Biology 312 - Biostatistics, Summer, 2013

Arndt F. Laemmerzahl, instructor

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Homework assignments:

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Lecture notes:

Lecture notes are up to date. A few might still have some typos. I will try to fix these before the relevant lectures (sometimes not until late the night before).

Notes are provided only in pdf (Adobe Acrobat, or, if you don't like Adobe, Foxit (not as bloated as Adobe)). Notes are organized by topic, not by date. Incidentally, these pages look best with firefox or chrome. Both of these are better, more secure, and more in compliance with the html standard than explorer.

Lecture topic Format CommentsUpdated?
Introduction/course policies/syllabus pdf   yes
Statistics and their use pdf   yes
Data organization and notation pdf   yes
Descriptive statistics pdf   yes
Miscellaneous subjects and random sampling pdf   yes
Probability pdf   yes
Probability distributions pdf   yes
Odds and ends pdf   yes
Sampling distributions and estimation pdf   yes
Interval estimates pdf   yes
Hypothesis testing I (!!) pdf   yes
Hypothesis testing II pdf   yes
Assumptions pdf   yes
Violated assumptions! pdf   yes
More on two sample tests pdf   yes
Introduction to ANOVA pdf   yes
More on ANOVA's pdf   yes
Violated assumptions in ANOVA pdf   yes
Chi-square goodness of fit pdf   yes
Contingency tables pdf   yes
Introduction to regression (correlation) pdf   yes
Regression I pdf   yes
Regression II pdf   yes
Survey of other topics pdf (May not be covered) yes

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