OR 542

Operations Research: Stochastic Models

Spring 2001


Instructor: Dr. Andrew Loerch


Office: Science and Tech II, Room 119


Phone: (703) 993-1657 (O); (703) 709-7465 (H)


E-mail: aloerch@gmu.edu


Office Hours: Before or after class, or by appointment


Text: Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms (3rd Ed.) by Winston


Description: The intent of this course is to provide a modern perspective on the analysis of systems that are stochastic in nature, that is, ones that have a random component. There will be an emphasis on the underlying random processes, ultimately leading to the development of practical strategies for dealing with the design and analysis of these systems in a contemporary technological environment. Prerequisites are knowledge of the fundamental elements of probability (no statistical inference is needed) and a general graduate-level maturity in applied mathematics. There will be a special emphasis on the numerical solution of problems using spreadsheet software. Description of class administration is provided.


Topic Assignment*


Introduction and Review of Probability Read Chapt.11

Review Problem Sheet


Decision Making Under Uncertainty Read Chapt.13, 1-4;

Chapt.14, 2


Deterministic Inventory Modeling Read Chapt.16, 1-6


Probabilistic Inventory Models Read Chapt.17, 1-6

Markov Chains Read Chapt. 19, 1-5


Queueing Read Chapt. 22, 1-11


Simulation Read Chapt. 23, 1-9


Forecasting Read Chapt. 24, 1-6


* Homework sets will be assigned on a weekly basis


Grading: Midterm 40%

Final Exam 40%

Class & Homework 20%