Associate Professor, Plant Systematics

George Mason University



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The following list includes the courses I have led at Mason:

BIOL 140, Plants and People - new non-majors Mason Core Natural Science course in 2016
BIOL 310/330, Biodiversity
BIOL 344, Plant Diversity and Evolution (offered Spring, odd years)
BIOL 345, Plant Ecology (offered Fall, odd years)
BIOL 495, Directed study in Plant Biodiversity*
BIOL 520, Systematics of Complex Angiosperm Families
EVPP 335, People, Plants and Culture

[All course material is located on GMU's Blackboard site]









Read a recent paper:
Gostel, M., Phillipson, P. and A. Weeks. 2016. Phylogenetic reconstruction of the myrrh genus, Commiphora (Burseraceae), reveals multiple radiations in Madagascar and clarifies infrageneric relationships. Systematic Botany 41(1): 67 – 81.

View plants from my most recent trip:
Melampyrum in W Canada - 2015

Opportunites for GMU student researchers are available:
contact me for details.