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Alexei V. Samsonovich, Ph.D.,
Research Assistant Professor at
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
George Mason University at Fairfax VA




Current research projects

  • Semantic cognitive mapping of natural language (with G.A. Ascoli)

  • NeuroNavigator: A biologically inspired cognitive microcircuit (with G.A. Ascoli, supported by DARPA DSO SYNAPSE)

  • Human-like emotional intelligence in artifacts



Selected recent research projects

  • GMU BICA: an integrated self-aware cognitive architecture (with K.A. De Jong, G.A. Ascoli, M.A. Coletti, R. Lakatos, and D. Sharma, supported by DARPA IPTO BICA)

  • Comparative analysis of biologically-inspired cognitive architectures

  • A Pilot Study to Assess the Critical Components of a Transformative Self-Regulated Learning Assistant (with K.A. De Jong, A. Kitsantas and N. Dabbagh, supported by the Center for Consciousness and Transformation, George Mason University)

  • Modeling formation of the grid cell network in rodent medial entorhinal cortex

  • Theory and applications of continuous-attractor neural networks storing multiple multi-dimensional cognitive maps



BICA journal, BICA Society and related activities





BINF 739


Math 125


BIOL 580



PSYC 317


Journal cover awards


Learn.& Memory 12(2):2005

J.Neurosci. 27(35):2007

Hippocampus 15(2):2005

Cortex 41(5):2005

Complexity 15(4):2009


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