Ríos -- Images and icons / by Sergio Giral -- Rey Spencer's swing / by Maria Rojas.
The Archipelago: New Writing from and about the Caribbean. Ed. Robert Antoni and Bradford Morrow. Annandale-on-Hudson, NY: Bard College, 1996.
  • Caribe magico / Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- Signs / Derek Walcott -- The room I work in / Adam Zagajewski -- A natural history / Cristina Garcia -- The wolf, the forest and the new man / Senel Paz -- Mac Arthur's life / Ian McDonald -- Consuelo's letter / Julia Alvarez -- Two stories. The masters ; In a hovel / Juan Bosch -- The day you see me fall is not the day I die / Bob Shacochis -- The other / Arturo Uslar Pietri -- Axe and Anancy / Fred D'Aguiar -- Coco's Palace / Glenville Lovell -- Pyramid chapel / Mark McMorris -- The sleeping zemis / Lorna Goodison -- A world of canes / Robert Antoni.
Best West Indian Stories. Ed. Kenneth Ramchand. Nelson Caribbean, 1982. 186 pp.
  • Includes, among others: Michael Anthony's "Enchanted Alley"; John Hearne's "At the Stelling"; Sam Selvon's "Cane is Bitter" and "My Girl and the City"; Jean Rhys's "I Used to Live Here Once"; Roger Mais' "Red Dirth Don't Wash"; John Stewart's "Stick Song"; Wayne Brown's "Bring on the Trumpeters"; Earl Lovelace's "Shoemaker Arnold"; Noel Woodroffe's "Wing's Way"; Clyde Hosein's "Her House"
Breaking the Silences: An Anthology of 20th-Century Poetry by Cuban Women. Ed. and trans. Margaret Randall. Vancouver: Pulp P, 1982.
Breaklight: An Anthology of Caribbean Poetry. London = Breaklight: The Poetry of the Caribbean. Ed. Andrew Salkey. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1972.
The Butterfly's Way: Voices from the Haitian Diaspora in the United States. Ed. Edwidge Dandicat. New York: Soho, 2001.
Caribbean Literature: An Anthology. Ed. George Robert Coulthard. [London]: U of London P, 1966.
Caribbean Narrative: An Anthology of West Indian Writing. Ed. O. R. Dathorne. London: Heinemann, 1966.
Caribbean Rhythms: The Emerging English Literature of the West Indies. Ed. James T. Livingston. New York: Washington Square P / Pocket Books, 1974.
  • "The title [in bright red] . . . occupies the top half of the cover, and the remainder bears a color photograph of unidentified but likely Trinidadian steel drummers, palm trees rampant" (Cirillo 2004: 233). This title and cover design might be read as reinforcing cultural stereotypes about the Caribbean (the word "rhythm" "powerfully evokes . . . the worst of racial stereotyping in the United States, and this is emphasized by the accompanying photograph") or as evoking the spirit of the Négritude movement (where, in the writings of such figures as Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor, "rhythm" evokes the concept of the African as "intrinsically vital and energetic and possessed of a creative imagination superior to the desiccated linearity of the metropolitan mind") (Cirillo 2004: 234-35). In his introduction, James T. Livingston notes that US images of the region are typically "the frivolous product of tourism" (2); his introduction, though only 14 pages long, "is a masterful attempt to place this 'emerging' literature in its historic and political setting for the American reader" (Cirillo 2004: 236).
Caribbean Voices: An Anthology of West Indian Poetry. Ed. John J. Figueroa. London: Evans Bros., 1966.
The Caribbean Writer. U of the Virgin Islands. (An annual publication?)
Caribbeana: An Anthology of English Literature of the West Indies, 1657-1777. Ed. Thomas W. Krise. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1999.
  • From A true and exact history of the island of Barbados (1657) / Richard Ligon -- From Jamaica viewed (1661) / Edmund Hickeringill -- From Friendly advice to the gentlemen-planters of the East and West Indies (1684) / Thomas Tryon -- Trip to Jamaica (1698) / Edward Ward -- Speech made by a Black of Guardaloupe (1709) / Anonymous -- Speech of Moses Bon Saam (1735) / Anonymous -- From The speech of Mr. John Talbot Campo-bell (1736) / Robert Robertson -- Story of Inkle and Yarico and An epistle from Yarico to Inkle, after he had left her in slavery (1738) / Frances Seymour -- Poems from Caribbeana (1741) / The "Ingenious Lady" of Barbados -- Sugar cane: a poem, in four books (1764) / James Grainger -- From A general description of the West-Indian islands (1767) / John Singleton -- "Carmen, or, an Ode," in Edward Long's A history of Jamaica (1774) / Francis Williams -- From Jamaica, a poem, in three parts (1777) / Anonymous.
Con Cuba: An Anthology of Cuban Poetry. Ed. Nathaniel Tarn. Trans. Margaret Randall, et al. Grossman / Cape Goliard, date?
Creation Fire: A CAFRA Anthology of Caribbean Women's Poetry. Ed. Ramabai Espinet. Toronto: Sister Vision, 1990.
Cuban Consciousness in Literature, 1923-1974: A Critical Anthology of Cuban Culture. Ed. José R. de Armas and Charles W. Steele. Miami, FL: Ediciones Universal, 1978.
Cubanisimo! The Vintage Book of Contemporary Cuban Literature. Ed. Cristina Garcia. New York: Vintage, 2003.
  • José Martí -- Fernando Ortiz -- Antonio Benítez-Rojo -- Lydia Cabrera -- Dulce María Loynaz -- Alejo Carpentier -- Miguel Barnet -- Guillermo Cabrera Infante -- Nancy Morejón -- Calvert Casey -- José Lezama Lima -- Herberto Padilla -- Lourdes Casal -- Lino Novás Calvo -- Nicolás Guillén -- Virgilio Piñera -- Gustavo Pérez-Firmat -- Severo Sarduy -- Reinaldo Arenas -- Zoé Valdés -- Ernesto Mestre -- María Elena Cruz Varela -- José Manuel Prieto -- Ana Menéndez -- Rafael Campo.
From the Green Antilles: Writings of the Caribbean. Ed. Barbara Howes. New York: Macmillan, 1966.
  • One of the earliest English-language anthologies of Caribbean writings: "more a sampler than an anthology," it is "a sort of aerial view of writing from the four colonial languages through short stories, essays, and poetry" (Cirillo 2004: 233).
From Trinidad: An Anthology of Early West Indian Writing. Ed. Reinhard Sander and Peter K. Ayers. New York: Africana Pub. Co., 1978.
  • "Selected from two Trinidad magazines, Trinidad, published from 1929 to 1930 and the Beacon, published from 1931 to 1933."
Green Cane and Juicy Flotsam: Short Stories by Caribbean Women. Ed. Carmen C. Esteves and Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1991.
Heritage: A Caribbean Anthology. Ed. Esmor Jones and Wenty Bowen. London: Cassell, 1981.
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If I could write this in fire: An Anthology of Literature from the Caribbean. Ed. Pamela Maria Smorkaloff. New York: New P, 1994.
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Subsaharan African Literature (and African Literature in general)

In addition to collections of writing from Subsaharan Africa (or from Africa in general), there is also a subsection here on anthologies of diasporic African writings.

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

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Anthologies of Subsaharan African (and general African) Literature (alphabetically by title)

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25/25, Twenty-five Years of English South African Poetry: An Anthology Selected from New Coin Poetry 1965-1989. Ed. David Bunyan. Grahamstown: Institute for the Study of English in Africa, Rhodes Univ., 1989.
Africa in Prose. Ed. O. R. Dathorne and Willfried Feuser. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1969.
  • A journey to Russia and Siberia in 1896 / Salim bin Abkari -- Coup / John Mensah Sarbah -- The black joke / A.B.C. Sibthorpe -- An early train journey / E. Casely-Hayford -- Native life in South Africa / Sol t. Plaatje -- The rake / R.R.R. Dhlomo -- Segilola: the lady with the delicate eye-balls / Isaac B. Thomas -- Mhudi and Umnandi / Sol t. Plaatje -- Courting in Saint-Louis / Ousmane Soce -- A message to the ancestors / Paul Hazoume -- Justice / Akiga -- Konaduwa's trial / E.E. Obeng -- The visitor / S.Y. Ntara -- Reminiscences / Adelaide Casely-Hayford -- Mambeke's creed / Jean Malonga -- Nini in distress / Abdoulaye Sadji -- ... and reel to the brink of the grave which awaits you' / David Ananou -- The medal / Ferdinand Oyono -- Saving souls in Tala land / Mongo Beti -- Speech delivered on the occasion of President de Gaulle's arrival at Conakry / Sekou Toure. – High life / Kenule tsaro-Wiwa -- How fast we are moving / Timothy Wangusa -- How Mabel learnt / Speedy Eric -- Rosemary and the taxi driver / Miller O. Albert -- Lumumba's last days / Okenwa Olisa -- Strike / Sembene Ousmane -- Chief Xa-Mucuari's grievance / Castro Soromenho -- Riot / Casey Motsisi -- Kocoumbo and the stowaway / Ake Loba -- Death in the city / Alex la Guma -- Everything under the sun / D.N. Malinwa -- Remember the day after tomorrow / Amos Tutuola -- Mourner's progress / Edward Babatunde Haratio-Jones -- A ballad of Oyo / Ezekiel Mphahlele -- The old woman / Luis Bernardo Honwana -- The meeting / Nazi Boni -- Limits / James Ngugi -- The initiation / Jonathan Kariara -- The house / Sadru Kassam -- Negritude and Marxism / Leopold Sedar Senghor -- Lagos interlude / Ralph Opara -- Salutations to the gut / Wole Soyinka -- A wise man solves his own problems / Bakare Gbadamosi -- The city of the future / Cheikh Hamidou Kane.
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  • The pioneers (selected poems) -- Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo -- Jacques Rabemananjara -- Flavien Ranaivo -- Dox -- L.-X.M. Andrianarahinjaka -- Short stories -- David Jaomanoro -- Jean-Luc Raharimanana -- Christiane Ramanantsoa -- Narcisse Randriamirado -- Serge Henri Rodin -- Bao Ralambo -- Jean-Claude Fota -- Lila Ratsifandriamanana -- Alice Ravoson -- Poetry (selected poems) -- David Jaomanoro -- Jean-Luc Raharimanana -- Jean-Claude Fota -- Esther Nirina -- Henri Rahaingoson -- Lila -- Rado.
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  • This is a "stage 5" structural reader, designed for non-English speaking students. Includes stories by Chinua Achebe, Jomo Kenyatta, Amos Tutuola, and others--simplified by N.P.F. Machin.
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  • Universal remedy / Pat Brickhill -- The kiss / Clement Chihota -- Seventh street alchemy / Brian Chikwava -- Maria's interview / Julius Chingono -- Maize / Memory Chirere -- Fancy dress / Alexandra Fuller -- The wooden bridge / Wonder Guchu -- When Samora died / Annie Holmes -- The revolutionary: a brief encounter / Derek Huggins -- The ugly reflection in the mirror / Alexander Kanegoni -- Mea culpa / Rory Kilalea -- The grim reaper's car / Nevanji Madanhire -- The sins of the fathers / Charles Mungoshi -- Mermaid out of the rain / Stanley Mupfudza -- Mukoma Amos / Chiedza Musengezi -- Torn posters / Gugu Ndlovu -- Homecoming / Vivienne Ndlovu -- Uncle Francis / Stanley Nyamfukudza -- That special place / Freedom Nyamubaya -- The winning side / William Saidi -- Sorting it out / Yvonne Vera -- The twelve chitenges / Chris Wilson.
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Anthologies of Diasporic African Literature (alphabetically by title)

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Afro-Hispanic Literature: An Anthology of Hispanic Writers of African Ancestry. Ed. Ingrid Watson Miller. Miami, FL: Ediciones Universal, 1991.
An Anthology of African and Caribbean Writing in English. Ed. John J. Figueroa. London: Heinemann Educational Books, 1982.
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Burning Words, Flaming Images: Poems and Short Stories by Writers of African Descent. Ed. Kadija Sesay. London: SAKS Publications, 1996. [All UK-based writers]
Daughters of Africa: An International Anthology of Words and Writings by Women of African Descent from the Ancient Egyptian to the Present. Ed. Margaret Busby. New York: Pantheon / London: Jonathan Cape, 1992; repr. New York: Ballantine, 1994.
Má-ka: Diasporic Juks: Contemporary Writing by Queers of African Descent. Ed. Debbie Douglas. Toronto: Sister Vision, 1997.
Moving Beyond Boundaries. Ed. Carole Boyce Davies and Molara Ogundipe-Leslie. 2 vols. New York: New York UP, 1995. (Vol. 1., International Dimensions of Black Women's Writing; Vol. 2, Black Women's Diasporas.)
Palabres: Contes et poèmes de l'Afrique noire et des Antilles. Ed. Rodney E. Harris, Norman R. Shapiro, and Micheline Fort Harris. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, 1973.
Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literatre. Ed. Kevin Powell. New York: Wiley, 2002.
  • ESSAYS: Donnell Alexander: Are Black People Cooler than White People? — Hilton Als: GWTW. — Valerie Boyd: In Search of Alice Walker. — Veronica Chambers: Mama's Girl. — Trey Ellis: The Visible Man. — Ekow Eshun: Return to the Planet of the Apes. — Lisa Jones: Are We Tiger Woods Yet? — Bruce Morrow: She and I. — Lonnae O'Neal Parker: White Girl? — Natasha Tarpley: Texaco. — Touré: Speaking in Tongues. — Daniel J. Wideman: Your Friendly Neighborhood Jungle. HIP-HOP JOURNALISM: Harry Allen: Hip-Hop Hi-Tech. — Cheo Hodari Coker: The Death of Rock n' Roll. — Joan Morgan: hip-hop feminist. — Scott Poulson-Bryant: This Is Not a Puff Piece. — Kevin Powell: Live from Death Row. CRITICISM: Jabari Asim: Angles of Vision. — Erin Aubry: The Soul of Black Talk. — Kevin Baldeosingh: Do Books Matter? — Debra Dickerson: She's Gotta Have It. — Lynell George: No Entry. — Esther Iverem: What About Black Romance? FICTION: Paul Beatty: The White Boy Shuffle. — Junot Diaz: The Sun, the Moon, the Stars. — Tananarive Due: Prologue, 1963. — Bernardine Evaristo: The Emperor's Babe. — Christopher John Farley: the missionary position. — John R. Keene: My Son, My Heart, My Life. — Jake Lamar: The Last Integrationist. — Victor D. LaValle: slave. — Ben Okri: The Famished Road. — Phyllis Alesia Perry: Stigmata. — Patricia Powell: The Pagoda. — Lisa Teasley: Baker. — Jervey Tervalon: Rika. POETRY: Toyin Adewale: Safari. — Elizabeth Alexander: Fugue. — Jeffery Renard Allen: The Clearing. — Charlie Braxton: I Dream of Jesus. — Shonda Buchanan: personal. — Adrian Castro: One Irony of the Caribbean. — Wayde Compton: Legba, Landed. — Nikky Finney: Assam. — Brian Gilmore: swampy river. — Duriel E. Harris: from "Awakening". — Yona Harvey: Sleep. — Ogaga Ifowodo: You Are Chic Now, Che. — Arnold J. Kemp: 100 Times. — Jessica Care Moore: The Outcome. — Samwiri Mukuru: Nairobi Streetlights. — G. E. Patterson: Autobiography of a Black Man. — Carl Phillips: Blue. — Rohan Preston: Patrimony. — Vanessa Richards: Calypso the outside woman. — Kristina Rungano: The Woman. — Angela Shannon: Sunday. — Renee Simms: Purple Impala. — Patrick Sylvain: Windows of Exile. — Natasha Tretheway: Collection Day. — Marco Villalobos: Insomnia. DIALOGUE: Ras Baraka: Black Youth Black Art Black Face: An Address. — Tisa Bryant: we are trying to (have me) conceive. — Cege Githiora: Binga: Diary Entry. — Sarah Jones: Just Beneath the Surface--An Email. — Teresa N. Washington: An Atlantic Away: A Letter from Africa.
You Better Believe It: Black Verse in English from Africa, the West Indies, and the United States. Ed. Paul Breman. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1973.

North African and Middle Eastern Literature

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

Altoma, Salih J. Modern Arabic Literature in Translation: A Companion. London: Saqi, 2005.
  • 1. Translating Najib Mahfuz: His Place in American Publications; Arabic as a 'Linguistic Iron Curtain'; Mahfuz in American Publications; Bibliography, Part I: Pre-1988 Publications. Part II: Since 1988. 2. Arabic Fiction, 1947-2003: 1947-1967; 1968-1988; 1988-2003. 3. Arabic Fiction in English Translation: A Chronological Bibliography, 1947-2003; Arabic Works in International Anthologies; Authors Index; Women Novelists; Translators Index; Titles Index; Publishers Index; Countries Index. 4. Arabic Poetry: An Overview of Selected Anthologies; Bibliography: Pan-Arab Anthologies; Selected Regional Anthologies; Selected Anthologies of Poets. Arabic Poetry in International Anthologies: A Partial but Positive Representation; Bibliography; 6. Arabic Drama; Bibliography; Anthologies and Collected Works' Individual Works.
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Anthologies of North African and Middle Eastern Literature (alphabetically by title)

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Afsaneh: Short Stories by Iranian Women. Trans. Kaveh Basmenji. London: Saqi, 2005.
America in an Arab Mirror: Images of America in Arabic Travel Literature: An Anthology, 1895-1995. Ed. Kamal Abdel-Malek. New York: St. Martin's P, 2000.
  • List of accounts of Arab travelers to America according to their date of publication (1895-1995) --; A stranger in the West : the trip of Mikhail Asad Rustum to America, 1885-1894 /; Mikhail Asad Rustum --; "The America I have seen" : in the scale of human values /; Sayyid Qutb --; A love tour /; Mahmud Awad --; An American immigrant /; Ahmad Mustafa --; New York 80 /; Yusuf Idris --; America : The jeans and the switchblade /; Muhammad Hasan al-Alfi --; America for sale /; Mahmud Imara --; America in the eyes of the Easterner, or eight years in the United States /; Philip K. Hitti --; The world in America /; Amir Boqtor --; The trip to America /; Muhammad Labib al-Batanuni --; The flying sphinx [in America] /; Mahmud Taymur --; America under the microscope /; Zaki Khalid --; My days in America /; Zaki Najib Mahmud --; The land of magic /; Shafiq Jabri --; America : paradise and hellfire /; Adil Hammuda --; The Washington memoirs /; Yusuf al-Hasan --; America (top secret) /; Ahmad Haridi --; Embers and ashes : memoirs of an Arab intellectual /; Hisham Sharabi --; America and I /; Jadhibiyya Sidqi --; An Egyptian girl in America /; Karima Kamal --; The trip : the days of an Egyptian female student in America /; Radwa Ashur --; America's other face /; Layla Abu Zayd --; America the way it is /; Hala Sarhan --; Cheerful America of the past : journal of a penniless student in the United States /; Mustafa Amin --; America, you cheeky devil /; Mahmud al-Sadani --; My story with Eva [Ivana Trump] /; Ali Salem --; "The Sabeel in America" /; K amal Abdel-Malek.
The Anchor Book of Modern Arabic Fiction. Ed. Denys Johnson-Davies. New York: Anchor, 2006.
  • "Alongside some marquee authors, there are North Africans whose work has rarely, if ever, been translated into English. Many of the translations (along with an excellent introduction) are by Johnson-Davies, perhaps the most distinguished Arabic-to-English translator now living. If anything, the anthology is too full. It includes 79 writers from 14 countries, and some of them get only a page or so" (Robert F. Worth. "One Language, Many Voices." Rev. of The Anchor Book of Modern Arabic Fiction. New York Times 26 Nov. 2006).
Ancient Egyptian Literature. Ed. Miriam Lichtheim. 3 vols. Berkeley: U of California P, 1973-80. (Vol. 1, The Old and Middle Kingdom; Vol. 2, The New Kingdom; Vol. 3, The Late Period.)
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  • Poems:; Akhenaten's hymn to the sun --; Tale of the shipwrecked sailor --; "Why, just now, must you question your heart" --; "I love you through the daytimes" --; "My love is one and only" --; "Love, how I'd love to slip down to the pond" --; "Love of you is mixed deep in my vitals" --; "I think I'll go home and lie very still" --; Songs of the birdcatcher's daughter --; Instruction for little Pepi on his way to school --; Longing for Memphis --; "Oh, I'm bound downstream on the Memphis ferry" --; Rebuke addressed to a dissipated scribe --; Menna's lament --; Debate between a man tired of life and his soul --; Resurrection of King Unis --; Prayer to the King to rise up --; Hymn to the King as a primordial God --; Hymn to the King as a flash of lightning --; Hymn to the King as a star fading in the dawn --; Prophecy of Neferty --; Testament of Amenemhat --; Two spells --; Spell for causing the beloved to follow after --; Power from the four winds of heaven --; Greatness of the King --; Prayer of King Ramesses II --; For a portrait of the Queen --; Hymn to Osiris --; Hymn to the Nile --; Hymn to the rising sun --; In praise of Amun --; Lament to Amun --; Tale of Sinuhe --; From the Leiden hymns --; Prayers of Pahery --; From the tomb of King Intef --; Harper's song for Inherkhawy --; From the eloquent peasant --; Peasant's eighth complaint --; From the maxims of Ptahhotep --; Instruction for Merikare --; Wisdom of Amenemopet --; Immortality of writers.
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  • Originally pub. in German as Die Literatur der Aegypter.
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Another Sea, Another Shore: Persian Stories of Migration. Ed. and trans. Shouleh Vatanabadi and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami. Northampton, MA: Interlink Books, 2004.
  • After a kiss /; Marjan Riahi --; Anxieties from across the water /; Pari Mansouri --; Sylvia, Sylvia /; Farideh Kheradmand --; The; last scripture /; Dariush Kargar --; The; return /; Azar Shahab --; You're the jackass! /; Sirus Seif --; Postcards side by side /; Ghodsi Ghazinour --; Hourglass /; Mahasti Shahrokhi --; PIR /; Farkhondeh Hajizadeh --; The; road to Arizona /; Nasim Khaksar --; Without roots /; Mehri Yalfani --; Close encounter in New York /; Reza Baraheni --; Farrokh-Laqa, daughter of Petros... /; Mehrnoush Mazarei --; Original position /; Tahereh Alavi --; The; wolf lady /; Goli Taraghi --; Marcia /; Kader Abdolah --; Zarathustra's fire /; Hushang Golshiri --; No comment! /; Fahimeh Farsaie --; He will come /; Said --; We disappear in flight /; Mohammad Asef Soltanzadeh --; Anonymous /; Ali Erfan.
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An Anthology of the Best of the Short Story Writers of Iran. Ed. and trans. Siyavash Danish. Tehran: Silkroad, 1998.
Arab Poetry of Resistance: An Anthology. Trans. Shafik Megalli. Cairo: Al-Ahram, 1970.
Arab Women Writers: An Anthology of Short Stories. Ed. Dalya Cohen-Mor. Albany: SUNY P, 2005.
  • Arab women writers: a brief sketch --; Thematic aspects --; Modes of writing --; Arab women: old images, new profiles --; That summer holiday /; Samiya At'ut --; The; parting gift /; Umayma al-Khamis --; Let's play doctor /; Nura Amin --; In the moonlight /; Radwa Ashour --; At the beach /; Buthayna al-Nasiri --; A; helping hand /; Mona Ragab --; In the recesses of memory /; Fawziya Rashid --; Fragments from a life /; Sharifa al-Shamlan --; The; slave /; Najiya Thamir --; The; picture /; Nawal al-Saadawi --; The; picture /; Latifa al-Zayyat --; The; picture /; Layla al-Uthman --; The; smile /; Nafila Dhahab --; My mother's friend /; Nura Amin --; A; worthless woman /; Hayat Bin al-Shaykh --; Where to? /; Colette Suhayl al-Kuri --; The; cat /; Layla Ba'labakki --; The; woman of my dreams /; Fadila al-Faruq --; Mozart's fez /; Samiya At'ut --; A; virgin continent /; Samira Azzam --; An; old couple /; Nadiya Khust --; A; mistake in the knitting /; Ihsan Kamal --; My wedding night /; Alifa Rifaat --; The; dummy /; Sahar al-Muji --; The; cat, the maid, and the wife /; Daisy al-Amir --; Sun, I am the moon /; Hanan al-Shaykh --; The; dreadful sea /; Zuhur Wanisi --; Woman with a story /; Mayy Ziyada --; The; Persian rug /; Hanan al-Shaykh --; The; dream /; Aliya Mamdouh --; Pharaoh is drowning again /; Sakina Fuad --; The; spider's web /; Ihsan Kamal --; Man and woman /; Rafiqat al-Tabi'a --; Heir apparent /; Ramziya Abbas al-Iryani --; The; newcomer /; Daisy al-Amir --; International women's day /; Salwa Bakr --; The; filly became a mouse /; Layla Ba'labakki --; Restoration ; Waiting for Hayla /; Umayma al-Khamis --; The; closely guarded secret /; Sahar al-Muji --; I will never forfeit my right /; Mona Ragab --; Homecoming /; Fadila al-Faruq --; Bittersweet memories /; Zabya Khamis --; Tears for sale /; Samira Azzam --; Misfortune in the alley /; Ramziya Abbas al-Iryani --; Questioning /; Fawziya Rashid --; The; dinosaur /; Emily Nasrallah --; Moonstruck /; Hadiya Sa'id --; A; moment of truth /; Khayriya al-Saqqaf --; The; future /; Daisy al-Amir --; The; gallows /; Suhayr al-Tall --; The; breeze of youth /; Ulfat al-Idilbi --; A; successful woman /; Suhayr al-Qalamawi --; In need of reassurance /; Radwa Ashour --; Short and sassy /; Nafila Dhahab --; The; collapse of barriers /; Samiya At'ut --; The; beginning /; Salwa Bakr --; A; moment of contemplation /; Nuzha Bin Sulayman --; I will try tomorrow /; Mona Ragab.
Armenian Literature: Comprising Poetry, Drama, Folk-lore and Classic Traditions. Trans. Robert Arnot and F. B. Collins. Rev. ed. New York: Colonial P, 1901.
  • Proverbs and folk-lore.- The vacant yard.- Armenian poems.- David of Sassun.- The ruined family [by] Gabriel Sundukianz.
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Avodah: An Anthology of Ancient Poetry for Yom Kippur. Ed. and trans. Michael D. Swartz and Joseph Yahalom. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State UP, 2005.
  • Atah barata -- Shiv'at yamim -- Atah konanta 'olam me-rosh -- Az be-'en kol -- Azkir gevurot Elohah -- Atah konanta 'olam be-rov hesed -- Emet mah nehedar -- En lanu kohen gadol.
Banipal (1998-present) (periodical)
  • This journal publishes English translations of contemporary Arabic literature, plus author interviews, reviews, tributes, and articles on various aspects of contemporary Arabic literature. (
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Volume II: Selections from the Drama

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South Asian Literature

South Asian Literature (immediately below) and Central Asian Literature (including Tibet) (here)

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

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Anthologies of South Asian Literature (alphabetically by title)

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Central Asian Literature

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

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Aus den Lederriemen geknotete Seele: Erzähler aus Tibet. Ed. and trans. Alice Grünfelder. Zürich: Unionsverlag, 1997.
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East Asian Literature

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Bibliographies and Studies (alphabetically by author)

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Anthologies of East Asian Literature (alphabetically by title)

Grouped under the following sub-headings: General East AsiaChina and TaiwanJapanKorea

General East Asia

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K'uei Hsing: A Repository of Asian Literature in Translation. Ed. Wuji Liu. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1974.
  • Reviews: Francis A. Westbrook. Journal of Asian Studies 36.1 (1976): 121; David A. Knechtges. Journal of the American Oriental Society 100.3 (1980): 381-82.

    Includes selections in four Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, and Mongolian), ranging from the third century A.D. to the present, and employing "a wide range of translation techniques" (Westbrook; Knechtges 381). Three-quarters of the translations are from Chinese: the extant work (13 poems) of the little-known T'ang poet Lu Yin (trans. by Hugh M. Stimson), Hsiang Hsiu's ‘Fu on Remembering the Past' (Roger Bailey), forty ‘Tzu-yeh Songs' on spring and summer (Michael Workman), thirty tz'u lyrics of Hsin Ch'i-chi (Irving Yucheng Lo), and a versified selection from Wang Kai's Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting (Henry W. Wells). Chinese prose works also include Ssu-ma Kuang's ‘Instructions on Frugality for My Son K'ang' (A. S. Sariti), a brief descriptive essay on an early Sung bamboo pavilion tower by Wang Yü-ch'eng (Jan W. Walls), and Lao She's story ‘Neighbors' (William A. Lyell, Jr.).

    "Japanese literature is represented by seven tales from the Yamato-monotagari (Gerald B. Mathias), and selections from the twentieth-century poets Tanikawa Shuntarō (Harold Wright) and Kusano Shimpei (Kamaike Susuma and Cid Corman). The volume concludes with translations of the Oirat-Mongolian ‘Manuhari Jātaka-Tale' (John R. Krueger), some Tibetan love songs of the Sixth Dalai Lama (Charles Hartman)," and a discussion by Professor F. A. Bischoff of the ‘goblin' K'uei Hsing, pictured in the frontispiece; "Each selection has a preface, and usually adequate explanatory footnotes" (Westbrook). Knechtges notes some small disputable translations in the Chinese selections and sees more significant misconstrual in Bischoff's essay (382).

Lotus and Chrysanthemum: An Anthology of Chinese and Japanese Poetry. Ed. Joseph L. French. New York: Boni and Liverwright, 1927.
The Moment of Wonder: A Collection of Chinese and Japanese Poetry. Ed. Richard Lewis. London: Dial P, 1964.
Rice Bowl Women: Writings By and About Women of China and Japan. Ed. Dorothy Blair Shimer. New York: New American Library, 1982.
Tanka, Haiku, Sijo: Versions of Japanese and Korean Poetry. Trans. S. P. D. Clough. Oxford, 1973.
Zen Poems of China and Japan. Ed. and trans. Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto. New York: Grove, 1987.

China and Taiwan

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170 Chinese Poems. Trans. Arthur Waley. New York: Knopf, 1935.
Anthology of Chinese Literature. Ed. Cyril Birch with Donald Keene. 2 vols. New York: Grove P, 1965-1972. (Vol. 1, From early times to the 14th century; Vol. 2, From the 14th century to the present day) (UNESCO collection of representative works.)
An Anthology of Chinese Literature: Beginnings to 1911. Ed. Stephen Owen. New York: W. W. Norton, 1997.
An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Literature: Taiwan, 1949-1974. Ed. Bangyuan Qi [Pang-yuan Ch'i], et al. 2 vols. Taipei: National Institute for Compilation and Translation, 1975. (Vol. 1, Poems and essays; Vol. 2, Short stories.)
Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry. Ed. and trans. Michelle Yeh. New Haven: Yale UP, 1992.
Ballads and Stories from Tun-huang: An Anthology. Ed. Arthur Waley. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1960; New York: Macmillan, 1960.
Bamboo Shoots After the Rain: Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of Taiwan. Ed. Ann C. Carver and Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang. New York: Feminist P, 1990.
Best Chinese Short Stories, 1949-1989. Beijing: Chinese Literature P, 1989.
Beyond Spring: Tz'u Poems of the Sung Dynasty. Trans. Julie Landau. New York: Columbia UP, 1994.
  • Reviews: Jonathan Pease. Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 18 (1996): 165-85.
The Book of Songs. Trans. Arthur Waley. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1937.
Born of the Same Roots: Stories of Modern Chinese Women. Ed. Vivian Ling Hsu. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1981.
  • Caterpillar / Lao She -- Two women / Wu Tsu-hsiang -- On the Oxcart / Hsiao Hung -- Garbage cleaner / Lo Hua-sheng -- West wind ; Chang Sao / Ping Hsin -- Little Liu / Ling Shu-hua -- Parting / T'ien T'ao -- At the precipice / Teng Yu-mei -- Spring is just around the corner / Ts'ao Ming -- Rain / Ai Wu -- Corduroy / Hsi Jung -- Old team captain welcomes a bride / Sung Shun-k'ang -- A day in Pleasantville / Pai Hsien-yung -- Nightfall / Yü Li-hau -- A rose in June / Ch'en Ying-chen -- Born of the same roots / Yang Ch'ing ch'u -- May he return soon / Wang T'o -- My friend Ai Fen / Chen Jo-hsi.
Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused. Ed. Howard Goldblatt, 1995.
Chinese Theater in the Days of Kublai Khan. Ed. J. I. Crump. Tucson: U of Arizona P, 1980; repr. Ann Arbor: Center for Chinese Studies, U of Michigan, 1990.
  • Includes English translations of three Chinese plays: Li K'uei Carries Thorns (attrib. to K'ang Chin-chih, fl. 1279); Rain on the Hsiao-Hsiang (attrib. to Yang Hsien-chih, fl. 1246); The Mo-Ho-Lo Doll (attrib. to Meng Han-ch'ing, fl. 1279).
China China: Contemporary Poetry from Taiwan. Ed. Germaine Droogenbroodt and Peter Stinson. Belgium: Point Books, 1986.
  • Includes Ji Xian, Luo Fu, Yang Huan, Yu Guangzhong, Fang Qi, Lin Huanzhang, Bai Qiu, Luo Qing, Xiang Ming and Zhang Mo.
China's Avant-Garde Fiction: An Anthology. Ed. Jing Wang. Durham: Duke UP, 1998.
The Chinese Classics. Ed. and trans. James Legge. 5 vols. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1893-95; repr. Hong Kong: Hong Kong UP, 1960; repr. 1970.
  • v. 1. Confucian analects. The great learning. The doctrine of the mean. 3d ed., with a biographical note by L.T. Ride.--v. 2. The works of Mencius. 3d ed., with notes by A. Waley.-- v. 3. The Shoo king. 2d ed., with minor text corrections.--v. 4. The She king. 2d ed., with minor text corrections.--v. 5. The Ch'un ts'ew, with the Tso chuen. 2d ed., with minor text corrections.

    Note to the 1970 edition: The text reprinted here is that of the last Oxford editions (v. 1-2 of the 2d ed. and v. 3-5 of the original ed.), with added concordances and corrections. The work was originally planned for 7 v. The I ching and Li chi, which were intended to complete it, were published in Sacred books of the East, v. 16 and 27-28 respectively.

Chinese Drama after the Cultural Revolution, 1979-1989: An Anthology. Ed. Shiao-ling Yu. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen P, 1996.
Chinese Erotic Poems. Trans. Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping. New York: Everyman's Library, 2007.
The Chinese Essay [Ku chin san wen Ying I chi]. Ed. and trans. David Pollard. New York: Columbia UP, 2000.
Chinese Literature. Ed. H. C. Chang. 3 vols. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 1973-??; repr. New York: Columbia UP, 1977. (Vol. 1, Popular fiction and drama; Vol. 2, Nature poetry; Vol. 3, Tales of the supernatural.)
Chinese Literature: An Anthology from Earliest Times to the Present Day. Ed. William McNaughton. Rutland, VT: Tuttle, 1974.
Chinese Love Tales. Trans. G. Soulié de Morant. New York: Three Sirens P, 1935[?]
  • Eastern shame girl.--The wedding of Ya-nei.--A strange destiny.--The error of the embroidered slipper.--The counterfeit old woman.--The monastery of the esteemed-lotus.--A complicated marriage.
Chinese Middlebrow Fiction: From the Ch'ing and Early Republican Eras. Ed. Liu Ts'un-yan. Honk Kong: Renditions, date?
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Chinese Prose Literature of the T'ang Period. Ed. Evangeline D. Edwards. 2 vols. London: Probsthain, 1937-38.
Chinese Stories from Taiwan 1960-1970. Ed. Joseph S. M. Lau and Timothy A. Ross. New York: Columbia UP, 1976.
  • Ch'en, J.-H. The last performance.--Wang, W.-H. Flaw.--Ch'en, Y.-C. My first case.--Ch'i-teng-sheng. I love black eyes.--Wang, C.-H. An oxcart for dowry.--YÜ, L.-H. In Liu Village.--Chang, H.-K. Earth.--Huang, C.-M.A flower in the rainy night.--Lin, H.-M. Cicada.--Yang, C.-C. Enemies.--Pai, H.-Y. Winter nights.
Chinese Stories of the Twentieth Century. Ed. and trans. Zhihua Fang. New York: Garland, 1995.
  • Stories by Lu Xun, Xu Dishan, Liu Xinwu, Gao Xiaosheng, Tie Ning, and Wang Zengqi.
The Chinese Western: Short Fiction from Today's China. Ed. Zhu Hong. New York: Ballantine, 1988.
Chinese Women Writers: A Collection of Short Stories by Chinese Women Writers of the 1920s and 30s. Trans. Jennifer Anderson and Theresa Munford. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing Co., 1985.
  • Includes stories by Bing Xin, Ding Ling, Ling Shuhua, Luo Shu, Wu Shutian, Lu Yin, Xiao Hong, Feng Keng, Chen Ying, Feng Yuanjun
City Women: Contemporary Taiwan Women Writers. Ed. Eva Hung. Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2001.
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Collection of Chinese Lyrics and Other Poems. Trans. Alan Ayling and Duncan Mackintosh, with Ch'eng Hsi and T'ung Ping-cheng. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1965.
A Collection of Contemporary Chinese Short Stories. Taipei: Dawning Cultural Service Center, 1971.
  • Stories by Zhu Huan-wen, Zhu Xining, He Xiaozhong, Wu Dongquan, Jiang Mu, Zhang Fang, Ji Deng, Dian Yuan.
The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature. Ed. Joseph S. M. Lau and Howard Goldblatt. New York: Columbia UP, 1995.
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  • The cross, by Guo Moruo. Suicide, by Mao Dun. A man must have a son, by Ye Shaojun. The florist, by Yu Pingbo. The first home party, by Bing Xin. Hsiao-hsiao, by Shen Congwen. Pai tzu, by Shen Congwen.--v. 2. A hermit at large, by Lu Xun. Looking back to the past, by Lu Xun. Wistaria and doddar, by Yu Dafu. Slave mother, by Rou Shi. Aboard the S.S. Dairen Maru, by Tian Jun. The conversion, by Xiao Qian.
Contemporary Chinese Short Stories. Ed. and trans. Chia-Hua Yuan (Jiahua Yuan) and Robert Payne. New York: Transatlantic Arts / London: N. Carrington, 1946.
  • The waves of the wind, by Lu Xun.--The anchor, by Yang Zhenshen.--The waning moon, by Shi Zhecun.--The last train, by Lao She.--The lamp, Under cover of darkness, by Shen Congwen.--The breasts of a girl, by Zhang Tianyi.--The sorrows of the Lake of Egrets, Tiger, by Duanmu Houngliang.--The red trousers, by Bian Zhilin.--The half-baked, by Yao Xueyin.--Biographical notes.
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Contemporary Chinese Stories. Ed. and trans. Chi-Chen Wang. New York: Columbia UP, 1944; repr. New York: Greenwood P, 1968.
  • The road, by Chang T'ien-yi.--The inside story, by Chang T'ien-yi. --A country boy withdraws from school, by Lao Hsiang.--Black Li and White Li, by Lao She.--The glasses, by Lao She.--Grandma takes charge, by Lao She.--The philanthropist, by Lao She.--Liu's court, by Lao She.--The puppet dead, by Pa Chin.--Night march, by Shen Ts'ung-wen.--Smile! By Chang T'ien-yi.--Reunion, by Chang T'ien-yi.--Little sister, by Feng Wen-ping.--The helpmate, by Ling Shu-hua (Mrs. Ch'en T'ung-po)--Spring silkworms, by Mao Dun.--"A true Chinese," by Mao Dun.--Mrs. Li's hair, by Yeh Shao-chÜn.--Neighbors, by Yeh Shao-chÜn.--What's the difference? By Lusin.--Peking street scene, by Lusin.--Yuchun, by Yang Chen-sheng.--Glossary.--Bibliographical note (p.[235])--Notes on the authors.
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Contemporary Chinese Women Writers. Vol. 3. Beijing: Panda, 1993.
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  • Xi Xi; Peng Cao; Li Ang; Yuan Qiongqiong; Su Weizhen; Li Li; Xin Qishi.
Crossing the Yellow River. Trans. Sam Hamill. BOA Editions, 2000.
  • A collection of 300 poems from the first century BCE to the 16th century CE, focused especially on Li Po, Wang Wei, and Tu Fu.
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Dragonflies: Fiction by Chinese Women in the Twentieth Century. Ed. Shu-ning Sciban and Fred Edwards. Ithaca: Cornell East Asia Series, 2003.
  • Stories by Ling Shuhua, Bing Xin, Zhang Ailing, Wei Junyi, Kang Yunwei, Ping Lu, Liao Huiying, Chi Li, Jiang Zidan, Wang Anyi, and Xi Xi
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  • Includes "White-haired Girl," "Red Detachment...," "Taking...," "Red Lantern," "Azalea Mountain."
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  • At middle age / Shen Rong -- Pages from a factory secretary's diary / Jiang Zilong -- The stranger / Zhang Lin -- A spate of visitors / Wang Meng -- The story of a living Buddha / Malqinhu -- Hansuai, the living ghost / Bai Honghu and Yang Zhao -- Two brigade leaders / Ji Xuepei -- In vino veritas / Sun Yuchun -- The moon on the south lake / Liu Fudao -- A poster / Li Huiwen -- Poems / Ai Qing ; Shu Ting ; Huang Yongyu
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I Wish I Were a Wolf: The New Voice in Chinese Women's Literature. Ed. Diana B. Kingsbury. Beijing: New World P, 1994.
  • I wish I were a wolf / Ma Zhongxing -- Octday / Tie Ning -- Friend on a rainy day / Bai Fengxi -- Women speak / Xiang Ya -- Brothers / Wang Anyi -- You can't make me change / Liu Xihong -- Rejecting fate / Han Chunxu.
Ici la vie respire aussi et autres textes de littérature de reportage (1926-1982). Ed. and trans. Noel Dutrait. Aix-en-Provence: Alinea, 1986.
  • Includes essays by Zhu Ziqing, Xia Yan, Song Zhidi, Cao Bai, Huang Gang, Wei Wei, Xu Chi, and Liu Binyan.
The Importance of Understanding: Translations from the Chinese. Ed. and trans. Yutang Lin. Cleveland: World Pub. Co., 1960.
  • [1.] Human life -- [2.] Love and death -- [3.] The seasons -- [4.] Nature -- [5.] Human adjustments -- [6.] Women -- [7.] The home and daily living -- [8.] Art -- [9.] Literature -- [10.] After tea and wine -- [11.] Ancient wit -- [12.] Fools to this world -- [13.] Wisdom -- [14.] Epigrams and proverbs.
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  • Biography of Lu Hsün ; Medicine ; A little incident ; K'ung I-chi ; Benediction ; Kites ; "Mother's" ; Divorce / Lu Hsün -- Slave mother / Jou Shih -- Suicide / Mao Tun -- Mud / Mao Tun -- The flood / Ting Ling -- News Ting Ling -- Dog / Pa Chin -- Pai Tzu / Shên Ts'ung-wên -- Ah Ao / Sun Hsi-chen -- Aboard the S.S. "Dairen Maru" / T'ien Chün -- The third gun / T'ien Chün -- The dog-meat general / Lin Yü-t'ang -- The conversion / Hsiao Ch'ien -- Wistaria and dodder / Yü Ta-fu -- Mutation / Chang T'ien-yi -- Dilemma / Kuo Mo-jo -- Fragment from a lost diary / Shih Ming -- Voyage beyond law / Sha Ting.
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  • Foreword / Jonathan Spencer -- Part I. Faith -- Why is life's road getting narrower and narrower? (letter) / Pan Xiao -- The two generations (essay). A generation (poem). Shooting a photograph (poem). I am a willful child (poem) / Gu Gong -- Reply (poem) / Bei Dao -- Part II. Family -- Remorse (story) / Zhang Jie -- Overpass (novella) / Liu Xinwu -- Part III. Love -- Love cannot be forgotten (story) / Zhang Jie -- The corner forsaken by love (story) / Zhang Xian -- Longing (poem) / Shu Ting -- Part IV. Work -- The foundation (story) / Jiang Zilong -- Trust (story) / Chen Zhongshi -- Part V. Politics -- General, you can't do this! (poem). Whom are you writing about? (essay) / Ye Wenfu -- In the wake of the storm (poem) / Shu Ting -- At the denunciation meeting (story) / Wang Peng -- The two realms of love (poem). Epigraph (poem) / u Cheng -- Second encounter (story) / Jin He -- The get-together (story) / Gan Tiesheng -- Part VI. Appendix -- Proletarian dictatorship is a humanitarian dictatorship (essay) / Wang Xizhe -- China's new generation of politicians (interview) / Wei Ming.
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