Dr. Anthony B. Sanders

Distinguished Professor of Real Estate Finance

Office: 232 Enterprise Hall
Phone: 703-993-1326
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Anthony B. Sanders is Distinguished Professor of Real Estate Finance in the School of Management at George Mason University. He has previously taught at University of Chicago (Graduate School of Business)and The Ohio State University (Fisher College of Business). He served as Director and Head of Asset-backed and Mortgage-backed Securities Research at Deutsche Bank in New York City.

His research and teaching focuses on investments, financial institutions and real estate finance. He has published articles in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Business, Journal of Financial Services Research, Real Estate Economics, Journal of Housing Economics and other journals. Professor Sanders has received 6 teaching awards and 3 research awards. He serves as Associate Editor for several leading journals. He has given presentations to the Federal Reserve of Cleveland, Bank of England, European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Bank of Japan as well as academic and executive education presentations in Australia, Chile, Italy, Germany, UK, Japan, China, Poland, Mexico, South Africa and the USA.

Areas of Expertise and Teaching

Investments, Fixed-income, Mortgages, Banking, Financial Markets
Real Estate Finance and Investment

Selected Publications

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